May 25, 2011

Essence Studio Nails: Drama Queen

Good Morning guys! Today I have for you guys one of the Essence Studio Nail designs. These just recently started showing up at Ulta's around here. 

Before I get to talking about them I have to rant for a moment about the horrendous Ulta cashier that checked me out when I bought these. I was at the register buying these (and all the other Studio Nails from Essence) along with a Nail Fraud package that was on clearance. The girl comments on the Essence stuff and I say how I'm excited to find them, they are so cheap blah blah blah. Then the girl goes into a big old speech about nail decals are HORRIBLE for your nails and how it destroys your natural nail when you remove them. My, I'm standing there with a horrified look on my face going o.O. Just to clear up any confusion about decals like these ones from Essence, Nail Fraud, Sally Hansen etc... they do not damage your nails when you take them off, unless perhaps you are not taking them off correctly. I kind of wanted to smack that stupid girl at Ulta for spreading lies like that. If you're going to go on a rampage about how awful something is at least do some research and see if there is any truth to what you are telling people./rant

So back to what's today's post is actually about lol! These Essence Studio Nails just landed at Ulta, they retail for $2.50 each  and there are 6 designs to choose from. The design I have for you today is called Drama Queen. It's colorful, I like it! I did have a few issues with these. I had trouble getting them to smooth out, no matter how much I tried I could not get rid of some of the wrinkles and bubbles :( You can see my issues in the pictures. Despite that I really do like these, especially for the price! I should mention though that if you have large (wide) nail beds these might not work for you. There were 2 options for the thumb and both were too small for my nail bed (and I have small nail beds!)

Also, in case you haven't seen this on another blog yet...Zoya has a brand new collection out for pre-order today! The Touch Collection, consists of 3 nude shades with a slight shimmer! I can't wait to get my hands on these!


  1. It's like a pink camo print! For that price, not bad at all!

  2. oooo can't wait for that zoya collection - love the nude colours :D

  3. what an idiot working at ULTA. Acrylics kill your nails more than a little sticker does. LOL.

  4. Uhm I like the color combination but I'm not to sure about the design itself.

  5. that Ulta associate shouldn't bad-mouth the products that are sold. That WAS rude. However, I do like this design. It's very bright and cheerful looking!

  6. LOL about that cashier. Way to talk people out of buying stuff! I really like this design and for $2.50 that's a pretty good deal!

  7. The essence strips look great even with the bubbling! I got some recently and I couldnt pass them up because of the price.

  8. I think Essence must be marketed to the teen and under crowd. I also tried some of these and they fit my fingers pretty well...but I have kid sized hands! So I thought that there will be few women who these will fit and they must be for middle to high schoolers. I also think that girls won't mind a little wrinkling, since back in the day I didn't mind having messy polish, a bit on the cuticles and fingers, you know? We get to be more and more perfectionist about our manis the older we get, in my opinion.


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