July 28, 2011

Tuff Scent Believe & Explore

Good Morning guys, today I have a brand you might not know about. Until a week ago I hadn't heard of them either. I was going through the blogs I read last Thursday and saw Nouveau Cheap talking about a brand called Tuff Scent relaunching their scented polish. I was intrigued because the bottle pictures looked insane, and the scents are not your standard ones like sugary cherry, grape, apple etc. Tuff Scent polishes  smell like all sorts of awesome things, everything from Cinnamon to Pineapple Kiwi to Spearmint.

The polishes come in a variety of shades...work safe colors, crazy glitters and even clear polish if you want to use it as a top coat over the mani you already have on. How cool is that? I can't say that I have ever seen a scented clear polish before, especially not any that smell like Rose or Wisteria Flower. Hell I don't even know what a Wisteria Flower is but I sure would like a clear polish that smells like it haha!

Alright so after I saw Nouveau Cheap's post I hauled booty over to the Tuff Scent website and agonized over what I wanted to buy. It was tough, they have a lot of gorgeous shades and interesting scents. I decided on Explore. In the picture Explore looked like a black base with silver glitter, plus it smells like Plumeria...I love Plumerias (I even have plumeria flowers tattooed on me!)!  I was surprised when I got it and it wasn't silver glitter in a black base...it's black and silver glitter in a clear base! Black glitter that smells yummy, heck yeah! The formula was just okay, it was a little tricky because there is some sparse chunky black glitter mixed in...you can't really see it in my pictures but it's kind of rectangle shaped. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it. I had some issues with all the other glitter wanting to get stuck on those chunky pieces but overall I really like the look! Explore dried a little dull so I put a top coat over it, it didn't kill the scent!

This does smell like Plumeria's!! I was kind of worried that they might not smell like they said they would but they do. The smell is strong but not overpowering, kind of just smells like I put some plumeria body spray on! I used 2 coats of Explore over Color Club Shabby Drab. You probably could get this to be opaque but I like the little hint of periwinkle peaking out!


When I got my package I was surprised to find a little something extra in there, Tuff Scent added an extra polish. How nice is that?!? The one they included is Believe which smells like Jasmine and is a gorgeous hot pink shimmer! The formula on this was great, 2 easy coats for full coverage! I should mention that the brush in these polishes is a little odd, the cap is tiny and the brush is kinda long. I put a photo of it down at the bottom of the post. It was hard to control at first but I got the hang of it pretty quickly! Believe is definitely not the most unique color ever, but I'm positive I don't have one that looks like it and smells like Jasmine so it wins over any other similar pink I own.  I used 2 coats of Believe for the photos below.

I wanted to include a couple pics of the packaging because it's cute and unique! The back has a nice little inspirational saying kind thing on it. On the bottom there is a sticker that says what the scent is!

The cap of the bottle is to die for, so cute! It's a pewter colored metal-ish cap shaped like a rose. I love it!

And finally here is the brush, I put it next to an Essie brush just for the sake of showing the size.

Tuff Scent polish can be purchased at http://tuffscent.com/ each polish retails for $14. They are a little pricey but worth it in my opinion, where else can you get great colors with unusual scents that actually smell good?!? Good news, they do ship internationally, it always bums me out when I post about something I love then it's US only...I'm so glad that's not the case with these! Also, shipping in the US is FREE, that helps take the sting out of the $14 price tag I think!

So what do you guys think of Tuff Scent polish, do you love it as much as I do? Best Blogger Tips
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  1. I want this..maybe because the bottle is so cute...and it smells like jasmine..LOL

  2. I wonder how long the scent will actually last?? Can you let us know?

  3. Free shipping definitely helps! I love the scent of Jasmine so when I do get some, you sure as heck know which one it's gonna be!

  4. i love explore. i would not hesitate buying it if it wasn't $14. =[

  5. So Cool. I like how they have a little quote for each fragrance. Wonder what the China Rain one smells like?

  6. The black and silver glitter rock! I don't have anything even close to this! Actually, I don't have ANY scented polishes so I may have to try one. And Believe is very pretty also...I'm really into bright pink shimmers this summer.

  7. That brush is odd but those scent definitely seem interesting!

  8. Cute packaging! Thanks for the info on Free Shipping. That glitter looks great!

  9. Oooooh, I need Explore! I love black glitter!

  10. I love plumeria too! It was my smell from a bath and body store before they discontinued it. The thought of having polish that smells like that is pretty tempting!

  11. Wow!!! They both look amazing on you! Thanks SO much for the shout-out and for the awesome review. Now I just have to narrow down the shades I want and place an actual order. lol! I'm so happy to hear these smell great. Yay! xo

  12. WAY cool! I also had never heard of this company until now. I LOVE that it's MADE IN THE USA! The scent at that price point is more apt to be better than what we have seen dabbled with by Revlon. The tossed in free bottle was AMAZING...and I am all over that color they sent your - BELIEVE...nice name for a company to send out...but way nice shade - but then I am bias...I am the fuchsia-holic!!!!

  13. @TA We had a plumiaria bush that my mom worked hard on to make it grow well and give a few blooms...she had been to Hawaii early in the 60's and fallen in love with the flowers that then were known to be used most common of all in leis. I still remember us all gathering around when her plant came out with a new bloom and we all got a nose full!

  14. @kittypolishnbags AHA!!! I just went back to read again as I missed the FREE SHIPPING in the US part! That makes the $14 price tag totally a lot more palatable!

  15. Very pretty. And you rock both shades too.

  16. How is it possible that I just stumbled upon this blog looking for a REAL picture of an Essie color and I've been on here for almost 5 hours!!! This is incredible! found a new page that I can check everyday. Thank you so much for always taking pics of what it looks like ON!

  17. I have been staring at the website for Tuff Scents for the last hour and trying to talk myself out of buy at least 3 of them, lol! I'm so intrigued by some of the scents! Thanks for the swatches and referral!

  18. Wish these weren't so much. They are for sure a "special purchase." I saw them on Nouveau Cheap as well and instantly wanted the one that smells like sage. YUM!


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