May 28, 2011

Claire's Cotton Candy Scented Polish!

Hi guys! Happy Saturday, woohoo! I slept in late this morning it was so nice!

Today I have for you guys a polish I picked up recently at Claire's. I really love that store, sometimes there are unexpected gems of polish there. This is one of them. It doesn't have a real name so I'm gonna go head and call it Cotton Candy since that is supposedly what it smells like, more on that in a second. Cotton Candy is freakin gorgeous, it's a teal green...much more green than blue but it does look blue in some light. It has a gorgeous blue shimmer and even some holo glitter sprinkled in. I love it! The formula and all that was great, really no complaints about that. I have to say this polish stinks, it doesn't smell to me like cotton candy. It smells like the godawful kettle corn they sell at Disneyland. If you have never been there or to Downtown Disney in Anaheim you might not know what I mean. They have little carts that make and sell it and it smells disgusting (in my opinion). I always dread going to a concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim because it's in Downtown Disney and I am forced to walk by the stinktastic kettle corn carts lol. Some of you may like the smell, it's just not for me...I put on 2 coats of top coat and can still smell this polish but it mellowed it a lot!

This is 2 coats of Cotton Candy! You can buy it at Claire's, it was $5, but their cosmetics are always Buy 1 Get 1 50% off so it only cost me $2.50!

A yummy close up for you! look at that shimmer and little bits of glitter!
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  1. Its a beautiful polish! Too bad it doesn't smell like cotton candy =\

  2. Blah, I've been trying to stay away from Claire's but I think this just pushed me over the edge!

  3. Shimmer is pretty but scents are hit or miss for me (makes me sick a lot of times). Good to know it doesn't smell like Cotton Candy....who names these polishes?! We can do a better job!

  4. Scented polishes, to me, never seem to smell the way they're supposed to. They either smell like something completely different or they smell absolutely disgusting. It is a beautiful colour though, it's a shame about the smell.

  5. That is such a gorgeous color.

  6. Such a pretty polish.. that's too bad it doesn't smell like cotton candy though :( But at least it mellowed out with the topcoat right?? :)

  7. from where di u buy this? do u know any online store which sells claries? i luv the new packaging :)

  8. The glitters in this is lovely ! The blue is awesome in itself too .

  9. @Naeema

    I don't know of anywhere online that sells Claire's polishes, as far as I know you can only buy them at a Claire's store. You could try ebay, someone might be selling them there but I haven't looked

  10. Oh my goodness, you found this at Claires?! It's gorgeous! I'm definitely going to go pick one up now! I love all that shimmer.

  11. I saw this at Claire's when I just there and I would have picked it up if I'd had more money! I still really like the color but I HATE the smell of kettle corn and kettle corn in general so I'll have to take that into account before I buy it. Thanks for the heads up!!

  12. Umm.. That claire's polish doesnt have holo glitter.. thats what makes it smell after it dries. And your not supposed to put top coat on it.. it makes it smell Horrible


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