September 12, 2011

Barielle Gotta Have Fate

Good Morning, happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend! Don't forget today is the last day to enter my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Halloween giveaway! The link to the post is over in the sidebar, it's open to everyone!!

Today I have one of Barielle's gorgeous polishes from their Spring collection for you! Gotta Have Fate is an orangey pink coral, it pulls very orange on me which I love! In the shade and indoors it was the more gorgeous shade of a soft coral orange on me, I loved it out in the sun also but I wish I could have stayed indoors all the time while wearing it haha! This is actually the mani I wore on Saturday to The Painted Nail! The formula was really great, 2 easy coats for full opacity! I decided at first that I wanted an accent nail so I used 1 coat of Barielle Buddha-ful on my ring finger. After I took the photos I decided I liked how it looked and ended up putting it layered with a Colorama Flakie on all my nails! I wish I had taken a photo of that, but I totally spaced out and forgot!

The first photo below is in the sun, the other 2 are in the shade!

Both Gotta Have Fate and Buddha-ful are available now on Barielle's website, they retail for $8 each!

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  1. Pretty shade and I love that flakie!! XOXO

  2. I'm not a huge nail polish fiend, but I could not resist buying this immediately!! I just ordered both - I'm totally new to the brand, so thanks!!

  3. Lovely, looks great on u! Gotta love flakies!

  4. Sweet! I really liked the flakies on the ringfinger, good combination!

  5. this is just...GORGEOUS!
    x purrrpolish

  6. Like the color and love the flakies on your beautiful nails! x

  7. This looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. OH, and Happy Birthday!! :)

  8. I seriously need to go out a purchase a flakie top coat. I am biding my time until Essie holiday collection comes out...

  9. I NEED to find a way to buy Barielle..between the flakie & Elle's Spell..LOVE

  10. Looks awesome! I love the accent nail!

  11. I bought Fate and 2 bottles of Budda Full when Barielle had it's last 30% off everything. I needed a tub of foot cream and took the option to get an even better bargin on the by one color get 2nd color 50% off they do. I am really happy with the color products from Barielle. Never used them before this - but have used their nail treatments and foot cream for years - for me better than Lush!

  12. Love flakies!!! The color looks so good on u


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