July 18, 2011

FingerPaints Fall 2011 Fall Fashionista Collection Preview

Hi guys! This just landed in my inbox and I wanted to share it with you! I gotta say, I'm loving these. Especially Catwalk Queen...muted yellow, yes please!

Here are bottle pics for you guys!
And the super cute photo from FingerPaints that lists the names!

This collection will be available online at SallyBeauty.com and in Sally Beauty Supply stores starting in August!


  1. Cute!! I'm really liking the soft yellow as well. But that Teal.. hhmmm that has potential to be stunning :)

  2. The yellow and pale green for me please!

  3. They're pretty in the pictures, but I think I'm going to wait to make a decision once I see them in person.

  4. The colors look dual and mute! Although I am normally attracted to bold dark colors, I might have to pick up a few of these! Thanks for sharing!


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