June 8, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Starfish Patrick

Good Morning guys! Anyone watch The Voice last night? Can we just talk about Christina Aguliera's broke down drag queen look during the first performance? What was that?!? She needs to hire a better stylist or something, one that knows how to dress her to flatter her body lol! Aside from that the show was good. I really liked Dia last night, still kinda surprised however that there has been no mention of that band she was in a few years ago on the show.

Today I have for you guys a gorgeous polish from Rescue Beauty Lounge called Starfish Patrick. I had been wanting this polish for a loooong time and finally got it last week. Living Social had a deal for Planet Beauty that was $30 of stuff for $15, great deal. I ended up getting this polish along with 2 other RBL polishes! The other 2 I picked up were Frugalista and Square Pants. I really wanted Bikini Bottom but they didn't have it so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and order it online before it sells out again.

Starfish Patrick is described as a peachy coral on the Rescue Beauty site, that seems pretty accurate. It's more peach on me but the pink undertones are definitely there. This polish pretty much rules, it was so flattering on! Just be warned, this is a jelly. If you don't like sheer be prepared to put on more coats of polish than normal. I used a ridge filling base coat and 4 coats of Starfish Patrick for full opacity. Also, don't wear Seche Vite with this one...horrible shrinkage. The formula on this was amazing, not streaky and it dried incredibly fast, even with 4 layers of polish! RBL is definitely a splurge since the polishes retail for $18 a bottle, but they are so worth it...this one is no exception!

It looks like this one is actually sold out online and didn't win the Bring It Back vote so who knows if it will ever be back, sadly :( Edited to Add: Looks like it's back after Ji had the shopping carts emptied on the RBL website, but there are very few bottles of this on RescueBeauty.com available, if you like it go grab it fast! Thanks Amber for the heads up! :)

If you want this and have a Planet Beauty store near you, call and ask if they carry the brand. Not all of them do, I have 3 stores close to me and only 1 carries it. I wish Ji would stock more bottles of their polish, it seems like half of the polish is always sold out and will never come back, it makes me sad!

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  1. Love the review! I actually just bought Starfish Patrick on Saturday with 2 other RBLs for my first RBL order - now I can't wait till they get here in a few days!

    Also, I had no idea certain Planet Beauty stores carries RBL! Yay! I have one in my neighborhood that doesn't, and figured none of them do. Guess I'll be calling around on my lunch break!!

  2. @Amber

    awesome! Hope you love it as much as I do!

    Good luck finding RBL at Planet Beauty! Hopefully yours will have it, this one store by me carries it and and Deborah Lippmann...I love it!

  3. Missed the voice last night cause of school, but tonight is So You Think You Can Dance. Yessss!

    I've been dragging my feet on this polish and was just getting up the motivation to buy it, and I swore I checked it online earlier this week and it was still in stock. Great. It looks fabulous on you and now I want it even more! :(

  4. I read the title and thought it was going to be some Kid-like nail art :) I'm sure someone has done it by now!

    I really like the color. I'm usually not too big on corals but this one seems like a win! Great post :)

  5. It looks pretty adn squishy! I love it on you!

  6. love the Voice! the cover Dia did was AMAZING!

    this polish is really cute and looks awesome with your skin =]

  7. @Jen

    I love nail polish hunting in local stores, so this will be fun for me!

    Also, in case any of your readers are interested, I saw on the RBL page on FB that Ji is clearing out shopping carts to free up any bottles of Starfish Patrick that are left. I just checked their site and there are about 8 bottles currently available, so if someone really wants it, there's a few to buy.

  8. This color is perfect on your hands. I love the color!

  9. @Varnish Vixen

    boo to that, but I just saw on the RBL facebook that you managed to snatch up a bottle after the cards were emptied...yay!!

  10. @thenailaholic

    thanks! lol about the nail art, I bet someone has!

  11. @Janna

    She was awesome last night, I hope she doesn't get kicked off :(

  12. @Amber

    me too! It's one of my favorite things to do! Thanks for the heads up about it being back, I edited my post!

  13. That's such a pretty coral! Too bad they always make me look like I've died 5 days ago.

  14. i love this! i wanted to buy it so many times but didn't. Then scandalous had a blog sale and i got it for 7$!!!! its in my top 5 fav polishes! it looks amazing on you!!!! so squishy! i want square pants too!

  15. A jelly peach!!!! Omg!! Luv it and peaches are so runny and awful!! Omg I am lemming this one!!

  16. This is the kind of color that I love on other people but hate on myself Sigh! It looks lovely on you. :)

  17. This colour is so gorgeous! I'm a sucker for corals- looks fantastic on you.

  18. Cute shade! I actually wish I was a Spongebob fan so I could lem these, lol.

    Btw, I seem to recall reading that Ji doesn't want any third parties to sell RBL anymore... :(

  19. Love this a lot ! I like the name too .

  20. All you lucky pups who have places to look and shop for this line! Maybe some day when I am in the 'big city' I will find a place that carries this line! I am trying hard not to buy on line right now...all but for Zoya..that's a habit I cannot seem to break my wish list for! Really pretty color on this coral. I 'do' this shade well with my coloring.

  21. This one is one of my favoriteesss. So pretty on you too!

    And I completely agree about how like everything is sold out on RBL.com alll the time.
    Hopefully now that she's closed the Lounge and only sells online, she'll be able to start keeping more in stock.

  22. Love the color! It's currently sitting in my MASSIVE pile of untrieds, I'm going to have to fix that soon.


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