June 26, 2011

SpaRitual Chill

Hi guys! Who's excited for True Blood tonight? Meeeeee! I need some Eric Northman in my life, I can't wait for the show! My Sunday's never feel complete if I don't have True Blood or Dexter to watch!

Today I have for you guys SpaRitual Chill, I don't own a whole lot of SpaRitual polishes but I recently picked up a few from Apothica.com I love the little mini bottles from them...they are so cute! I'm not usually a fan of mini bottles but the brush in these wasn't too bad. I really love the color also, it's a periwinkle that leans towards purple. The formula was a bit thin, I needed 3 coats for full opacity but it's worth it!

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  1. that is pretttyyyy. I'm loving that color for some reason this year lol

  2. Beautiful color! I really love this on your nails.

  3. I like these lilac-y shades at the moment, and it's so unfair that we don't have True Blood until ages after you guys in the States! I need me some Eric too ;-)

    (Love Dexter also, you have good taste)

  4. Spa Ritual has some amazing polishes. I always hold myself back though :)

  5. echt een super mooi kleur!
    en je hebt prachtige nagels

  6. Lovely periwinkle shade! Spa Ritual always looks like they have great shades!

  7. OMG True Blood ahh!!! Right with yah there sista =P

  8. From the shades in my screen, Chill looks exactly like Deborah Lippmann's I Know What Boys Like....does it look as similar in person? Love the color!!!

  9. @out2ocean

    they aren't even really similar, Chill is more prominently purple, the Lippmann polish leans way more to the blue side :)

  10. Hello. Want to come warns that it is a kiss for you on my blog.
    I love aquatic come every day and thought nothing more righteous than listed in my top 10 list, since it is part of my blogroll.
    I love your blog with passion!
    Sorry, do not write English, I'm using google translator lol


  11. Reminds me a lot of a shade Essie has that is really similar. The name is escaping me and I am too lazy to go to the other room and pull out my polish stash. It's a periwinkle cream and this might be a true dup for it. Nice to have some of the smaller bottles when it's a shade you are lemming but know you won't ever get through a full size bottle of it. Or if you end up you do like it, then you go get 'the other one' in full size - now what is the name of that Essie shade I cannot think of the name of right now?

  12. Sooo excited for True Blood! I even painted my nails red!

  13. I love the color. It gave me a sense of calm. But then, TRUE BLOOD!!!

  14. I love mini bottles!! Gorgeous color btw. I just recently found out that the pharmacy across the street has a bunch of SpaRituals... I was so excited! I should probably get some.... lol, again, this one is gorgeous!

  15. This is such a dreamy colour. Love love love.

  16. Such a pretty color! :) It looks gorgeous on you!

  17. Is this a dupe of Cashmere Cardigan?

    I know I've got a couple of Orly/Sparitual dupes in my collection, which since I am a complete periwinkle nut, I want this, but am not sure about the dupe thing.

    Any chance of a comp for a desperate person?
    Beautiful swatch, btw!!

  18. This color looks fab on you! And I love your nails! :)

  19. @Paillette

    I'm not sure if I have that China Glaze, if I do I'll pull it out and do a comparison!

  20. love Eric! I just learned he is lady gaga's love interest in the paparazzi video lol :)


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