June 29, 2011

OPI Miss Universe Collection Comparisions

Good Morning guys! Today I have for you a few comparisons for the Miss Universe Collection polishes. If there are any others you want to see let me know, I'm happy to do them as long as I have the polish you want to see them compared with!

First up is It's My Year vs. Rally Pretty Pink (aka Zoya Faye). They looked so similar in the promo pics, even somewhat in the bottles. Once I got them on and next to each other the difference really comes out. Rally Pretty Pink is more of a pinkish muave and It's My Year is much more purple. I used 3 coats of each for the photos below

This one was requested in the comments of Miss Universe Collection Swatches post. It's My Year (3 coats) vs Zoya Dannii. For some reason I swapped away my actual bottle of Dannii so here is a comparison next to one of those color spoon board thingy's that Zoya likes to put in the box when you order from them. Again, not dupes...the purple base colors in these 2 are a bit different and Dannii doesn't have as much shimmer!

Next up, Congeniality Is My Middle Name vs. The One That Got Away from the Katy Perry Collection. These are actually pretty close, if you have one I don't think you really need the other. They have the same finish and shimmer, the only difference is that Congeniality has a touch more purple in the base color, it was a little bit more noticeable in real life than in the photos but even then the difference was a slight one. I used 2 coats of each polish for these photos.

Here is a bottle shot comparison of Congeniality Is My Middle Name vs. Be A Dahlia Won't You? This was a requested one in the comments of the last post! Be A Dahlia is much more of a hot pink!

Last up Crown Me Already vs. Spark De Triomphe, I decided to just do a bottle pic for this one also since they aren't that close. I figured people might want to see just how different they are!

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  1. The finish on Crown Me Already & Spark de Triomphe seems really similar, and obviously if you loved Spark de Triomphe *I* feel that you need it in silver!

  2. I actually like It's My Year much better! I still think it's the only one I'll get from these though. MAYBE Crown Me Already if it's available when I put in an order somewhere.

  3. I'm wondering how Let Me Entertain You compares to these as well. Thanks, Kelly

  4. Hmmm, I think I'm liking Rally Pretty Pink better than It's My Year because it has warmer undertones that'll go better with my skin tone. Maybe I don't need both..... haha. Thanks for the comparisons! :)

  5. I agree with something polished

  6. Wow, these shades look great, but not stand-out-ish...

  7. Great post, thank you! I love Be A Dahlia Won't You?!!

  8. Wow!! Great comparisons!
    I think that I will hold off on the Serena sets and wait for some of that Miss Universe Love.

    Digging that glitter soooo much!

  9. It's very beautiful! :D Kiss


  10. WOW! I have all of those OPI colors and have the miss universe on order. Its kind of a bummer that they are so close in color. Im sure I will love them anyway!

  11. I think I like It's My Year over Rally Pretty Pink just a *tiny* bit more

  12. Slightly different but some will definitely agree that if you have one, you don't need the other. Thanks for the comparison!

  13. great comparisons(:
    theyre all so nice

  14. These are so pretty! I'm liking their shine and glitters. :D I think I like RPP more than IMY because of unique pink/brown undertone. Both are really pretty though!

  15. Perfect nails, beautiful glaze. I all wish

  16. So glad you compared these. I really hate when I buy polishes that are so similar.

  17. Thanks for posting the comparisons!
    I was debating to get CMA since i bought the SDT! but after seeing your post i'm definitely gonna buy it now! thanks!

  18. Great comparisons as I really wanted to see the difference between IMY & RPP, thank you, now....which one to buy???

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