September 26, 2011

Tony Moly GT02 Earth

Good Morning! Hope you all had a good weekend! I have to ask, is anyone planning on watching Terra Nova tonight? I'm interested in it since it basically looks like Jurassic Park the TV show, I'm hoping it will have epic bad special effects like movies of the syfy channel have. Hopefully it isn't as awful as I imagine it will be, or maybe I hope it is because that would be very entertaining.

Today I have for you guys an awesome glitter from a brand called Tony Moly. I first heard about these when Steffels posted swatches of them. I went back and forth about buying them then my lovely enablers friends on twitter convinced me that I needed them. Today's polish is called Earth (GT02), it's part of the Galaxy GT Line which has 4 other glitters that are just as gorgeous. This brand is from South Korea, I have no idea if it's Big 3 free, judging by the smell my guess is probably not.

Earth is blue, silver and pink glitter in a smoky blue/grey/blackened base. I layered this over black in my photos below, I was worried it wouldn't be opaque. Surprisingly it was pretty opaque and you can barely see the black base in person. It seems to be coming out a little more in my photos. Formula wise it was good, it went on smooth and easy! It dried with a little bit of texture and it unfortunately eats top coat...but seriously, who cares. It can eat all the top coat it wants, it's gorgeous! My pictures do not do this justice! I used 2 coats of Earth over black for the photos below. All photos are in different shady spots around my house....this was so sparkly my camera couldn't handle it in the sun.

I bought this polish on ebay from a seller named hsckoreanimports, the actual listing for the Galaxy polishes can be found here (hopefully that link works!). These are shipped from South Korea so they might take a bit of time to reach you, it was just over a week for me which I thought was ridiculously quick considering where they were shipped from! These are pretty affordable IMO, $9.99 each (sometimes on sale for $8.99) and shipping is free!


  1. Girl, this is GORGEOUS. Ugh, awesome!!! I love it.

  2. I ordered Jupiter a few days ago :)

    I just love the color *.* Theyre so gorgeous <3

  3. I bought Earth and Jupiter and they are amazing glitters!!! Amazing!!! However, both had bad chipping within 24 hours, I was totally sad......

  4. @Rochelle

    That's too bad they chipped on you :(. I've had Earth on for almost 2 days and I don't even have tip wear yet!

  5. This is really pretty! I had never heard of this brand before.

  6. Ooohh...FAB color! I stumbled and am now following you on GFC :)

  7. I love all the different colored glitter, it's beautiful!! :)

  8. Love your new blog design!! And that color is amazing!

  9. aww i wish that pictures could translate its true sparkle!

  10. Pretty!

    I have Terra Nova on DVR because my 9yr old is DYING to see it (ok. so am I lol). It does look pretty awesome though. And I still love Jurassic Park....we'll see. Chances are with it on the same night as House I will wind up watching it.


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