August 19, 2011

Inspired Nails Hibiscus on Blue + a coupon code!!

Good Morning guys, happy Friday!!! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? I do! Tonight I'm going to see one of my favorite bands Motion City Soundtrack then tomorrow I'm going to go see 311 yay! I like fun concert packed weekends like this one!

Today I have for you guys something I have never tried before...water decals! These are from a new to me company called Inspired Nails, they make full nail water decals and a bunch of other fun stuff. I was kind of scared to try these because I really had no idea what the heck I was doing. I think the result for my first time is pretty good! To use these all you do is paint your nails normally with whatever color you want, they recommend a light base (I used white), the color you choose and the finish of the base polish will affect how the decal looks once you put it on. Once your base color is completely dry you cut out your decal (which really was the hardest part for me), you put it in water for a few seconds the slide off a backing paper and put it on your nail. After you get it positioned on your nail you put on a coat of top coat and the decal kind of melts and fuses with your base polish.

My main problem was that I kept cutting the decals too wide, I don't know why...just a learning curve I guess. But it would cause them to wrinkle a little. It's way more noticeable in the pictures. In person you couldn't see it unless you were up close looking for it. Overall I really like these, they were quick and easy to do and Inspired Nails has some awesome designs. The one today is called Hibiscus on Blue. I got some fantastical looking peacock feather ones I cannot wait to try out!

Hopefully you guys like these too, if you do I have a coupon code for you!! Head over to   and use the code PolishAholic15 good for 15% off your order through 10/31/11. Cannot be used with any other discount codes or when using a voucher purchased at a discount.

My skin looks weird in these pictures, not sure why..but it's freaking me out. Hopefully it won't freak you out too :D

Inspired Nails can be purchased at,  Full Nail Water Decals are $10.


  1. this print is so whimsical! very nice!

  2. They are so cuuute!
    I love this pattern!

  3. Love the pattern! I have some water decals but am hesitant to try them out because I don't know what I'm doing. May have to try them out now!

  4. realy cool!!! nice!! have a nice weekend!

  5. Really cute pattern. Living at the ocean, Hawaiian patterns are always in here.

  6. Love this site! Also, Motion City is one of my favorite bands too :) They are SO GOOD live, so much energy, and they always play a good mix of old and new songs. So jealous!


  7. I really love this print!

  8. Soooo cute and I am obsessed with your pretty girl claws.

    Someone gave me a hibiscus once, I have no idea where they got it from but I feel a little weepy when I see this because they meant a lot to me and they were probably magic or something because where do you find a hibiscus in Canada in January?

  9. Love this! I just checked out their site and now I want a

  10. Those peacock nails will be mine!

    GOSH how lovely! And a pretty good price too, esp with the discount--thank you :)

  11. such a pretty pattern. i can't wait to see the peacock ones! have fun at your concerts! (im really jealous youre seeing motion city soundtrack...) =]


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