October 31, 2011

Happy Holloween with festively named Duri polishes!

Good morning, Happy Halloween!! Kinda sucks that Halloween is on a Monday this year, it's so much more fun when it falls during the weekend! Anyone doing anything fun tonight to celebrate? We used to hand out candy at my house but there seems to be no kids in my neighborhood anymore, it's weird. When I was a kid there were probably a hundred of us walking around and trick or treating....now people are lucky to get 5 or 6 knocking on the door!

Today to celebrate Halloween I have some appropriately named Duri polishes to show you guys. Duri is a brand I love but don't own too many of, it's hard to find in actual stores around here. The only store I know of that carries the brand is like an hour and a half away. Maybe I'm weird but I much prefer buying stuff in person as opposed to online. Anyway, I love their polish...I'm always surprised that I don't see more swatches of their polishes on blogs! Click the read more button below the picture for a bunch of pictures and reviews of each shade!

October 28, 2011

Nicole by OPI Canadian Star

Good morning, TGIF! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? Maybe you're going to fun Halloween parties or something? I'm not doing much, a friend was trying to talk me into going to Knotts Scary Farm. If you aren't from So Cal and have no idea what that is, it's a theme park that they make all scary for Halloween with mazes and scary things etc. Anyway, I probably won't be going to that. I went with my cousin to something similar at The Queen Mary a few years ago and a bunch of those "monsters" all scared the freaking hell out of me like 4 times in a row, it's pretty much scarred me for life lol.

Today I have a gorgeous polish to show you guys! I got this from my awesome friend Kirsten from Glitta Gloves (you should follow her if you don't already!!).  This wonderful polish is called Canadian Star, it's from Nicole by OPI and it was part of the Justin Bieber Collection exclusive to Canada. If you want this I suggest you befriend a Canadian, unless of course you live there...then you just need to find it! Canadian Star is a really gorgeous blue/pink/purple duochrome. It's similar to Sally Hansen HD DVD, maybe just a touch darker. Formula wise, if you have this I would suggest layering it over something. I needed five coats for the photos below and in person I could still see some bald spots. Other than that, no complaints. I think the awesome color makes up for the not so awesome sheer formula!



October 27, 2011

GingerKittyDesigns Nail Polish Jewelry!

Hey guys! I wanted to show you some gorgeous jewelry I recently got from Tracey at Ginger Kitty Designs! I've shown Tracey's work a lot, I really love what she's doing! If you have never heard of her you are in for a treat!

Tracey makes jewelry out of nail polish! It's a great way to be able to wear the polishes you love more often, or an even better way to have a little bit of a rare very hard to find polish in a gorgeous necklace or ring. Everything Tracey does is completely customizable, down to what polishes you want, the setting you want them in etc... She has a whole list of polishes to choose from or you can even loan her your own polish to use if she doesn't have it. I've gotten a ton of pieces from Tracey and I always get a lot of compliments on them. If you want to see everything I've previously posted click here!

I've put the big pictures of the jewelry I'm showing you today under a cut, click the read more button below to see them!

Piggy Polish Teal It Like It Is

Good morning! Today I have more glitter for you guys! I posted a bottle picture of this beauty on my Facebook and you all really loved it so I'm excited to finally post swatch photos of it!

Piggy Polish Teal It Like It Is is a mix of small teal glitter and bright teal hex glitter. I don't normally even look at Piggy Polish when I'm browsing around Ulta but I saw a display on a bottom shelf with lots of sparkly things in it and had to check it out. If this is what Piggy Polish is doing then whoa...I have been missing out!! I think this might have a dupe in that new Wet n Wild collection that has been popping up at Walgreens but I'm not 100% sure about that. Formula wise it was good, a little thick but the glitter is dense so that's why. I only needed 2 coats for full coverage!



I picked this up at Ulta, if you like it get it while you can. The display was pretty picked over when I found it and it doesn't look like you can get it on Ulta's website.

October 26, 2011

Nails Inc The Old Vic Collection Swatches!

Good morning! Right now I would probably talk about how fantastical the Bayside/Saves The Day show was last night but I'm writing this before I go to it haha! I found out that Bayside (who I'm mostly going to see) doesn't go on until 10:25pm and I know I'll be waaaaaaay to tired to write a post when I get home. So I'm writing this and scheduling it ahead. I love concerts but when the bands I like don't even go on until that late Grandma Jen starts getting sad about getting up for work at 7am the next day lol!

Anyway, today I have the Old Vic Collection from Nails Inc for you! About a week ago this duo along with 2 others were added to the Sephora website. I hear over in the UK the duo's have a Gossip Girl theme, maybe someone can confirm that for me? I decided to get the Old Vic duo because it has blue flakies, I love blue flakies! Each duo comes with a base polish and a flakie top coat, this one has Black Taxi which is a basic black creme...I didn't take photos of it! I enjoyed the formula of Black Taxi, it was a two coater and dried super shiny! The flakie is called The Old Vic, it is packed with bright blue flakies that have a little bit of a purple duochrome. My camera totally failed at capturing the purple but I promise it's there! I have 1 coat of The Old Vic over Black Taxi for the photos below!



I have some good news here (or maybe some bad news?) This flakie is pretty much an exact dupe of Inglot 204. The only little difference is that the flakies in the Inglot polish seem a little more dense...nothing you couldn't achieve by putting on two coats of The Old Vic. Price wise, I do think the Nails Inc set is a better deal...you get more for your money. The Inglot polish retails for $10 and the bottle is tiny (8ml, for comparison sake a full size China Glaze is 14ml). The Nails Inc Duo retails for $20 and both the flakie and the base polish are a bit bigger (10 ml)

You can pick up the Nails Inc Old Vic Collection on Sephora's website here. It looks like their description is a little messed up for the Old Vic duo...I didn't notice it until I was reading it for this post!

October 25, 2011

China Glaze Eye Candy Collection Swatches!

Good morning! I'm so excited for today! I'm going to see two of my favorite bands live tonight...Bayside and Saves The Day! I've seen both bands live more times than I can count but it never stops being fun...I'm such a concert junkie. Nail polish and music...those are my two drugs lol!

I'm also excited because I have the China Glaze Eye Candy Collection for you today! When I saw these at Cosmoprof I think my heart skipped a beat... I love a good glitter and these looked like they were amazing! What I really love about this is the Marilyn Monroe theme and of course that China Glaze brought back the silver caps for this collection! I found this the other day by accident, I was going to my usual set of supply stores looking for Essie Luxeffects. There is one store that will just randomly have polishes from the China Glaze OMG Collection so I always check the silver capped polishes to see what they are. I think I literally screamed a little when I noticed what these were. They were all just mixed into the display that this place has all their core colors in! I think the lady at the counter thought I was nuts...not gonna lie, I am...most people just don't usually witness that!

Enough of my rambling...I have a ton of pictures for you guys after the jump!

Click the Read More button below for more pictures and reviews of each shade!

October 24, 2011

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Collection Swatches!

Hi guys! Happy Monday! Today I have a mega post for you, it's probably one of the most picture heavy posts I've done! The reason why is that I have the whole Kardashian Collection from Nicole by OPI for you! This collection is a pretty large one consisting of 14 new shades, it's a mixed bag of cremes, shimmers and glitters. Color wise it's all over the place, so there is a little something for everyone!

For a ton of pictures and reviews of each shade click the Read More button below!

October 22, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Hi guys! Late post today, I slept in until 10am...it was so nice! Today I have for you guys Royal Cloak from Revlon. They just recently put this out, I saw it a couple times and passed on it. Then I saw swatches and whoa! Sometimes it's hard to tell how great a Revlon polish is because I can't get past the horribly ugly 80's bottle haha!

Royal Cloak is a dark kind of dusty purple with silver shimmer and flakes. I want to call the flakes glitter but they really don't sparkle or anything, they just give some depth to the polish. I really like this, for someone who owns a lot of purple I know I don't have anything like this and that's rare. The formula was okay, Revlon and I have a love/hate relationship. It was a bit thin and streaky on the first coat but the color is dark enough that the 2nd coat made it perfect!

I picked this up at Ulta. I have also seen the display for it at Walgreens and a couple other drugstores!

October 21, 2011

Halloween Mani: Candy Corn with a twist!

Happy Friday! Last night I went and bought Degen his Halloween costume...this year he is going to be a football player, lol! He didn't seem to hate me too much when I put it on him, I think the fact that I bribed with with a squeaky stuffed eyeball helped too though.

Today I have a little Halloween-ish mani that I did the other night. Not sure if this is what I'll end up wearing on Halloween or not. I have a few other ideas I want to test out! I decided to try my hand at Candy Corn nails, they are SO cute and easy! I've seen them done a bazillion times on blogs and youtube but I've never tried them myself. I fudged a couple of the lines between the orange and the yellow, but I think in real life I'm the only one who would notice that! The candy corn nails are pretty bright and in your face so I decided to do a fun dotted accent nail to break it up a little. Wouldn't you know, the accent nail ended up being my favorite part. I kind of love dotted mani's, it's a good way to uses polishes that I forget I love! I do them quite a bit and never post them, maybe I should though! The polishes I used for this are OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Need Sunglasses, OPI In My Back Pocket!

Are you guys planning any fun mani's for Halloween? I'd love to hear about them!

Degen blinking while wearing his halloween costume from a few years ago thanks you for you time!

He was a sailor this year, there was a cute hat but he refused to wear it!

October 20, 2011

Misa Grey Matters & Phazers on Stunning

Morning! Hope everyone had a good night! I went and had the most unhealthy yet yummy food for dinner last night! The fairgrounds near me has started doing a food truck night every Wednesday so I headed over there with my Dad. I think I might have mentioned it before...we went a couple weeks ago and got yummy cupckaes off a cupcake truck! It's pretty cool, there was a ton of people there last night and bunch of different food trucks. You might even recognize a couple if you watch the Food Network...The Lime Truck and Seabirds were there! Not surprisingly the line at The Lime Truck was the longest...I need to try their food one day! There was also a waffle truck called waffle-icious....with a name like that I had to eat there! I got a grilled cheese & bacon waffle sandwich...it was so yummy-licious haha!

Today I have a couple polishes from Misa's Surreal Escape collection for Winter 2011. Overall the collection didn't wow me in the swatches I've seen so I only ended up buying the 2 I'm showing you today.

First up is Grey Matter, it's a light silvery grey with black specks. I would call the black shimmer except it doesn't really sparkle...it's a very flat flecked kind of look. I've never seen anything quite like it, at least not that I can recall. I love that this is such a subtle but awesome twist on a classic grey shade. The formula was just okay, a bit on the thick side and difficult to manage. It kept wanting to look goopy...if you get this take your time applying it. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Phazers on Stunning is a gren/red/brown duochrome with little bits of silver glitter mixed in. I had high hopes for this, I loved it in Scrangie's swatches. On me, I kind of hate it :(. Me disliking a duochrome is a very very rare thing. I like it a bit better over black but I'm still not really feeling this one, unfortunately. This went on pretty sheer, most duochromes are like that so I wasn't surprised. For the index, ring and pinky finger I used 3 coats of Phazers On Stunning alone. On my middle finger I used 1 coat over OPI Black Onyx.

If you like grey you need Grey Matter, you will probably also like Spaced Out...it's very similar just a different tone of grey. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying that one next time I order from an etailer that sells Misa!

I bought these polishes on NailSupplies.us, you can also find them on http://head2toebeauty.com/!

October 19, 2011

CND The Plum Truffle Collection Swatches!

Happy Wednesday! Hope you are all having a great day so far, I sure am! I am completely on cloud 9 right now! I found out last night that my little piece of the internet was mentioned in Instyle Magazine!! WHAT! That's nuts, as if it wasn't cool enough the issue has Gwen Stefani on the cover...for anyone who knows me you know what a giant No Doubt fan I am. I have 2 tattoos to prove it lol! Big huge thank you to Cindy for letting me know about the mention and sending me a picture! Also a big thank you to Instyle, I really can't believe a magazine as wonderful as Instyle would be talking about me! I've put the photo Cindy sent to me at the bottom of the post if you want to see! As soon as this issue is on news stands I will be buying like 15 copies!

Today I am equally excited to show you a gorgeous new duo from CND, The Plum Truffle Collection! I think this might be for Holiday...but I can't find much info about it. The set contains two new polishes, a colour and an effect!

The colour of the duo is Plum Truffle, it's a rich plummy wine creme. This is like my perfect berry color, not too red toned and not too purple toned...just perfect! The formula was outstanding...as I expected! This was almost a one coater for me, there were some bald spots so I ended up using 2 coats for full opacity. Both photos below are in the sun.

Plum Truffle Sparkle is the companion effect in the set. It's small salmon pink glitter in a clear base. The shade of pink reminds me of Deborah Lippmann's Some Enchanted Evening, I don't think they actually are the same shade but it was the first thing I thought of when I saw it! I'm really loving how this looks over Plum Truffle, it's very dainty looking. It adds just enough sparkle to be noticed but it's not in your face and overpowering. My favorite thing abut this is that it dried very smooth and glossy, I didn't use a top coat when I took the photos below and you can see how shiny it is! I used 1 coat of Plum Truffle Sparkle over Plum Truffle for the photos below, the first is in the sun and the second is in the shade.

This duo is available now, I bought mine on nailsupplies.us. It looks like it's out of stock right now (figures). If you have a store that sells CND polishes near you, you might be able to find this there! Hopefully it will be back on nailsupplies.us soon!

And here is my mention in Instyle, I still can't believe it! Another BIG thank you to Cindy for letting me know and sending me a photo! Cindy also has a beauty blog, http://hellodollface.com/...you should check it out because she is awesome :)

Have a great day everyone!

October 18, 2011

Finger Paints Merry & Bright Collection Preview

Hi guys, this just landed in my inbox and I wanted to share it with you! How awesome does Drummer Boy look?!? I think Comet's Collar is calling my name also! These will be available in Sally Beauty Stores and on their website in November!

From Left to right: Frosty Night, Winter Sky, Yule be Merry, Comet's Collar, Santa Kisses, Drummer Boy.

Click the read more button for individual bottle pictures!

Cult Nails In A Trance

Good morning!! Today I have In A Trance from Cult Nails for you guys! In A Trance is part of the Hypnotic Collection for Fall! This has been sitting in my "need to swatch" bin for about 2 months, I can't believe I let it sit there. You all know what a green fangirl I am, this one is one of the prettiest I own!

In A Trance is a murky olive green packed with a ton of orangey/red, green and yellow shimmer. The shimmer is very rasta-licious lol! I can't even believe this polish, it's just....wow. It didn't scream to me in the bottle but as soon as I put it on and stepped out side it was definitely calling my name. The formula was great, 2 fabulous coats for full opacity.

Shade...sorry about that hair on my pinky nail. I didn't see it until I was editing pictures :(

Close Up!

In A Trance is available on CultNails.com and OverallBeauty.com, each polish retails for $10!

October 17, 2011

Nicole by OPI Holiday Glitters Swatches!

Good morning, happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, mine was fun! I ended up going to see a band called The Sounds last night. I love them, Maja (their singer) is so badass haha! Today I have for you guys the 4 gorgeous glitters Nicole by OPI is putting out of the Holidays! They are stunning! Click the read more button below for a ton of pictures of these beauties!

October 15, 2011

Curtsy & Bow Shell We Dance

Hi guys, hope you're all having a good Saturday so far! Today I have a new brand called Curtsy & Bow to show you. Curtsy & Bow launched this summer with their first collection, The Yacht Club Collection. You can read a bit of background about the brand here. I really love Melissa Huynh's story, she is their Creative Director...I feel like I can relate to her!

The polish I have to show you today is called Shell We Dance, it's a soft peach. This was pastel but bright at the same time. I don't own very many polishes this shade, I love them but it doesn't seem like companies make peach. I wonder why! I wore this for a few days and got a ton of compliments on it! I was actually surprised how many people commented on this, usually people don't notice my nails unless I have some kind of crazy nail art going on, but I got more compliments on this than I ever have! The formula was okay, I had some issues with it being a bit streaky but it leveled really nicely. It was a bit thick but it wasn't hard to work with. Before I put a top coat on this it looked a little chalky...I think that's just a problem some pastel types of polishes have, it was fantastic after a layer of top coat though! I used 2 coats for the photos below. I can't wait to wear this again, I know it doesn't really go with Fall/Winter but who cares....I don't play by stupid seasonal color rules anyway!


I apologize for the lack of the cute bottle in my photos, I took a bunch of pictures holding it but I didn't love they way they turned out :(

Edited to add: Curtsy & Bow has a coupon code for $5 off your online order on their website. The code is CB9024, it expires 11/31/11!

The Yacht Club Collection is available on the Curtsy & Bow official website, each polish retails for $15.  I think the price is a bit steep, the shades are gorgeous but I feel like I might be able to find them from another brand for a lot cheaper. Overall, I adore Shell We Dance...just not sure I would pay $15 for it.

October 14, 2011

Essie Winter 2011 Cocktail Bling Collection Swatches!

Happy Friday!! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? My only plans are further organizing nail polish...fun!

Today I have for you guys Essie's Cocktail Bling Collection for Winter 2011. This is just half of what they are putting out. I am personally more excited for their Luxeffects but these are gorgeous also! All 6 polishes in this collection are cremes and perfect for winter!

For more pictures and reviews of each shade click the Read More button below!

October 13, 2011

Tony Moly GT01 Mercury

Good Morning! Today I have another of the Tony Moly glitters from the Galaxy Collection for you! After this I only have one left :( I'm kind of sad that there aren't more glitters like this from them, they are awesome!

This one is called GT01 aka Mercury. It's packed full of small square glitter, it's a nice mix of colors but the most prominent are silver, red and light blue. I don't like this one as much as the ones with the bigger hex glitter but I still love it! These are so interesting in person. I don't get why the "big" polish companies aren't putting out glitters like this, they'd make a fortune! The formula on this was a lot like the other Tony Moly's I've posted...thick but easy to work with. The coverage is really great on this one, you could probably get it opaque on it's own in 2 or 3 coats (what a nightmare to remove though lol). You are going to need to use a couple coats of top coat on this one, it dried with texture and ate top coat but it's worth the effort! I used 1 coat of GT01 Mercury over black for the photos below!



Up Close in the Shade

I bought this polish on ebay from a seller named hsckoreanimports, the actual listing for the Galaxy polishes can be found here (hopefully that link works!). These are shipped from South Korea so they might take a bit of time to reach you, it was just over a week for me which I thought was ridiculously quick considering where they were shipped from! Each polish is $9.99 on ebay (sometimes on sale for $8.99) and shipping is free! I think it's a pretty awesome deal!

October 12, 2011

Check out my Polish Stash!

Hi!! Quick post for tonight, a lot of people have been requesting to see my polish stash lately. I just moved it over into another room a few days ago so I thought what better time than now to make a little video to show you guys my collection! Now you all can know what a hoarder I am!

Degen is all up in it too, he is such an attention whore.


CND The Look Fall/Winter 2011 Swatches!

Happy Wednesday! Today I have CND's The Look for Fall/Winter 2011 set for you guys. I always love these sets, I especially love this one. This set from CND gives us 2 new gorgeous creme polishes along with a great gold flake effect!

For more pictures and reviews of each shade please click the read more button below!

October 11, 2011

Tony Moly GT03 Mars

Good morning! Today I have for you guys another one of the fabulous Tony Moly glitters from their Galaxy Collection! This one is number GT03, which is also called Mars. It is packed with small brown and amber colored glitter and little bits of orange glitter. I really love this polish, I'm a huge fan of brown polish so brown glitter polish kind of blows my mind. I definitely don't own anything similar to this! Much like the other Tony Moly's I've posted it was pretty opaque. The polish was a bit on the thick side but it wasn't hard to use. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but these glitters eat top coat like crazy! I used 2 coats over this one and still had a little texture. That usually bugs me but this is so gorgeous I don't care very much...I thought you guys might care though! I used 1 thick coat of GT03 Mars over Nubar Edgy Umber for the photos below.


Close Up!
I bought this polish on ebay from a seller named hsckoreanimports, the actual listing for the Galaxy polishes can be found here (hopefully that link works!). These are shipped from South Korea so they might take a bit of time to reach you, it was just over a week for me which I thought was ridiculously quick considering where they were shipped from! Each polish is $9.99 on ebay (sometimes on sale for $8.99) and shipping is free! I think it's a pretty awesome deal!

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