July 25, 2011

Milani Yellow Whiz

Good Morning guys!  Happy Monday? Question mark because well, it's Monday I'm not sure if it's happy yet. I think I'm still partially asleep haha! Hope you all had a great weekend, I did!

Today I have for you guys Milani Yellow Whiz. Let's face it, I bought this purely because the name made me lol. It helped that it's a pretty yellow but with a name like Yellow Whiz I would have bought it regardless of the shade of yellow! Yellow Whiz is a bright sunny yellow, not neon...but really like the perfect sunny yellow. I do have shades like this already but I love a good yellow so I don't mind. The formula on this wasn't as bad a lot of a other yellows, it was a little streaky but I applied it a little bit thick to hopefully get rid of that problem and it worked. My only issue here, the bottle says "high speed fast dry" this my dears...is a lie. Even after about 15 minutes this was tacky to the touch. I finally gave up on it and put a coat of Seche over it so I could leave the house. I used 2 coats of Yellow Whiz for the photo below!

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  1. LOL the name is funny!!! its a beutiful color brightens my day :-P ..

  2. This is a great yellow on you! Too bad it's not really "high speed fast drying".

  3. I have used some Milani polishes before, very pretty, but no they do not dry fast at all!

  4. Love the name! I like the color even more than the name though. I might have to track this one down :)

  5. Yup. The name makes me giggle lol

  6. Okay that name is hilarious. I hope they did that on purpose lol!

  7. I just really want this for the name. LOL

  8. Not a yellow polish fan, but like this one because a) not neon and b) not looking chalky - leaves a really wonderful opaque true color glossy finish I can enjoy! Thanks for showing this one - now if only I had a place to buy Milani - I know - you say they are in every drug-store...not where I live. a good half day drive one way to even get to a place that has 'some' and a very picked over 'some' always. Live in the rural zone.

  9. Every time I see that name, I dive right back to being twelve. lol The colour is really pretty, tho. I may have to see if I can find that, locally.

  10. Great colour. I am still hunting for a yellow with a great formula

  11. Colour looks great on you, and the name is hilarious! Long wait time is a drag...

  12. I wonder why yellow polishes always have a hit-or-miss formula. This looks great on you though. Can never pull off a yellow like that!

  13. hee, hee. Yellow Whiz...I had to read this entry just for the name!

  14. Like the colour...not the non-fast drying! We don't have Milani in the UK so I'll hunt down a UK drugstore equivalent!


  15. I have been looking for the perfect yellow, i hope this is it for me!


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