August 15, 2011

Misa Hip To My Jive Fall 2011 Collection Swatches

Hi guys, hope you're having a good Monday so far! Today I have Misa's Hip To My Jive Collection for Fall 2011. I really love the idea of a throwback to the 50's, that is fun!

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Bop Till You Drop is a orangey coral with a gorgeous shimmer. The shimmer is a bit more noticeable in real life, my camera couldn't capture it as great as it looked! The formula was fantastic, 2 easy coats for full opacity!

Catch A Flick is a light jade green, there is a touch of blue in there too. I really love shades like this but I feel like we've seen it a million times. I think this one is a bit better than the rest if only for the great formula, I used 2 coats for the photo below

Go For The Pinks is a rosy pink, this seems to have a little bit of a purple tone to it in some light. Gorgeous shade and another great formula. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Got It Made In The Shade is a very light murky sage green. This is another shade that I feel like we've seen a lot of this year but I still love it! Great formula, again, I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Peachy Keen is a beige nude with a pearly silver shimmer. Unfortunately this shade does horrible things with my skin tone but I'm sure it will look great on other people! I used 2 coats for the photos below!

Pop The Clutch is a very light pink with a pearly silver shimmer. Now on Misa's website this says it's a rosy brown but it's not even remotely brown on me and it doesn't look brownish in the bottle hmm. Unfortunately I don't really love this color, the shimmer takes it a little to the frosty side. The formula was very good, I used 2 coats for the photo below.

Overall, this collection doesn't thrill me. I feel like we've seen all these shades recently from various other collections. I haven't done comparisons yet but I have a feeling I will have some dupes. On the plus side the formula was great on every single shade. I love Misa because of that, they consistently put out polish that applies like butter!

Available now on, it doesn't look like this collection has been added onto Misa's official website to buy yet.


  1. I am loving Peachy Keen on you!!! It looks great on you. I feel the same way about this type of shade.

    Im not a huge fan of shimmery/pearl nail polishes. I'll probably end up getting it anyway. When will I learn :/

    This collection doesn't really do much for me, kind of just..there. HAHA

  2. Did they not get the memo that it's Fall? I mean I'm cool with collections having a couple atypical shades for the season but this whole collection screams Spring to me.

    Other than that, they don't do much for me. I like Bop Til You Drop and Catch a Flick but I'm drawn to all shades like that. These are really dupey. But at least the formula is a winner!

  3. Great collection, my favourite one is Bop Till You Drop. :)

  4. Go For the Pinks seems extremely similar to Essie Splash of Grenadine.... maybe?

  5. These colors are really pretty, but they don't look like fall shades to me. Your swatches were awesome though!

  6. Got it Made in the Shade, Catch a Flick and Go for the Pinks all remind me very strongly of OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Are they similar or am I just imagining it? xx

  7. Pop The Clutch and Peachy Keen, I'am loving these two colours the most. There so pretty!

  8. Got It Made In The Shade is my favorite, even if it is dupey! Like you, I still love that color!

  9. I don't know, I'm just not feeling this collection right now. I love Misa and I adore their formula - actually they're my all time favorite formula - but I'm just not into this collection. Your swatches are lovely Jen, and definitely do them justice!

  10. Pop The Clutch is such a pretty shade love it

  11. Bop Till You Drop is gorgeous, I love the shimmer! And I feel the same way about Catch A Flick, but I already have so many colors like it that I'm not sure if I really 'need' it.

  12. Great post. I especially like Bop till you drop and Catch a Flick.

  13. oooh love pop the clutch :) cute!


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