April 6, 2011

The Perfect Formula Calypso

Good Morning! Did anyone watch the Teen Mom reunion last night? I watched most of it, what a trainwreck. I don't understand why MTV enables some of those idiots like Jenelle, she needs help not tons of $$ for getting knocked up at a young age! I also watched Splice last night, there was a whole lot of wtf going on there too. That movie was just weird and not good. That said, I hope they make another so I can be equally as horrified at the wtf-ness.

On to polish! Today I have for you guys a new to me brand called The Perfect Formula. I think that's a pretty bold thing to name a brand, gives people like me all kinds of expectations lol. They sent me over their Spring collection which consists of 3 polishes and Calypso is the first I tried. It is so pretty in the bottle! Orange with gold microglitter, yes please. It looks like something Zoya would make! The Perfect Formula polishes are Big 3 Free and are also supposed to make your nails feel stronger once you put it on. Since I filed my nails down right before putting this one on I can't really speak to that but I like the idea. Back to Calypso, the formula was pretty good...not sure that I would say perfect but I really liked it! I used 2 coats in the photos below, you can see a little VNL, it wasn't noticeable in real life (macro makes everything stand out). I should say, that I LOVE the brush The Perfect Formula uses, it's flat like OPI's brush but not nearly as wide, it's easy to control and makes application wonderful!

The Perfect Formula can be purchased on their official website http://perfectformulas.com and also QVC.com. These are a bit pricey at $15, a little more than I personally like to pay for polish...but I do love this one!


  1. It's a pretty color but it's not unique enough to pay $15 for.

  2. Wow, $15 is a lot! This is pretty though!

    And yeah, I did watch the Teen Mom 2 reunion last night, and I agree with you about Jenelle. I do like Kailyn though and how she stood up to Joe (hate him!) and Leah and Cory's wedding was so beautiful, it made me cry! Leah also makes me cry everytime she talks about Ali! :(

    I also love watching bad wtf horror movies... I'll have to see that one!

  3. $15 is alot for polish. The color is pretty, but I don't think I want to pay that much.

    I didn't watch the reunion...I'll watch it once it goes on mtv.com, but ahh jenelle makes me so so mad. I want to pick her up and hurl her repeatedly into a brick wall. While she's doing her monkey doodle foolishness, her son is growing up. She's gonna miss the whole thing.
    Also, Jo needs to be thrown into the same wall...he's such a horrible person.
    Chelsea also needs to be thrown (a little more gently) into the exact same wall. She's a good mom to Aubree, but she's so lazy and spoiled. Sheesh, she doesn't have a job or anything, all she has to do is finish high school. It's not rocket science, yo.

    And I loved Splice!! I'm obsessed with Adrien Brody, so I'm biased, but it was so good and interesting!
    A sequel would give me so much joy, LOL.

  4. I think I've heard of this brand before....but I can't remember where! It makes me htink of oranges. Now I want some oranges. :/

  5. Pretty polish. Reminds me of Zoya polishes also. Kind of expensive. I'd have to see much more before I would place an order.

  6. @Fiona

    Totally agree with you about the Teen Moon stuff. I think you will like Splice if you like their weird stuff like that lol

  7. @ChaosButterfly

    LOL you crack me up about Teen Mom, I agree with everything you said. It was killing me to watch the part with Joe...Dr. Drew was acting like it was okay for him to treat Kailyn like crap because she hurt his feelings WTF.

  8. @kittypolishnbags

    Have you? I hadn't heard about it before I got these, maybe it's from watching QVC? Now I want some oranges too. I can't eat them in my house because Degen is obsessed with them and tried to steal the pieces out of my hands lol

  9. Splice wasn't really a horror movie, was it? Just weird...Nice color, but $15? Hm..

  10. @ABOP (laquerlove on MUA)

    I'm not sure what to categorize Splice as... suspenseful weirdness mixed with lots of wtf and a few cover your eyes scenes lol

    I agree about the price, it is steep :/


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