August 13, 2011

SpaRitual In Pink 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness polishes!

Good Morning!! Hope everyone is having  good Saturday so far! I am, but I just woke up haha! Last night I picked my parents up from the Fair, they went to see a concert I got them tickets to for my Dad's birthday....they brought me back a funnel cake. YUM can I just say, I love funnel cake....actually I love pretty much any kind of fair food! They went and saw Chicago a few week ago (also at the Fair) and brought me back chocolate covered bacon, that was SO delicious, I know it sounds gross but no, it was amazing haha!

Today I have for you guys the 3 polishes SpaRitual has out this year for Breast Cancer Awareness called the In Pink Collection. A part of the proceeds from this collection are donated to a great charity called Cancer Schmancer!

Strength is a gorgeous pink foil with a golden shimmer. It does remind me a lot of OPI Rally Pretty Pink and Zoya Faye. I haven't had a chance to compare them yet but I think this might be a little bit darker of a pink. The formula was a little sheer but so gorgeous built up, I used 3 coats for the photos below. Even though I feel like I've seen this before I still love it, I can't get enough of the shades like this that have become popular this year!


Clarity is a rosy pink glitter in a clear base. I loooooove this, it would most definitely be best for layering but I did my best to build it up, I'm happy with the result! This was sparkly like whoa, so sparkly that I couldn't even take sun pictures of it! I used 4 coats of Clarity for the photos below, there were still some patchy spot but it wasn't noticeable in real life. Next time I wear this I'll be layering it, I think it will be beautiful! Both photos are in the shade!

Knowledge is a rosy pink glitter mixed with gold and holographic glitter. This is all sorts of amazing, my pictures do it zero justice, this is one you will need to see for yourself to understand how great it is! This was a bit more opaque than Clarity, I used 3 coats for the photos below. This was so hard to photograph, the sun was washing it out a bit but the holographic glitter pieces wouldn't come out to play in the shade. If I could only have 1 from this collection I would pick this one!

These polishes should be available starting September 1st, you can find a store locater on I thought these were on Apothica already, but it looks like they still have up last year's In Pink polishes :(

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  1. Normally I am not tempted by pink polishes, sinply because they just don't suit me. But these are so beautiful and not too pink for my liking ;)

  2. So pretty on you. It reminds me of OPI Rally Pretty Pink but with glitter. I am learning to love glitter ♥♥

  3. I found these at the beauty supply store in the DFW area... gorgeous colors... I got Strength and Knowledge. I don't think Strength is that close to Faye, in my opinion. Both are gorgeous and different enough to have both.
    They also had the Wilde collection-- wow!! Spa Ritual really has some great polishes for Fall!

    Now if only someone would get in the Orly Mineral Fx Polishes....

  4. These are all really pretty! I especially love Clarity.

  5. These all look amazing! Got to love SpaRitual xx

  6. all looks so gorgeous... i wonder how do you mange to get such pretty shades... <3 ur collection

  7. I haven't tried this brand yet, can't wait!

  8. I have my first 4 bottles of SpaRitual and 3 more coming. I like the concept behind it of being less chemicals. This shade looks like Faye from Zoya. Someone else already mentioned it looks like Rally Pink which many have compared to Faye as well. OPI came out with 2 this year that really look similar to this one and Faye...the Rally Pink from the Grand Slam French collection, and there is one in the Miss Universe Collection that also is really similar that is lavender and flashes gold but not quite the amount of shimmer this one has or Faye or Rally Pink.

    Do try to wear some aqua blues in Sept for Ovarian Cancer awareness month. There is a big push to get more attention focused on this killer cancer of women backing it up to the BC awareness month. I lost my mom to Ovarian Cancer. It was like so often, not caught until very late stage. They gave her 2 weeks to 2 months and she lasted 11 months of total agony.

  9. These shades are so pretty! I want them on Apothica soon so I can get them!

  10. Ohh these are gorgeous. I don't normally like pinks too much but these are stunning! Wish I'd ordered them when I ordered the Earth Day ones a couple of weeks ago.

  11. Looks amazing on you. I have a love hate relationship with glitters. HA!

  12. Strengh also made me think about Zoya's Faye, it's really pretty :)

  13. From now on, I'm going to print your pictures on a color printer and glue them to my nails. I want my fingers to look as pretty as yours. Think it'll work?


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