April 30, 2011

Zoya Tanzy vs. Sephora by OPI Once A Cheetah, Always A Cheetah

Hi again guys, 2 posts today...yay! I have a quick comparison post for you. The other day I posted Sephora by OPI's new Safari Luxe Collection. One of the polishes in that collection looked a lot like a few of polishes I already own. I pulled them all out and took out the closest to compare it to. The winner was Zoya Tanzy which is from the Sunshine Collection Zoya put out for Summer 2011. I will have that full collection up for you in the next week :D

Good news, total dupes. The formula on both was very similar, but the Zoya is a couple bucks cheaper!

I used 2 coats of each polish for these photos. Can you tell them apart by looking at this first picture? I bet you can't!

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  1. maybe my eye is cheating me, but i SWEAR the zoya is just a teeny bit brighter and more saturated... lol.=D

  2. YAY I got Zoya Tanzy from the polishes I picked cant wait for them to arrive!!! Love the color :D

  3. I can't tell the difference! DUPES!!

  4. I knew they looked similar! Ah I have an eye for dupes lol..im wearing tanzy now and it is so gorgeous! Excellent post!

  5. wow...if you didnt say anything I wouldve just thought they were the same colors... I've been on a hiatus from buying SOPI polishes ever since they raised the prices to 9.50 ... maybe I'll head on over to zoya.com to get tanzy ;) hehe

  6. This is so disappointing. Booooo for dupes!!

  7. I agree with Terry, but they are definite dupes. I would purchase Tanzy. Just because I LOVE the Zoya formula!

  8. Glad I already have the Zoya. This is pretty and it's a total dupe.

  9. Looks like dupes to me. Pretty color but definitely don't need both.

  10. robynthehomunculusMarch 15, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    I just found Tanzy in a sale bin at Trade Secrets...so glad I bought it! I love this colour!


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