September 1, 2011

I am no longer a Julep Maven, this is why...

Hi guys, I hate to post things like this but I believe you all have a right to know this information. I don't enjoy bringing drama or negativity to my blog but I feel I have a responsibility to share my experience with you guys.

As you might have read, I signed up to be a Julep Maven. I posted about the first box I received on August 15th. Included in that post was a referral link, anyone can sign up for that link on Julep's website. When someone signs up for the Maven program using your link you are supposed to get a $15 credit. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it practically is.

Apparently there is a "glitch" in the system Julep has been using to track the referral credits. As far as I can tell they had known about and confirmed this problem all the way back to August 23rd when a fellow blogger posted about it. I was unaware of that post until someone told me about it on August 31st, but it seems that Julep told that blogger there was a glitch in their system. However, Julep failed to tell anyone else so I was still over here spreading my referral link all over the place. On August 29th I used the contact form on Julep's website to inquire about my referral credit since I had not seen anything. I did not receive a reply so on August 30th I directly emailed a contact I had over there with the same question.

The response I received left me dumbfounded. I was told that they were aware of a glitch and that in order to receive the credit I was due I had to provide them with the full name of everyone who signed up using my link. I was also told that all of the old links we were previously given did not work and I would have to sign up for a new link to receive credit from this point on. To the best of my understanding they were aware of that none of the old links worked but had not told anyone that their links were broken unless you emailed to inquire about your credit. If I had just given this link to people I know in real life that wouldn't be a problem but I would never ask my readers for their full name for something like this, it's just not how I operate. I emailed back letting Julep know that it is basically impossible to know the names of who used my link due to me posting it here and several other places. I suggested that they check their analytics, I use analytics here on The PolishAholic and it is surprisingly easy to track how people find my blog and what links they are clicking on to get here. I figured a company like Julep would have some kind of similar software installed on their site to track these links they are giving out to everyone.

On August 31st I received an email from Julep with a code for my referral credit indicating that 7 people had used my link. A couple hours later I received an email from my Julep contact stating that they in fact do not have a way to track the link I was given (which really makes me wonder how this referral program even works). I was told that the referral credit I received for 7 people was based on comments left on the post I put up on August 15th. How is that even fair? Any blogger, or even possibly any blog reader, can tell you that the majority of readers do not comment on posts. And what about those of you who are not bloggers, who just posted you link on your facebook or twitter and had no way of knowing who used it unless they directly told you? I really don't care how many of you signed up on my link, my issue is not about this credit anymore. In fact I will not be using the credit I received. My issue is that they gave out these links to people, realized there was a glitch and then promptly kept that information to themselves with apparently no intention of letting anyone know unless you emailed them asking about it.

I replied to that email stating how extremely disappointed I was by this. I also asked why they had not informed me and every single other person with a referral link about the glitch. This was the response:

We honestly had no way of foreseeing this programming error with our referral links and would never hand out any information with intention to deceive. Given the unfortunate circumstances, we have done everything in our power to try to reward as many of the claimed referral credits to our Mavens.
That response is the reason I am posting this. I will not and do not support any company with these kinds of business ethics. I have already removed all past posts about Julep and will not be posting about them again. How they can knowingly let people spread links that don't work and promise credit that they will not give unless you email asking about it is just beyond me, that is a horrible way to do business. If their intention was not to deceive as stated above then as soon as the "glitch" was found an email should have been sent out to every single person who had a referral link to notify them of the problem, along with instructions on what to do to get the credit and an apology. As of me writing this at 11:45am on September 1st Julep has still not publicly told anyone via their Facebook, Twitter, Website, Email etc... that the links they gave out do not work. They have been addressing the matter only with people who email them and that is wrong in my opinion.

I really loved the Maven program and am sad about how things have turned out. Hopefully an honest company will do something similar in the near future.

Edited to add, I am not the only one who has encountered this problem and gotten a similar response from Julep, you can also check out a post on Kittypolishnbags here:

Have a good day everyone.


Edited 9/2/11 to add:

Hi guys, I felt it necessary to update this post. Julep has acknowledged to ALL of the Mavens that there was a glitch. Below is the email they have sent to everyone.

Dear Inaugural Maven,

First, I want to thank you for being one of the first people to sign up for Julep Maven. I truly appreciate your excitement and I personally promise you that we will work hard every month to continue to delight you.

I am writing to alert you to a technical problem we discovered in our online referral program. If you signed up for our referral program between August 1st and August 23rd, data was not transmitted correctly from your referral code. As soon as we discovered the problem we made changes to the link. For the past week, since the 23rd, we have been actively working on recovering the missing referral data; unfortunately, I learned conclusively last night that we are not able to do so. (Please note: if you signed up for the referral program August 24th or later, your referral credits are working correctly.)

I am pained (really physically!) by this error because I genuinely value the gift of trust you make when you refer Julep. Throughout Julep’s 4 year history, I have always said that word of mouth and the girlfriends referral is the most exciting way to grow. I am truly very sorry and apologize for this error.

Here are the steps we are taking to show our commitment to rectifying this situation:
  • First, if you are receiving this email from Julep directly, we will be treating you to your October Maven Box on us free of charge. (This is for ALL Mavens who enrolled in the Maven program prior to August 24th).
  • Second, if you feel that you have referred more than 1 person, please email us at or call us at (877) 651-3292 by September 15, 2011, indicating the number of people you have referred and we will work with you directly. With the long holiday weekend approaching, please give us two business days to respond as we want to be sure to give each individual Maven the care she deserves.
And if you previously signed up for the referral program before August 24, please re-sign up at Again, we thank you for your patience and can assure you the technical problem has been resolved with this new link.

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (877) 651-3292.  Or please email me directly at  I would love to hear from you and welcome any ideas for how we can do better.

With warm regards,

While I do appreciate them doing this I have decided that I will still no longer support their company. I was offered more credit, which I did turn down. Unlike some Anonymous commenters would like to think, I am not a greedy person and I could careless about receiving anything from Julep for free.

I hope that if you have chosen to stay a Julep Maven that you feel their resolution is adequate. I want to re-iterate that I did love the program and actually really love their polishes, I just no longer want to support them due to the way this "glitch" was handled. I don't think anything bad about people who will continue on with Julep, my only intention has ever been to let you guys know what was going on.



  1. I totally agree Jen. It was really fishy of them. They just hoped no one would notice and that's not cool.

  2. Maybe the glitch was there from the start. Maybe the Julep people put it in the link so no one would get credits.

  3. Very sad.. and snakey. I was going to try out the Maven progam like an exciting mani birchbox but someone else will do one!

    I couldn't justify buying their polish otherwise as scrangie pointed out its more expensive than Chanel!

  4. That's horrible business practices! There are just too many good ethical companies to waste time with this one. I'm sorry you had to go through this but selfishly, I'm also glad I decided not to join their program.

  5. Jen, indeed, this is a hard post to make. And I love you for your honest opinion. That's what matters to me with friends.

    This should be a valuable lesson to Julep; to react fast to any customer issues. Word travels fast with the internet and faster with beauty/nail bloggers. Julep needs to know they need to react just as fast in order to provide great customer service.

  6. I'm so glad you posted this to get the word out there. I'll be cancelling my subscription as well. I was on the fence, but going to stay on another month... but if their business practices are this bad NOW with a new program, imagine how bad it will be when they have the ground and popularity on their side.

  7. Well said. I am furious with them as they charged me 19.99 for the Sept box even after I canceled and they refuse to refund me.

  8. i'm sorry to hear that!! i'm glad i didn't sign up with them when i originally wanted to. thanks for getting this out there!!

  9. Have not joined their Maven program, but 100% turned off from it now on!

    I agree, I'm in IT, if they had their s|-|iT together they would have been able to figure out a way to fix it. Bugs are one thing, but if you don't fix it, you are saying "it's a feature, not a bug". Wonder if it was their way to avoid having to give severe credits to those who had a lot of users sign up under the link? Maybe they were too generous in the amount and if you can't fit the bill to reward your users, just have a "glitch" to cover it up and apologize out the wazoo?

  10. I seriously call BULL on them trying everything they could. I don't understand why they wouldn't notify people, really not a good way to start out for them, I already cancelled my sub.

  11. Gah, I'd just bought my first box the other day! So disappointing to hear this.
    Also, there is an ad for them just below this post? >.<

  12. I've emailed them a couple of times and haven't received a response, so maybe their problem isn't dishonesty as much as really, really shitty customer service. I was left with unanswered questions both times, and I just assumed they have no business skills whatsoever. I'm not sure that's any better, though. They definitely should not be promising things they have no intention on following through with.

  13. @halfpintjack

    Ugh, I know, it kills me that the ad is there...unfortunately I do not control the ad' does. If I could remove that I would :(

  14. I am glad that you are so honest and believe that the company is wrong with the ethics that they use. I am very proud of you for pulling all the blogs related to them.
    Thank you!

  15. I'm one of those people who used your link but didnt comment on the post. Such a shame, my order is coming tomorrow and I really can't see continuing with them after this. Such poor service shouldn't be rewarded at all. Thanks so much for letting us know. I can't see supporting a company like this at all.

  16. Wow!! I agree with all of this. they have no right to sit there and ask for peoples names like that at all. I wouldn't even give them the names of anyone I knew in real life either. Because it just sounds all to weird. I'm sorry you had to go through all this crap. And them not letting any one know that the links don't work, that's just crap! A sorry excuse trying to rip people off is all imo

  17. I think the ads appear based off of sites you've been to before. I always see them for Nordies and Neimans lol which basically means STOP SHOPPING, BROOKE! haha

    Anyway, I just cancelled mine. Shame. I love these ideas of a monthly subscription!

  18. My first and last Maven box is on the way in the mail. I cancelled my subscription as soon as I read your post. I agree with Bunny Masseuse, at the point that they knew this was a wide spread issue they should have made a public announcement and done something about it.

    I smell bullsh*t. :|

    I'll still review the products I receive but I'll also be linking this post to my blog as a "buyer beware" to my readers.

    Ugh, and I was so excited about this too! :(

  19. I had an issue with my first box. It wasn't mailed out to me until I emailed them saying "WTF?" I stuck with them but after reading this post I think it's time to cancel. Perhaps their CS issues will be ironed out but I'd rather not be the guineau pig.

  20. I had their referral program on my side bar of my blog too, as soon as I knew you were having problems, I took it down. I just received a new credit card and so they can't bill me for Sept's until I call them back with the number. Funny thing is, they took time to tell me my cc wouldn't work this month and even called me on the phone asking for the new number. And no, I did not receive any referral credits either. :(

  21. I cancelled also. Ironically not for the reason you listed but for other business practice reasons. (Though had I known earlier about your difficulties I would have cancelled for that reason.) Not thrilled with their products or their practices. I was supposed to get the "Classic with a twist" box and it looks like they sent me just some random polishes, not the colors promised and they look like they had been opened and used! The least they could have done was to enclose a note saying they had sold out of the other colors, or are substituting this month, etc. -but nothing.

    I don't think we can expect much of this company unless they change their business practices and their attitudes.

  22. I joined through your link. I am not pleased. I cancelled my Maven account and let them know it was due to this issue.

  23. I also believe it was no accident. Glad I did not sign up. Maybe they really don't know how many of us read nail/beauty blogs. Word of mouth can be a company's best friend or worst enemy. (:

  24. Glad that you posted this. My box took approximately three weeks to arrive...I was so disappointed. They should have informed us that their free shipping is parcel post. Not as serious as your post, but still not good service.

  25. Amen. I am so disappointed in how this situation, and every other situation, with this company has been handled. It's a shame, too. I really loved the hand scrub.

  26. Time for us to spread this "hidden info" about Julep to all the other Mavens via the Twittersphere! I don't tweet, but it's time we get this info public! Don't anger the bloggers, they hold ALL the cards in what's hot and who shops what!

  27. Thank you for posting this, Jen. This has been stuck in my craw for a few days now, but I've been busy and couldn't quite put my finger on what was bugging me. My blog is small, and I didn't have any trouble tracking down the whopping three people that had used my link. The folks at Julep were really nice to me about it, but after the fact I really did start to think that they should have notified us and not left it up to us to contact them.

    I actually found myself wondering if it wasn't intentional in some way. Like maybe they weren't considering exactly how many credits would come when bloggers started posting their links? I dunno. But it's left a bad taste in my mouth too. =(

  28. and this is why I stuck with Birchbox...... they were trying to hard to get ppl to buy from them but they had no idea what they were doing. Im sorry this happened to you. :(

  29. I ended up leaving the Maven program for a different reason, but the duplicity on Julep's part certainly had something to do with it. I was sincerely hoping that the program would be very worth the while, but it seems to not be the case.

    Thank you for posting on this; I hope others with similar issues will also come forward. Maybe Julep will fix their issues if so.

    My issue, if anyone is curious, was that I signed up for one style of Maven and got a different one entirely. My intro package was two polishes and a nail treatment, a full-size hand scrub and two sample packets of the exact same hand scrub. The replacement package contained two polishes (one of which was almost exactly the same shade as one of the intro-packet polishes) and more sample packets of hand scrub. Julep hasn't responded to any of my emails since, and now I'm unable to login at the website to be sure that my subscription is properly canceled.

  30. Wow, that's really too bad. I am currently a Julep Maven (I didn't use your link to sign up) but I did post a referral link on my own blog which I will be taking down immediately when I get home from work. This seems incredibly shady. Why offer the referral link if you have no way to track how many times it's clicked?

    My experience with their customer service has been ok so far-- I caught a mistake with my invoices and they fixed it the same day. But I am going to think carefully about whether or not I want to continue with this program. They are a local business for me, and I would like to support them, but this doesn't help their cause.

  31. Wow. That sucks. Glad I did not order from them and I won't be now. Interesting that they are willing to lose business and referrals rather than operate honestly. Very sad and and there's no excuse got such poor business practices. I hope that all other blog owners that posted the referral will write similar posts. Businesses need to realize there will be negative effects for operating this way.

  32. I'm really sad to read this. I just blogged about the program last week and was going to post about my September box. I was already disappointed in their CS since Ivre sent 3 emails and only gotten form letters back.
    Now I won't write my new blog post since I don't want to lead anyone astray. What a shame.

  33. I'm probably the only person who doesn't see what the big deal is.

    Yeah, they probably should have contacted you and people when the links wouldn't work. But it's a beginning company and there's going to be kinks. They probably shouldn't have started the program until they got all the technical issues solved. I tend to judge a company by their products, not their technical issues.

    The links still go to, and isn't the point to spread the word about another brand and polish? Not to get moolah?

    I think removing all your Julep posts is a little drastic. But to each its own. I personally love the polish, and will continue to buy their polish. I'm not out to get referral credits, I just want awesome nail polish.

  34. I have been having issues with them as well. They charged me twice for an intro package. I assuemed they were sending out an intro pack and then a regular month pack, but no - They simply charged me twice for the intro pack.

    They simply will not answer my emails. I've already sent multiple emails. I just went on and canceled.

  35. @Anonymous

    I respect your opinion...I'm not out to get the credit either. As I stated I will not be using the credit I did receive. What I am upset about it that they are lying to people and doing nothing to make people aware of the problem. A company that lacks integrity like that is not one that I want associated with my blog.

  36. Juliep polish is way too expensive for .27 fl oz... The colors are so blah too... And after reading this post I'm sure I'll never purchase anything from them.

  37. Maybe they will get it together if they are a honest and reputable business. I like to see businesses succeed and even give them as much support as I can to help them succeed as everyone does. I don't know what they can do at this point, but hope everyone gets the credits that are due to them.

  38. I've literally only heard 80% negative things about Julep on all the nail blogs, forums, etc. From the referrals not working, to wrong items, missing items, mischarges, etc. No thanks, paying that much money for some tiny no-name-brand polish bottles in non-unique colors. Not even maybeeee. Glad you posted this, hope it gets the world out to a larger audience.

  39. @Anonymous:
    If someone advertises a referral program with specific benefits and does not publicize issues and come clean about problems... how is that considered legit?

    Let's say it was a Apartment complex referral (they do that around me all the time), refer someone to move into the complex and receive $25 dollars or something like it. What if it was an online referral, and it stopped working? Would you just say "hey, that sucks, I really could have used the extra money from my 3 referrals" and chalk it up to just bad luck? I don't agree, I don't love ANY COMPANY (unless I work for them) enough that I'd become their mouthpiece for how great they are unless they were really that great. Sure, I've reviewed products but I don't get them from companies myself, I've spent my own money so my report on it is as raw and honest as it's going to get because of that fact.

    It's one thing to blog about the Julep Maven program because you are in it and you want others to know what you got out of your package. It's another thing to blog about it TO SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE MAVEN PROGRAM and to benefit from your blogging you use the referral link so you get credit and JULEP knows who their biggest fans/bloggers and public mouthpieces are.

    Shame on them. SO many companies believe in "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission" so I'm sure they have a SET NUMBER of referral credits they can give you if you don't have clear cut full names of individuals or proof of every person you referred. I doubt everyone who used the links will get credited back their FULL DUE of referral money.

    Julep needs to come clean, go public, admit the issues and kick up their CS a notch and show us that they can be new AND STILL HAVE CLASS. We understand newbies to the beauty market, but that doesn't mean we respect newbies for keeping crap "under the curtain" when it's obviously something stinks!!

  40. Thanks for letting us know. Glad I did not sign up like I thought about. I've had issues with some other websites before and their customer service but I didn't post about it because everyone else seems to love them. Maybe I just was a fluke?

  41. Other links to other reported Maven issues:

    Apparently they are advertising for Guest Service Mavens on Cragislist? Maybe that's something we can attribute to the issues via email too?

  42. Thank you for sharing this, Jen! I'm glad I didn't sign up for the Maven program...all I've heard is how many problems people have had with it! It's a great idea if only they would get it together and do things ethically...that was pretty shady of them! Hopefully they will see this and at least attempt to make things right...

  43. Thank you for your honesty about this. I had pretty seriously considered joining, but definitely won't be doing so now. Shame on them for having such terrible customer service practices.

  44. how disappointing! sorry this happened to you :c

  45. I had not heard of this company or their products (ive been kidnda out of the loop for a bit) but i trust your opinion and ur honest word that you try so hard to give a company the benefit of the doubt but when they pull shady acts like this then it just ruins it for everyone. i recently boycotted luuux because of shady practices that ruined the whole site for me.

    sorry this is happening to you and so many other members. hopefully they either get the problem fixed or people realize before they put too much time and money into it.

  46. That's very disappointing. I was about to sign up for Maven after my next paycheck. Thank you for the information and the warning. I agree that this is not a good way to do business. Being a deceitful company will not get them very far, I'm sure of it. I'm sorry your experience was so terrible :( I hope another company does a nail program that would be amazing!!

    Thanks so much for this post!!!


  47. Jen, I know you don't like to bring drama to your blog, but I'm very glad you did this, I think people need to know about the company that they're buying from. Bravo!

  48. Jen- thank you for your honesty! I understand why you wouldn't want to post something like this on your blog. I'm sorry that you had to go through this experience! How terrible. I was going to join Julep after I read your initial post, because it sounded awesome. I had the intent to wait a little while to make sure it was something I needed, (at 19.99 it's expensive for me) and apparently it ISN'T! How shady of them. Shame on them! Thanks for your honesty, sorry for your loss. I'd say way more than 7 people signed up through that link.

  49. am I seriously the only one who thinks this is a rather dramatic overreaction? Are we really going to catagorically boycott an otherwise wonderful company simply because a few greedy bloggers (who already get TONS of free product for "review", REVENUE from google ads featured below each post, and more) didn't get all 75 of their whopping $15 per-referral credits? that's ludicrous. How much credit can you possibly need for nail polish?

    Were the products you received defective? Did they not follow through with delivery? Were you overcharged? Did they send you the wrong product, and if they did, did they not send out a replacement?

    THOSE are the types of quality control issues a company should be judged for, not because a few bloggers didn't get more free stuff.
    Seriously, who cares! it's a technical oversight for something FREE. It's not like the company SWINDLED you out of money you PAID. For crying out loud, this is absurd. Let the company correct the oversight, and then blog about it. This is blatant badmouthing that sounds like a sourpuss wahhh-I-didn't-get-my-free-money-poor-me temper tantrum under the guise of "I uphold myself to the strictest standards of ethics and protocol". Yeah right. You're butthurt over not getting an insane amount of FREE credits and to me THAT'S way more deserving of a subscription cancellation-- to your blog.

  50. I don't think Julep's intent was to deceive people BUT once they knew there was a glitch, why didn't they take it upon themselves to contact their 'Mavens' and let them know they need to fix their referral links?

    I agree with you that they seem to have the attitude of, 'oh well, too bad, so sad' when they have an obligation to their repeat customers (and new ones) to fix the problem.

    Fine, they don't track their referrals, up until now. They can fix/change that. I understand that they might not want to hand out credits willy-nilly but to put it on you to track people down in order to receive credit just comes off as lazy on their part and inconsiderate to make YOU work for THEM.

    What I simply don't understand is why didn't they let their 'Mavens' know as soon as they were aware of the issue? I just don't see as how that point could be debated any other way.

  51. @Anonymous
    At least Jen did it with her name, and not anonymously.

    If Julep had sent out an e-mail to all those with referral links and said "Look, here's the deal, we screwed up, we're sorry. Here's how we're going to fix this..." Then it would be a whole different ballgame.

    My main problem is this: Julep told me they traced two of my referrals! They gave me $30 credit to spend on whatever I wanted on the site. If they could do that for me, with my OLD referral link, then why couldn't they do it for everyone?

  52. Wow @ anonymous #2. I have never seen a business plant comment be so obvious.

    They promised a service. They did not fulfill. End of story.

    To be honest, I have heard several shady things about Julep the past few weeks. I have officially changed my mind about trying them out.

    You can go tell your bosses that, Anon2. ;)

  53. Methinks I smell a rat in these 'anonymous' posts...
    Yes @Anonymous you ARE the only one that thinks "it's no big deal", as the rest of us think it is irresponsible and poor business practices to be AWARE of a technical issue and NOT fix it or let ANYONE know, unless ASKED. That is crap!

  54. I toyed with becoming a 'Maven' but didn't follow through; now, having seen the issues you and others have been experiencing, I'm glad I didn't. The only thing I can think is that this is a small company whose management did not expect the kind of response they received to their referral promotion. It could be that they knew about the dead links because they killed them themselves (that's my conspiracy mind) or that they didn't know how to contact every blogger/facebook user/tweeter who promoted their program because they never thought they'd need to know (my logical, benefit-of-the-doubt mind). Either way, they owed it to their customers and 'Mavens' to own up to the bad links as soon as they happened, if only to say "Hey, we just figured out these links are bad. Would you mind removing them from your pages until we can get this mess figured out and give you legit ones? Thanks much!" That's called responsibility.

    Thank you for telling us. I'm sorry you had to bring such negativity to your blog. <3 I know it's Thursday for you, but I hope you have a great weekend!

  55. Thanks for the heads up.

  56. @Molly

    I agree, it's not hard to track IP's of the poster of Anonymous and see if it comes from Julep HQ (or around that area)... gotta love analytics and tracking abilities!

    Grats, you are the only one that thinks this reaction is dramatic (ah but yet, here you are, adding to the drama with your continued no-name posting... welcome to the spotlight!).

    Be honest, give a name, or even a blog link to where you post, and how positive YOUR reviews of them have been. We aren't saying everyone has been treated badly, but it does certainly seem like not just Jen and Kitty have had SINGLE IDENTIFYING INCIDENTS that makes it seem like just a fluke? Their Facebook page has many comments about it, and what does Julep say? "We'll contact you directly about this". Why directly? Why not be obvious that it has affected EVERYONE? Just those people that posted on their FB or here in blogs can't be the ONLY people who had problems... they are just the ONLY people who are noticing it because we are detail oriented.

    If a company is going to offer referral credit, and they have a LIMIT TO HOW MUCH THEY WILL CREDIT you then they should say it. But hell, if someone is going to have 75 referral credits to Julep, Julep should be jumping up and down with excitement for that FREE PROMOTIONAL BLOGGER publicity that really inspired that many people to sign up. If someone had that many people sign up for Julep you bet your GD bottom dollar they better be paying up. $15 x 75 referrals is SO MUCH CHEAPER than the alternative (more Google ads, other web promotion needs). Why do you think companies love social networking and blogs/vlogs? It's permanent internet-cached media and promotional information out there for all the masses to see or search on. And even better, the small amount of them where the manufacturer actually SENT PROMOTIONAL items to is a small payoff for the great visual representation you get from the blogger and their readers (and thus, re-tweets, reblogs, etc).

    Posters on FB and blogs have mentioned getting double billed, not properly canceled, no-polish pull's as requested, wrong boxes, etc. It's not just one or two, there are MANY more out there, go ahead... search on it.

    And please, if you are employee (and your use of butthurt ONLY reminds me of some of the underage and immature posters I've seen on the WoW forums for MMORPG's) learn to up your "public posting" profile. And if you aren't, let's hear all about your great interactions. But hey, hitting the un-subscribe button to this blog is SO MUCH EASIER than hitting reply on this blog instead :)

  57. @Anonymous

    Well Anonymous, I am happy to respond to all of this.

    How am I being greedy? As I stated in my post I will NOT be using any of the credit they sent to me. Also, my Julep box was not FREE I paid for it just like everyone else. Just FYI (not that you deserve to know this) I was planning on using the credits to buy polishes for a giveaway as a THANK YOU to my readers.

    For the record, I did receive the wrong polish in my September box. I didn't mention in the post since my issue is not their product but since you brought it up I will comment on it. I emailed and have yet to receive a response about it. The direct contact I have at Julep offered to send me the correct polish but I told her I was no longer interested in receiving it or anything else (including any referral credit) from Julep.

    Julep is not only doing bloggers wrong here, there are non-bloggers that have been spreading links around and not getting credit for it.

    Perhaps you did not read my entire post. I am not mad about the credit I am mad that they are fully 100% aware that their links DO NOT work and they are not telling people. That is beyond unethical. If you want to do business with a company that conducts themselves that way go for it, I don't.

    If Julep had simply TOLD people there was a glitch this never would have been posted.

    It saddens me that you feel so strongly about this yet do not have the courage to post your outrage on your actual name. I would love to know who I am actually talking to.

  58. Anonymous, you are only digging the hole deeper. The bloggers have stated they are NOT after the credit. They are after the ethics, the disclosure, the honesty. NOT informing their customers who participate in their referral program about this glitch intentionally is unacceptable to many of us. Maybe not to all but definitely to me.

    Did we not state the Maven program itself is good? YES. So sit down and read the entire post before firing off again. If you read the entire post, you would know that we don't care about the credits and we never said that the Maven program is bad. We liked the Maven program. Them not disclosing this glitch is where we draw the line. Them knowing that there is a glitch and choosing not to inform their readers is where a lot of us see the problem.

  59. I signed up for the program and I ironically canceled my subscription today before I saw your post. I wasn't pleased with the quality of the polish and I thought their website was a little messed up. For example, when I signed up for the website I didn't create a username and password but apparently they created one for me and didn't included that information anywhere. When I requested the information and tried to use it to log in it didn't work. Once it did get it to work after further inquiries, the account wasn't really functional. The thing that really scares me was after I tried to cancel the subscription all I got was an email that said "Thank you for your enquiry...Thank you for contacting us. We have received your request and a Maven team member will be contacting you within the next business day." I don't need someone to contact me...I just need the account canceled and now on the account part of the website there is no way to check order history or status. Very disappointed with this company. Thank you for sharing your experience because it both makes me feel better about mine and cautious.

  60. Wow - this is such a weird coincidence. I just e-mailed them yesterday because I tried logging into my account to make some changes and I can't. No matter what I try, even having them e-mail me a new password, I can't login. I haven't gotten a response yet. This troubles me because if I can't login, I can't cancel my subscription!

  61. I'm posting as anon b/c I don't feel like logging in lol. I go by Ms. Crys though. I was one of the people who originally joined and was super excited about the program. I even did my first guest blog on how great I thought the program was, but they had kinks that need to be worked out.
    I had to email the company three times before I successfully got my credits. I'm sorry if you think it's being greedy ANONYMOUS, but if you are going to offer a service...follow through. If you can't it is YOUR responsibility to notify people. Put on your big girl panties, take the advice given and move forward.
    Yes, my buying future boxes was based on those credits and I refused to do it till I got them. I will now use them to get the products I'm interested in and POSSIBLY continue service.
    I understand that they are a start up company but you succeed or fail by your practices and theirs were lacking... So, if you feel she was being greedy and bad mouthing as a blogger. Here is a NON blogger saying that what they did sucked. Plan and simple.

  62. @ck
    Another thing they don't tell you...on their website, when you sign up to be a Maven, the username/password is a ruse. It's just for the Maven program. Once you 'log in' with your Maven name/pass, you have to register with I went thru 9 kinds of hell trying to figure it out. Once I registered, the site worked perfectly for me.

  63. @destany:

    Thanks for the info -- I'll try that and see if it works cuz I REALLY wanna cancel my subscription now!

  64. so yeah, that anon is a company plant...

    Anyway, I am not a maven, I never wanted to have a link. I don't give a flying **** about referrals. I have read MANY blogs about how great the polish and products are....but...

    There was ALWAYS a ...but...

    >I received the wrong polish and couldn't ever get ahold of anyone to fix it.
    >They billed me two blogger said they billed her THREE times, she tried to call/email...nothing was fixed

    Would you agree, anonymous, that those are crappy business practices?

  65. @Jenprewitt
    Nah, Anon thinks that's a bonus the company is offering. Next you know they'll tell us we are "fortunate" that those users got their bills settled for free, remember, there is the assumption that all bloggers are asking for free stuff!!/rolls eyes

  66. There are like 100 comments and I have read most of them, and clearly the Annon Julep implant didn't read most of them. PPL ARE NOT HAPPY WITH:


    do I NEED MORE???

  67. @HollyG222

    yes the problem with being unable to sign into your site julep is ppl cannot cancel their subs. which is really shady!!! EXTREMELY SHADY!!! you are physically keeping ppl from stopping their payments. this might be against the law.

  68. Good for you! We appreciate your honesty!

  69. Wow I'm actually sad to read this post because I love Julep nail polishes though I am not signed up to their maven program. For some reason I don't think they had bad intentions but I agree with you that they could have easily let people know. It takes 140 characters to compose a brief tweet about the situation! I receive "we're sorry we messed up but we will fix it..." kind of emails/tweets quite a bit even from big companies like Tarte or Benefit, especially when they mess up their coupons or promotions. And I actually really appreciate that even if I may not be interested in their promotion. I like that companies take the extra step to show that they value their customers and their business. I also didn't like the way they handled your email. To me their response sounds like they don't really care if a few people didn't get their way and anyway they have more customers out there. So sad.

  70. @Anonymous Aww, aren't you cute. A company plant, I assume? Way to dig that hole deeper. Or perhaps you're an ass-kissing blogger. Either way, what you said was so rude and judgemental. Do you know Jen? Do you know ANYTHING about her for you to be able to sit there and call her greedy? Do you? It's fine for you to disagree with her posting this (although really, if you don't like it, don't read it) and differing opinions are fine, but to personally attack her (which you did when you called her greedy) is unacceptable.

    As someone who actually DOES know Jen as more than a great blogger, I can tell you that she's as far from greedy as they come. She's the most generous, kind person I've had the pleasure of meeting since I started blogging. She works her ass off on her blog and she's always there to help a friend. She's been there for me more times than I can count. The other day I got a brilliant package from her in the mail, more than I ever expected and so sweet and thoughtful. How DARE you sit there and judge her like that because she's being honest about a company's shady practices.

    And how freaking cowardly of you to post it anonymously. I bet your comment would have been far more tame if you'd had the guts to use your profile. Disgusting.

    Jen, I agree with what you did. It's not just bloggers that aren't getting their credits, it's non-bloggers too and the fact that they KNEW that there was a problem and didn't do anything about it is what's wrong. It's not about the credits or whatever the hell else this anonymous commenter seems to think it's about, it's about the fact that Julep KNEW there was a problem with their referral program and hasn't even attempted to contact anyone unless they were contacted first. End of.


  71. Thank you for the info. Business is business and if they can't run their cute little program and honor anything then they shouldn't have it. Subscription canceled.

  72. @anon You may wish to check your legalities on this situation. What the company did was fraud. And, quite possibly mail fraud. AND, considering the magnitude of this situation, could be a FELONY.

    They promised a service (incentive). Bloggers took the company up on their offer. Company failed to keep their end of the deal. By offering the referral and, people signing up for it, they have entered a contract. The company broke that contract, failed to tell their customers and now, maybe...harassing them??? That's like saying Bernie Madoff was a nice guy and provided a great service and hey, maybe a few people made money from that service. The point is...he ripped people off!

  73. Jen, I applaud you for being honest and letting everyone know about Julep's shady business practices!

  74. thank you for posting this the company needs to do something about this, I had bad polish from them an they told me it was cuz of the heat lol it was anew bottle lol but they did send me a new one which was if they know the links are bad why not say something thats soo wrong on there part

  75. thank you for posting this the company needs to do something about this, I had bad polish from them an they told me it was cuz of the heat lol it was anew bottle lol but they did send me a new one which was if they know the links are bad why not say something thats soo wrong on there part

  76. I'm so glad I never signed up for this program now. Ugh. I never will either.

  77. Well articulated post. Between the issues many are apparently having and my own experience in just the past two weeks, I cancelled my subscription. Maybe Julep will get the kinks ironed out, maybe not, but I have too many concerns to continue with the program at this point.

  78. I completely agree.

    I've had some issues with Julep's CS in the past. Their website seems really poorly designed. I had a horrible issue in creating an account and even now, I don't have all the functions on my account that most Julep users seem to have (I don't have order information).

    I also think that they were kind of sneaky with the Maven boxes in that the first one had 2 polishes and yet this next one just has one polish and some treatments. Treatments are boring. LOL.

    I've kind of been wondering about the referral issue as I've heard nothing from them, but I chalked it up to me not having a "complete" account. I had just resigned myself to not having any referrals and contacting them is like pulling teeth.

    Up until today, I was going to give my Maven box another month to see if I was any happier with the program. But with all of the issues you and other bloggers have had, I think I'm going to cancel tomorrow. They are either really lacking in the CS department or really sneaky and underhanded. Neither of which is something I tolerate for long.

  79. I cancelled my subscription on August 21st through my accounts and I talked to a customer service person via email. However, I was still charged TWICE for a September box (even though I only ordered one box in August). T_T I got my refund back but so many other people had false and mistake charges. They don't seem to have their computer/system stuff down and have a lot of kinks.

  80. mmmmmmmmm its asking for peoples names?! . hell no..whats next they want my address and social?! um no thanks. ive seen this "program" in almost all the blogs i follow.. i decided not to join because i knew it sounded too good to be true with the whole referral thing. however now i understand why a certain blogger was thanking her followers for providing their names.! . thanks for putting this post up.. ! although im sure "anonymous" is shitting fire right now :)

    move on & keep doing what your best us TRUTHFUL reviews & beautiful pictures to look at :)


  81. Seems so many companies are like that. Always having bad experiences with Ulta. Now there are even companies that threaten to sue if you tell of experience online!! As for comments on your blog, I have had trouble posting comments, only about 30% seem to go up. Great that you are speaking up, have to tell companies we will not put up with this stuff.

  82. Thanks for posting. I was very interested, but no more. Shady companies need to know word spreads fast, the social networking community attention you want can just as quickly turn on you.

  83. That is so unfortunate. I used to work for a pyramid-scheme-type company, so I try to stay away from them as much as possible.

    Except for Gilt. :P

  84. I don't think it is fair to blame this on greedy bloggers. I am not a blogger nor did I use the referral program. Yet I still had customer service related issues that the company was slow to resolve. Bad CS is bad CS.

  85. Thank you for this post. This has nothing to do with greedy bloggers, and has everything to do with Julep not following through with honest business practices. I never posted any referral links and I've had my own share of issues with Julep. Their CS is severely lacking in efficiency and competency. They don't get back to you in a timely manner, and didn't seem responsive to my issues.

    Needless to say, I cancelled my account after it took me 40+ minutes to figure out how to login to my account since the passwords they sent me were not working. Thankfully, the only thing they did right was not double charge me.

  86. Thank you for posting this. I cancelled my Maven subscription as soon as I read your blog. I'm also going to tell my bank not to honor any further charges from them, just in case.

  87. I also ran into the glitch and was told to give names which I couldn't do from spreading it around either.
    I also was charged 19.99 twice(!!!) after I'd canceled my box. Which has not been credited even though I've been in contact with them.

  88. @Shopping Addict

    I hope they get this all sorted out for you ASAP, especially the double charge, that is unacceptable

  89. Thanks for all the info. I was going to join but I definitely will not be joining now. Sad to see a company be so deceitful.

  90. If all you supposedly care about is disclosing accurate information to your readers, why then did you delete all previous Julep posts in which you raved about their products? You were more than happy to share with your readers how "amazing" Julep's products were when you thought you were getting free $15 credit-per-referrals out of it. But the moment you found out you weren't getting an obscene amount of free credits you deleted all evidence of your satisfaction with their polishes, prices, and customer service (remember how you went on and on about the personal note enclosed in your box being "written in ink!"? Uh huh).

    Is that not the very definition of hypocrisy? How does this solitary issue with free credits have anything to with your satisfaction with the quality of their products? And now, even after they have publicly acknowledged (and apologized for!) their error, as well as rectified it with free maven boxes for everyone and honoring referral credits based on word, you STILL won't support them? They did precisely what you publicly lambasted them for not doing, and yet STILL you feign disgust and claim zero tolerance?

    For someone who touts themselves as a person of such "high" ethical standards and claims to conduct reviews with "full disclosure", this seems to be quite the convenient loophole.

  91. I heard rumors they sent out an email with the following, did you get it?

    "Here are the steps we are taking to show our commitment to rectifying this situation:

    First, if you are receiving this email from Julep directly, we will be treating you to your October Maven Box on us free of charge. (This is for ALL Mavens who enrolled in the Maven program prior to August 24th).
    Second, if you feel that you have referred more than 1 person, please email us at or call us at (877) 651-3292 by September 15, 2011, indicating the number of people you have referred and we will work with you directly. With the long holiday weekend approaching, please give us two business days to respond as we want to be sure to give each individual Maven the care she deserves."

  92. Jen,
    Thanks for the update but I still stand by YOU and your decision!

  93. @BunnyMasseuse

    I did! I updated my post with it, glad they are at least doing something now.

  94. @Anonymous

    Have you even read my post, or the comments? Let me tell you again...I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CREDIT, that is not now, nor was it EVER about that. This is about the fact that there was a problem and it was not disclosed. period.

    I will not continue to defend myself to people who are too afraid to comment on their real name.

  95. Anonymous, not longer supporting a brand/comapny can mean many things including pulling off all posts about them that supports them. Is that not plain and simple?

    It's disclosed that we've reviewed products for them before but are pulling them. The reason is clear as to why also. So what's the problem? Jen has also stated she love the products and the program but will no longer support them. What's not to understand with that?

  96. Unfortunately I think they rolled out that program before they were truly read to do so. However, when I have had problems with their items [ie, receiving a broken product, or the entirely wrong Maven Box], they have been nothing but kind about it and quick to replace the item.
    Personally I am satisfied with them, but I can totally understand why others would not be. They probably should have gotten all their ducks in a row before releasing this program because clearly they still have/had some massive kinks to work out in how they run things.

  97. @Melissa

    Melissa, I totally agree that I think they had no clue what to expect when starting up this program and were not ready at all. I feel like someone up there was asleep at the wheel and they were taking the issue nonchalantly, figuring it was no big deal since they were working on it and that was enough. When they heard from everyone and realized that it wasn't enough, that seemed to light a fire under their bottoms and now they have woken up!! I too got the wrong box, and they were very helpful, friendly and apologetic and sent me the correct products. I also think that their website issues are half the problem too- they really need to work all the bugs out. It took me forever to figure out how to sign in (which many people have complained about too). For me, I am willing to give them a "second chance" and I am happy that they sent out the emails to everyone letting them know what was up. Hopefully they learn from this HUGE mistake and will become more excellent because of it.

  98. I think a lot of you guys are being really harsh with your judgements on this company. We have to remember, they are small, just starting out, the glitch was only known of for 2 weeks...and their business I'm sure, can't dedicate all of their working resources to fixing this IT problem, they are small and independent. I will still happily be a member of this program. I think these people care and are doing good things for lots of people.

  99. @Maribeth (Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite!) So true! I thought that it was great that they sent out the email and admitted fault to it, and offered to give everyone a free october box. To me that is extremely generous, since most other companies would have just been like "Oh here's a 10% discount!" or whatever. Their website desperately needs to be re-done. It's extremely hard to navigate and the account info section is just odd. Hopefully they get a hint and hire someone to fix it all for them.

  100. @Jackytheripper

    I do understand your opinion but being small and independent doesn't excuse the fact that the did not disclose the problem for nearly 2 weeks. My feeling (no matter the size of the company) is that a problem like that should be disclosed immediately especially because in order for people to receive credit they needed to make a new referral link. Julep was letting people pass around links they knew were broken for 2 weeks.

    I'm very happy with how they have decided to handle the issue now. Hopefully they can get back on their feet and this won't happen again, or if it does it will be handled faster...not two weeks later.

  101. Hi Jen and everybody!

    Just wanted to recount my personal experience with the Julep Maven program. I signed up in mid-August and have now received both and August and September box. For my August box I was sent the wrong colors of polish. I called during the business hours and spoke to a very nice girl who said they were aware that some people had the wrong colors. They sent me the correct colors and said I could keep the originals. I was very pleased with the customer service I got (fixed problem immediately, courteous and kind treatment).

    Then I did not recieve the email notifying you what would be coming up in your next box (you have until the 25th to say yes/no/cancel, whatever). So I called again and spoke to another girl who was also very polite to me. She sent me the email, which I received in about 2 hours after the call. My second box arrived on the 2nd of September.

    In those two experiences, though they started out as problems, I though that the CS people did a very good job correcting things for me.

    That all being said, it was very dissapointing to learn that they were sitting on this referral link problem without letting people know. I was seriously doubting the company and was very dissapointed at the way they handled everything.

    We should have been notified that the links were bad as soon as they figured it out. They shouldn't have waited so long (I think it was two weeks or so?) to notify people. I do think that they need to come up with a better solution for the people who should have gotten referrals (I am not one of those people, having not sent my link to anyone yet).

    I do think that sending the October box for free (to customers who choose to stay with the program) is a good start to correcting the series of bad decisions they made. I am going to give them another chance.

    I think however that if I had not had those other interactions with the CS already that this would have been the end of my customer relationship with them. I can certainly see why other people have turned their backs.

    Thought you guys might benefit from my experiences too, for what it's worth.

  102. I wish I read this a long time ago! I ordered a subscription a month ago and my box was lost in the mail. there customer service was the worst. She was rude and not helpful. 

  103. :( I'm sorry Leanne. I hope you got it all straightened out with them. Supposedly they are better if you call but I've heard not so good things about that also so I guess it's kind of a crapshoot

  104. I was going to sign up for Julep, but I will not. I do not operate in that fashion, and I hate to give business to those who do. It is unprofessional and anytime the word GLITCH is even mentioned, it turns me away from that company. Thanks for your honesty

  105. Seriously? Did you even read my post?!?

    Posting referral links is also extremely rude.

  106. Please read my latest blog post.
    I too have had some aweful service from julep!

  107. How are they being harsh ?
    A lot of people , myself included have been scammed here.
    We are just sharing our personal experiences.

  108. yeah, tell 'em!

  109. Before I begin the main point of my comment, I want to let you and your readers know that I do follow your blog, love reading your posts, and I do respect your views.

    I just wanted to share here with you, your readers, and any others who stumble across this post about my experience with the Julep Maven program.  This blog post was the first non-Julep website that showed up when I researched the program before joining.  I hope that my comment can provide some more recent insight on the company's customer service for those who Google the program and are led to this blog.
    At first, this post almost stopped me from joining this program, but I was really curious.  The PENNY promotion really got me (and provided some procrastination time away from studying)!  I was really happy with the first package that I received.  It was perfect!  I loved all the colors and I received the box pretty quickly (I'm in Los Angeles).

    My experience with the second box was not as perfect.  It took longer to reach me, but then I realized I forgot to change my address since I moved out of my campus apartment.  I emailed Julep about the change in address and the next day I received a response and confirmation from them of another Julep Maven package being sent to my new address!  This less than perfect experience was my fault since I forgot to change the address, but their response time and customer service was very quick.  I was really happy and surprised it resolved so quickly, especially with all the horror stories here.

    When I received my third box, one of the brushes was really messed up.  Disappointed, I took a photo of it and sent it to Julep, asking them to send me a new brush.  Again, they sent a quick email and confirmation back to me and within a week, I received 2 new brushes!  And with my fourth box, I think Julep sent two extra brushes in all the boxes.All in all, my experience with Julep Maven has been positive with quick response rate and turnaround time with customer service.  I do not think they purposefully attempted to scam anyone and that the glitch was an honest mistake.  The important thing is that now, during the last 3-4 months, Julep has improved and grown professionally as company and has been giving great experiences to my friends and myself with great products and service.

  110. Juelp is still not a company that I would give my money too for various other reasons (like stealing photos from fellow bloggers and removing their watermarks)

    However, I'm glad you are happy with them and have had a positive experience.

  111. i think it's a rip off to charge 14 bucks for a half sized polish. some of the colors are generic and don't appeal to my skin tone. the 2 polishes and extra item for 20 is "cheap," but i rather get full sized products and choose ones i like, chinaglaze neon, illamasqua, butter london. my first penny intro box came with a sheer polish (i hate those if they are creme finish) and a purple that didn't interest me. my july box was okay, but nothing special, and the extra 4th of july polish, i don't know how i can work with it. its just a red and blue glitter polish that looks tacky and cheap to me. better buying 3 china glaze polishes (summer neons 2012) on ebay that come w/ free shipping and under 17 bucks(5.49, .5 oz, free shipping)! i don't think your missing out. all the polishes, truthfully, dont even look unique. you can definitely find a dupe. after my intro box, skipping the month, and receiving my july, i cancelled. really, a full size julep polish (.27 oz) is 14 bucks, that's quite shady.

  112. I feel like I need to throw in my two cents - personally, I've been blown away by the customer service I've received from Julep. I signed up for my penny box, and sent a message two weeks later asking how long it would take to reach me. They estimated it should show up soon, but sent out a second (free) intro box just in case something had happened to the first! Both boxes arrived, and when I contacted customer service to ask if they wanted me to do anything with the second box, they were adamant that I keep them.

    And then, in my next month's box, I got a voucher for a free polish along with a lovely note apologizing once more for the confusion regarding their shipping times.
    I love their polishes, and I feel like the company is doing a great job. Until I have a negative experience with them, I'm behind Julep all the way!

  113. can someone please tell me how to unsubscribe from julep permanently so they stop taking money from my credit card!?

  114. you probably need to call them to cancel, that's what I've heard other people have had to do

  115. I wasn't very impressed with the customer service I received from them. My box shipped to my university, who promised to forward all my mail to my home address while I was away for them summer. They did that for most of my mail, but sent the Julep box back to the company. I did not realize this and I canceled my subscription a few weeks later because of financial reasons. I received a refund of $15 and questioned them about it. They told me it was for the box that got returned and they charged a $5 shipping fee. I explained to them my situation but they wouldn't do anything about it. I know it's my fault for not making sure I had the right address, but I trusted my univeristy to forward it to me so I wasn't worried. Except it wasn't my fault that the people in the school mailroom made a mistake. Julep said they couldn't send me another box or give any compensation because my account wasn't active at the time I e-mailed them, even though I specifically placed the order a month ago. I'm just disappointed because I know if this happened with Birchbox, they would have sent me another box right away or given me a month for free. After reading some the other comments here of how other girls experienced great customer service, I'm extremely unimpressed at how they handled my situation. I just wish Julep would have done SOMETHING to help me.


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