July 14, 2011

Lex Cosmetics PeaBow

Good Morning guys! Today I have for you another one of Lex Cosmetics new colors, Peabow. Peabow was created by Rhonda and inspired by Peacocks. I can't remember if I voted for this one or not but I really like the result here.

Peabow is a shimmery blurple, it leans towards purple most of the time but out in the bright sun it seemed like it was going towards the blue side. I was hoping that maybe there would be a duochrome effect here but no such luck. There is a little bit of pink shimmer in this polish, it wasn't super noticeable but at the right angle and light I could see it! The formula was pretty good, I did have some issues with it wanting to pool up by my cuticle but that's not a huge deal for me. I used 2 coats for the photos below.



Here it is in the crappy lighting in my house...kinda brings out the purple more

You can buy Peabow on www.LexCosmetics.com, it retails for $10. $1 from each bottle of Peabow sold goes towards animal protection.


  1. Gorg!!! If there was such a thing as a "peacock puple" this would be it. Looks UHmazing on your nails.

  2. Gorgeous! Must buy some Lex colors!

  3. Wonderful that part of every bottle sold goes toward animal protection. Maybe their web site says how much $. Pretty shade. Not unique, but nice finish. Great shots!

  4. I was hoping for a duochrome too! I'll think about this one.

  5. This color looks gorgeous on you!

  6. Wow is that some purple, holy smokes I want some!

  7. This almost looks like a glass-fleck! Beautiful!


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