April 27, 2011

Sephora by OPI Safari Luxe Collection Swatches

Morning guys! Today is the last day for the Zoya Exchange...if you haven't taken advantage of it already what are you waiting for?!? I actually got all my polishes in the mail yesterday, they are fab!

Today I have for you guys the new Safari Luxe from Sephora by OPI. I was really stoked about this from the little color blobs on Sephora's website....especially the promise of holographic glitter in 2 of the polishes! Since I hadn't seen swatches of any of these I took advantage of the 15% VIB coupon I had and bought the whole collection.

A Color The Can't Be Tamed, I don't know know what to call this. Green/Gold/Tan? A little bit of shimmer. I am not a fan of this one for a few reasons. First, lets talk about the description and color blob on the Sephora site for this polish. "opaque mint green with fine holographic glitter" WHAT? not only is this is strangest "mint green" I have ever seen but I also fail to see any kind of holographic glitter. Perhaps they have milled this holo glitter so fine that it has just disappeared? There is a bleak multi colored shimmer that I could only see in the macro shots, maybe that is what they are referring to? I also posted a picture of the horribly inaccurate color blob from Sephora site down below.Maybe I'm being a little harsh with this one, but it really bugs me that companies throw around the word holographic and then this is the result. It seems like some kind of ploy to get us to buy it, worked with me!

Formula wise, this wasn't very great in that department either...very sheer. I needed 4 coats for full opacity.

I don't know why my ring finger nail looks so weirdly long and skinny in this picture but it's freakin me out!

This is apparently what Sephora thinks this color looks like, they are wrong.


It's not all bad you guys, let's move on to Caught With My Khakis Down a khaki army green. I love this one SO much. I also think if fits the Safari theme really well.  The formula was fantastic! Not sure if I have any dupes to this or not, I need to go through my stash and look! This is 2 coats of Caught With My Khakis Down.

Don't Feed The Hand Models is a pink toned light tan. Probably my favorite of the collection, in some light this was almost perfect mannequin hands! I also lol at the name of this! The formula was good, a bit streaky but it evened out nicely at 3 coats.

I Don't Bite is a light blurple shimmer...frostalicious finish. This is the other polish gone wrong in the collection. Again promising holo glitter and all we get is a tiny bit of multicolored shimmer which is barely visible. The color blob on Sephora's site, again horribly inaccurate (I put up a picture of it below). The formula was a bit better than it's greenish cousin, still a bit sheer but I only needed 3 coats of this one.



Once A Cheetah, Always A Cheetah is a bright orange with a golden yellow shimmer. Nothing new or unique by any means but I always love colors like this, no matter how many I might own. The formula was great, I used 2 coats for full opacity.

Last up is Wild About Shimmer, a sheer golden shimmer in a Champagne base according to Sephora. I didn't try and build this up, and actually sort of like it showing VNL...not sure if I will ever actually wear it this way but we'll see. Looks to be the same as China Glaze White Cap, if you have that polish I'd pass on this one. I used 2 coats of Wild About Shimmer for the photo below.

Overall, I really love Caught With My Khakis Down, Don't Feed The Hand Models and Once a Cheetah, Always a  Cheetah. I'd pass on Wild About Shimmer and the 2 "hologprahic" glitter and a big giant fail.

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  1. don't feed the hand models and caught with my kahkis down are great colors and r my favs!! I do not like any of the shimmer ones. the cheetah one kinda looks like the zoya polish from their summer collection..cant think of the name now..oh well..lol

  2. Caught With My Khakis down is gorgeous and I love Don't Feed The Hand Models on you! But the "holo" ones? Yeahno. Big fail and a big ripoff, imo. Don't think I'll bother with this collection. Thanks for swatching and reviewing! xx

  3. holo my butt. what a shame. I don't want any of these =(
    I'm so glad you posted this today! I was waiting! lol

  4. that is so super lame, i'm sorry but they need to really work on their color drops and descriptions. boo! thanks for the review, i can pass on all of these. haven't been impressed on any sopi's in a long time.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ugh....I bought Once A Cheetah, Always A Cheetah,Wild About Shimmer,I don't bite, and A Color That Can't Be Tamed. They are supposed to get here tomorow, and I'm going to take them right back! Very dissapointed that they aren't what they are supposed to be. Those color drops are wayyy off. I do like Once A Cheetah, but it looks too much like some I already own. The two cremes look great on you. Are you going to return yours?

  7. @Jess

    Glad you like the cremes, my favorites also. I think Cheetah might be close to a few Zoyas. I'm going to try to do a comparison this weekend. I have A LOT of orange like that one lol

  8. @Madita

    Thank you!

    I'm glad I can help save some disappointment for anyone who is thinking about buying the 2 holo fails!

  9. @BlushingNoir

    Glad I can help...can you believe how different A Color That Can't Be Tamed in...it looks different that it did even in the bottle picture I took for you yesterday!

  10. @kelliegonzo

    Amen sista...they need better people taking color drop pics and writing descriptions!

  11. @Ali's Nail News

    I did actually return some, just packed them up this morning! I'm sending back I Don't Bite, Wild About Shimmer and A Color That Can't Be Tamed. The other 3 I enjoy so I'm happy to add those to my stash!

  12. I like to see one coat of A Color The Can't Be Tamed over Caught With My Khakis Down:)

  13. @rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued)

    If I hadn't already mailed A Color That Can't Be Tamed back to Sephora I would do it for you. I honestly don't think it would look very good but you never know!

  14. Wow, I didn't even know that new colors had been released by Sephora by OPI ! Well, my favorites are Caught with my Khakis down (so beautiful !) and Don't feed the hand models. And, maybe I'm strange but I kind of like A color that can't be Tamed too (even if it's nothing like the description on the website). Thanks for the swatches, I'm glad you didn't stop to review Sephora by OPI polish, as you announced few months ago ;)

  15. "I don't know why my ring finger nail looks so weirdly long and skinny in this picture but it's freakin me out!" You don't even know how hard I laughed for that!

    I am loving, and I mean LOVING the names of those polishes. Especially Caught With My Khakis Down!

  16. I love that store, and their nail polish display in their store, they let yo try-on any polish color, they have tester bottles of all their nail polish, (and even their cosmetics) nail polish remover bottles and even cotton pads free to use to change nail colors. The sales Associates are very helpful which makes the entire experience for a guy very enjoyable!, LOL

    I am liking the Khaki and the Blurpie Metallic Silver Shimmer from these swatches.


    Mc Huggs :)

  17. Thanks for the swatches. I am loving that Khaki.. can you say "lemming"? LOL ^_^

  18. 'Caught With My Khakis Down' and 'Don't Feed The Hand Models' are my faves, too! I love your comments, lol. Thanks for the swatches!

  19. Sephora frustrates me with their version of nail polish swatches. Most of the polishes look nothing like they do online. It's incredibly frustrating! I wish they would get on board with providing accurate colors because most are greatly off!

  20. @Amélie

    I don't think you're strange for liking that one! I couldn't stay about from the $OPI, I hate the price but at least I had a coupon!

  21. @lulu

    that one is so gorgeous! I'm glad you like it too!

  22. @Crystal Valentine-Burhans

    I hear ya. it's is incredibly frustrating to see the color drop on their site thinking that's what I'll be getting and then getting something entirely different in the mail. I don't understand how they think that is acceptable!

  23. Woah, description fail much, $OPI? Haha, that was great, thanks for the laugh! I'm honestly not all that interested in any of these plus I know how expensive $OPI is so I think I'll pass. The orange one is pretty though and it does remind me of a Zoya sparkle finish! Great swatches as always!

  24. I think I have polishes like them already. Love the khaki shade. It's my favorite. I'm sure I have many polishes in this shade.

  25. Ooh, the Khakis Down one is a gorgeous one!

  26. I actually really love I Don't Bite-- for some reason, the photo doesn't really capture it. It isn't a holo, but I love the mixed finish. It's equal parts dark and light, evenly mixed, for me.

  27. I love the Wild about Shimmer shade and have been looking for it everywhere. If u dont like, u can pass it on to me because my mom and I have been hunting around numerous Sephora stores and online and cant find it anywhere! so bummed!!

  28. @Birdtorr

    I wish I could, I returned my bottle :( You might still be able to get it online!

  29. I like Your taste,colour You choose know how!

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  30. Okay, so I'm obviously super far behind, but I'm dedicated to reading your blog from start to finish. I would have loved to seen Caught With My Khakis Down with tips sponged with A Colour That Can't Be Tamed, but I see you sent that one back. C'est la vie ... no point keeping something you don't like.


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