August 27, 2011

Nail Fraud Golden Waves

Good Morning! Hope you're all having a good Saturday so far! I also hope all of you over on the east coast who are being affected by Hurricane Irene are safe and okay!!

Today I have for you guys some super cute decals from Nail Fraud, this design is called Golden Waves. This was one of my favorite designs out of all the ones I have. The gold wavey lines are a little bit holo! It doesn't translate very well in my picture but in person it was stunning!  These were super easy to apply and remove, I didn't have issues with them wanting to wrinkle or bubble which is always nice with decals! it does look like there is some shrinkage at the tips in my photo but I actually couldn't see that at all in real life!

Nail Fraud Nail Strips can be purchased on, they retail for $12 each!

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  1. These look very cool! I'm also on the East Coast just patiently waiting for this beast to come and pass!

  2. So cute! Always jealous of your decal application skills!!

  3. Nice! I like how these don't look like decals.

  4. Agree these don't look like decals. Wonder if I would be better at putting these on than I was with the S. Hanon ones that I did not get even edges around my nail at all with after trying 3 different ones - that was expensive at $9 and change a try...

  5. They look awesome. I'll have to try those out. I only had success with one type of Sally Hansen version.

  6. awesome!! i could tell they were holo!

  7. Very pretty. I can see the holo in it.

    Yes this hurricane needs to go away!

  8. Oh, pretty! I haven't tried decals anymore after not doing well with the Sally Hansen ones but maybe another time.

  9. SO cute. I still have yet to try any of these types of nail applications!

  10. Impressive results! I thought this was a stamped manicure.

    Yeah, I hate it when those close up pics reveal flaws you didn't even know were there. But this looks great anyhow :-)

  11. So pretty and classy looking--would be great for the holidays!

  12. Wow! They definitely don't look like decals. Nice one!!

  13. I didn't even realize they were decals until I read some of the other comments. Crazy! It's a really nice look and I love the sparkle!


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