June 19, 2011

Barielle Do Unto Others and Buddha-ful

Good Morning guys! Today I have for you guys 2 polishes from Barielle's Karma Collection for Spring/Summer 2011. Many many months ago Eva Chen from Teen Vogue posted a picture of these and since then I waited and waited for them to be released...I thought maybe they would never come out but they finally did!

Do Unto Others is a gorgeous turquoise creme. It has a tendency to lean a little more green indoors. I don't think it's the most unique color in the world but I love it. The formula was fantastic...if you tend to do thick coats of polish (like I do) this can be a 1 coater for you! It wasn't streaky or hard to work with...I pretty much love this!



On to Buddha-ful...the one I wanted the most! I could tell it was some kind of flakie from the picture that Eva posted and it does not disappoint! Buddha-ful is packed with flakies that shift from blue to green in a milky beige base. If Inglot 204 and 203 had a polish baby I think it would look like this. Barielle is about twice the size of the mini bottles Inglot flakies come in and they are $2 cheaper! The only big difference is the base color, Inglot is a clear base and Buddha-ful is a milky beige that will show up over darker colors.

I gotta say I am loving it over Do Unto Others, it reminds me of how the ocean looks in the Caribbean! Buddha-ful does build up after 3 coats if you like that look, on it's own the blue shift didn't come out to play as much as it did over Do Unto Others and black.

For these swatches I used 1 coat of Buddha-ful over Barielle Do Unto Others, 3 coats of Buddha-ful on it's own and 1 coat of Buddha-ful over OPI Black Onyx.

Buddha-ful over Do Unto Others in the shade

Buddha-ful on it's own in the sun

Macro of Buddha-ful over Do Unto Others

Buddha-ful on it's own in the shade

Buddha-ful over OPI Black Onyx in the shade

The Karma Collection from Barielle can be purchased on their official website www.barielle.com/. Their polishes retail for $8 and are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off! Unfortunately Barielle does not ship internationally but there are links to their international distributors here.


  1. This is such a prettyyy color, and I love it a ton with the flakies on top.
    Your nails themselves are also looking super cute! The shape and length look great!

  2. Wow, both of those colors just made their way onto my wishlist! Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the flakies over the aqua color, it looks like the ocean in the Caribbean!!

  3. Buddha-ful is gorgeous by itself!

  4. Pretty! I was just looking at Do Unto Others last night on their website deciding if I wanted it or not. Now I know I want that and Buddha-ful!

  5. Folks are always showing off clearish flakies over dark colors like black, but they do NOT get enough credit for their effect on softer, subtler tones. BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Lovely blue. Great looking with the opalesent flakie over it. I have like Barielle polishes for a long time formula wise. Just wish more stores carried them and their other products like they used to. They make my all time BEST ever foot cream - Total Foot Cream. I think I need to put in an order.

  7. love the flakie! I am drooling!

  8. Brielle flakies are making me go crazy!

  9. Whoa, I'm really into this polish over the black! I love how it still holds it's base color. And that also really allows for it to look super glassy and like it's almost in the polishes when layered. This post is great, Jen!
    - Liz

  10. Gorgeous color, and it's so nice to see another flakie on the market!

  11. These are both gorgeous! I need them! I wish they would hurry up and get these up on their site! Do you have any idea when they might be up? They still list the holiday collection as the newest collection.

  12. Ha, Ha....never mind! I just looked again, and they are up on the site. I guess I'm still half asleep! ;-)

  13. LOL! I thought about making a jelly sandwich with flakies and a milky pink yesterday!!! Now I really want that one, even though I am a bit tired of flakies lately!

  14. I really like both of these, but I LOVE this top coat!

  15. I just put in an order for these 2 and then saw this on your blog! i am not even more excited!

  16. FLAKIES. 8U That polish is so gorgeous, oh my gosh.


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