July 29, 2011

Color Club Shabby Drab vs. Zoya Caitlin

Good Morning! Happy Friday!! Just wanted to let you guys know posting for the next 4 or 5 days might be kind of crazy or non-existent. Tomorrow morning I'm heading out to Las Vegas for Cosmoprof North America until Tuesday! I'm beyond excited, mostly because there are going to be a bunch of bloggers there and I kind of can't believe I get to meet some of these ladies. There is also some really super awesome stuff planned that I'll share about as it happens! I'm sure I'll be tweeting about all of it so if you want to know what's going on and don't already follow my on twitter what are you waiting for? My twitter is ThePolishAholic

Alright so today I have a comparison for you, it was requested in the Color Club Back to Boho Collection post. Shabby Drab and Zoya Caitlin are definitely in the same family, if you liked Caitlin you will definitely like Shabby Drab! Both are dusty periwinkle shades, but Caitlin is a couple shades darker. Other than that not much difference color wise. Caitlin is a bit more opaque, I only need 2 coats of it versus the 3 I need with Shabby Drab. Overall I like them both!

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  1. Great comparison! :D Thanks so much for doing it! These are both really pretty shades but I think I'll pass on Shabby Drab now. I have Caitlin and they're close enough for me personally. My cream collection is pretty extensive and I'm only looking to buy truly unique cream shades or cream shades that are a lot different that ones I already have. Thanks again! <3

  2. Whatever happens in Vegas-stays in Vegas-Unless its rally cool nail polish stuff!!!

  3. Thanks for the comparison! Have fun in Vegas!

  4. they look similar to me, but i can see the difference by the picture.. thanks for the comparison :)

  5. they look similar to me, but i can see the difference by the picture.. thanks for the comparison :)

  6. Great comparison. I'd go for the 2 coats of Caitlin instead of having to apply more coats for Shabby Drab. Have a great time in Vegas!

  7. thanks for the comparison! I plan to compare Caitlyn to a couple periwinkle shades I have in my stash too! :)

  8. Thank you so much! I already have zoya's caitlin, so... no reason for buying the other one! Yaay! =)


  9. I'll have to get the color club :) pretty

  10. Nice colour..i have so many ideas popping up for a grey shade and i just cant find one around me here in india.

  11. Wonderful info!!
    Great comp!!

  12. I always feel so proud of myself when I can see a difference. I'm not a very "colour smart" person...usually I just stare at it trying to see a difference. I'm hoping it's something I'll develop (SOMEDAY! ;) ) but I SEE IT! :D Both are gorgeous. I think I already own the Zoya so I'll skip the CC.



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