April 15, 2011

The Perfect Formula Pirouette

Hi guys!  I almost forgot to post this today! I had this scheduled for this morning then changed it last night and forgot about it after posting the giveaway winners! Anyway...anyone doing anything fun this weekend?  Tomorrow my friend and I are going nail polish shopping (because clearly, I need more right?!?) and then we're going to go get cupcakes mmmm. I don't think a much better kind of day exists, cupcakes and nail polish all in one day sounds like heaven to me. We're going to a cute cupcakery in the Orange Circle called The Perfect Circle Cupcakery, if you watch Cupcake Wars on the food channel you may have heard of them...they won one the episodes they were on! Local OC girls, if you like cupcakes go there, they are so yummy. Dang, I kinda wish we were going today now...talking about it has really made me want a cupcake!

Today I have another of the Spring polishes that The Perfect Formula has just recently put out! This one is a soft shimmery light pink called Pirouette! I believe this is supposed to be a sheer given the way it went on and the little description of the color on QVC's website...however I am not a sheer polish kinda gal so I was determined to get it opaque. Thankfully it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. I really love this polish, I'm starting to dare I say...LOVE PINK. omg, who am I?!? The shimmer in this was gorgeous. I wore this for 3 or 4 days straight which is pretty unusual for me! Despite the sheerness the formula was great, I love the brush The Perfect Formula uses, it's wonderful, flat and wide but not super wide. The polish flows so well, I wish all polishes came with the brush this one has! I think Pirouette would be great as a layering polish also since it is a bit sheer but I haven't tried that yet!

I used 4 coats of The Perfect Formula Pirouette for the photos below!

The Perfect Formula can be purchased on their official website http://perfectformulas.com and also QVC.com. These are a bit pricey at $15 a bottle.


  1. Where have I heard of this brand?! I swear I've heard of this before. But anyway....this shade is perfect for my friend! She loves these light pink shades. I gotta show her this one!

  2. This is such a pretty color. It looks like shimmery bubblegum.

  3. It's so pretty and soft, I just love the shimmer. :)

  4. Pretty! Im not a pink type gile either but this is awesome! I wish I had a cupcake now :(

  5. This is so dainty and delicate looking... not my thing but I see the appeal. They're giving out free cupcakes in my res hall tonight!! Plus I'm going shopping this weekend as well... well grocery shopping. :)

  6. Hey Polish Aholic:

    Lovely shade of pink on your nails, just in time for Easter and the pretty Easter time dresses. I could see this shade for many beautiful woman to wear at weddings, including the bridesmaids and the bride herself or a great color fro a French Manicure at your favorite nail salon. Just bring the nail polish bottle with you. Thanks again for showing another great swatch.


    Mc Huggs :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I LOVE how soft and delicate this color is, and I especially love how it looks against your skin. Beautiful! :)

  8. Great looking pink. Very pretty. Yum, cupcakes. I had a half of a delicious red velvet cupcake last night. Love them.


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