May 3, 2011

Zoya Summertime Collection Swatches!

Good Morning! Hope you're all having a good day so far, I am! I actually got up early today aka, not 10 minutes before I have to leave for work. It's amazing how much  more awake and refreshed I am when I give myself time to get ready in the morning. I should do that more often haha!

Today I have for you guys another one of Zoya's Summer Collections. This one is called Summertime and consists of 6 creme polishes. I love a good creme polish and these were all great! The formula on these was consistently great, that's a rare thing. As much as I love most collections there is always a couple difficult polishes but that wasn't the case here. I used 2 coats for each polish...I thought I'd just mention this up here so I don't have to type it over and over!

First up is Sooki a bright cherry red. The name of this one is my favorite, I love true blood and really hoped this would be a red when Zoya first announced names...I'm so glad it turned out to be a really gorgeous red!

Areej, Zoya describes this as a soft muted cool Fushcia and well that's better than I could have described it so I'm gonna go with that! Lovely color, wish I could pronounce the name of it, I'm not really sure how to say Areej!

Breezi is a dusty blue, dupey to OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui. I really loved that OPI so naturally I really love Breezi also. I will however grab for this one more often, I like the formula on Breezi better than I remember liking the formula on Suzi Says Feng Shui!

Kieko is a very rich red toned purple. This reminds me of a creme version of Deborah Lippmann's Call Me Irresponsible. I might need to compare the 2 hmmm

Mira is darker more blue toned purple. Much like OPI Funky Dunky or China Glaze Grape Pop. I'm a sucker for purple likes this, I find myself reaching for them when I can't decide what to wear!

Tamsen is a tiny bit darker than Sooki, more of a tomato red. Have to say though on me it almost looks exactly the same as Sooki, my skin tone is doing weird things to it I guess!

This collection is available now on, they retail for $8 each. Cris over at Let Them Have Polish did a great post of comparisons for this collection if you want to check it out by clicking here!


  1. A lot of these are dupe-y, Cristina showed off the various dupes, but I still need Sooki..for the name LOL

  2. Love Mira, but looks like a dupe for sure.

  3. Hi, tnx for the swatches & the link to the dupes!
    Could you please compare Mira to Grape pop? If they are dupes I prefer to get China Glaze- much cheeper :)

  4. Great swatches! So glad we found your blog and are now following! Perfect name for the blog too! Love that!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. allemaal echt heel mooi!
    ik wou dat ik lange nagels had :(

  6. Nice swatches! Do you have the other set as well? I think I like that one more. Can't wait to see!

  7. I always love the way you make cremes look and then I remember what a hard time I have using them because I'm a spaz. Awesome swatches though, lovahhhhhh!

  8. I love all these colors on you. the red ones would look all weird on me, especially Sooki.

  9. @Elizabeth

    I loved Cris's post...with colors like this it doesn't really bother me if they are dupey...I tend to like them anyway. It's the hoarder inside me that says "you need them alllllll Jen" lol

  10. @Sandy

    sure, I'll put it on my list to compare :)

  11. @kittypolishnbags

    I do have that one, I like it better's more fun. I'll probably post it sometime this week!

  12. @Kirsten Glitta Gloves

    LOL you need to calm yourself before you try and use them crazy girl

  13. @MissMidnightBlue

    thanks my dear...I used to think reds looked weird on me but now I just wear them anyway lol

  14. Hi There!! My name is Areej- and she was names after ME! YAY! So, Areej is an Arabic name which means Exotic floral aroma. The way to say it is Ah-reej (reezh) hope this helps!! xx

  15. HAHAHAH jen. You are a hoarder. It's ok though. I love and accept you for it ;)

  16. @Anonymous

    Thank you for letting me know how to pronounce Areej! I love the meaning behind your name!

  17. @Elizabeth

    whew thank god...this is why I like blogging you guys think this hoarding is normal and awesome. unlike regular people!

  18. These are really pretty, though I do wonder why they put two reds in one collection. I think my favorite is Breezi.

  19. Absolutely love ALL of em!


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