July 1, 2011

Paul & Joe 005 Orchestral

Good Morning guys, happy Friday! Also, Happy Canada Day to my lovely friends there!Anyone have any plans for the long weekend? Me, nope...maybe I'll go shopping or something!

Today I have for you guys another Paul & Joe polish, another to file under 'why haven't I seen this on a ton of blogs". This Paul & Joe is called Orchestral, but everywhere on the bottle just says 005, it was from their Holiday 2010 collection! Orchestral is a minx, it looks almost black in my pictures but is a kind of dark grey base with the slightest touch of a blue tone. It is filled with gorgeous little specks of color that flash blue, pink and green along with shimmer that goes from gold to green. Paul & Joe know how to make me happy, so much awesome in one polish! The formula was wow, I only needed 1 coat! The brush was a little hard get used to but I managed fine, it was weird and long.

Please ignore what looks to be tip wear in these photos, it's not...we can add Paul & Joe to the list of polishes that don't play well with Seche Vite :(

I bought this on Apothica.com I don't however see it on there anymore. I searched a few days ago and spotted it on Amazon. Paul & Joe polishes retail for $14 each.


  1. Gorgeous! I have had this color for a while but haven't tried it yet.

  2. I don't have plans. Baking cupcakes for an anniversary party and maybe watching the parade on Sunday. I'm so boring! :)

  3. i have this one too, and i keep picking it up to wear it but then i'm like uhh i just wore a dark color and then i try again and i'm like uhh i just wore a pain in the butt glitter, heh i think one of these days it will work out for me and this polish : ) thanks for swatches!

  4. simply elegant...♥... black is my color and this grayish blue shade is almost looking like black...
    thanx for the post

  5. Hey, I am loving reading your blog every day! It fills me with inspiration! My friend and I read it at work and then talk about what you posted, lol.

    Just wondering if you would be willing to write up a quick list of the polish brands that you remember Seche Vite doesn't work well with. I am considering buying this as a top coat (currently only use Top2Bottom by Orly) but would like to compare my current polish brands to the brands that Seche Vite shrinks (wondering if it is worth the investment).

    Just an idea, and it would be greatly appreciated! ^_^

  6. this is such a unique and beautiful color. I have a thing about charcoals. now i need to hunt this one down!

  7. beautiful polish!


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