October 15, 2011

Curtsy & Bow Shell We Dance

Hi guys, hope you're all having a good Saturday so far! Today I have a new brand called Curtsy & Bow to show you. Curtsy & Bow launched this summer with their first collection, The Yacht Club Collection. You can read a bit of background about the brand here. I really love Melissa Huynh's story, she is their Creative Director...I feel like I can relate to her!

The polish I have to show you today is called Shell We Dance, it's a soft peach. This was pastel but bright at the same time. I don't own very many polishes this shade, I love them but it doesn't seem like companies make peach. I wonder why! I wore this for a few days and got a ton of compliments on it! I was actually surprised how many people commented on this, usually people don't notice my nails unless I have some kind of crazy nail art going on, but I got more compliments on this than I ever have! The formula was okay, I had some issues with it being a bit streaky but it leveled really nicely. It was a bit thick but it wasn't hard to work with. Before I put a top coat on this it looked a little chalky...I think that's just a problem some pastel types of polishes have, it was fantastic after a layer of top coat though! I used 2 coats for the photos below. I can't wait to wear this again, I know it doesn't really go with Fall/Winter but who cares....I don't play by stupid seasonal color rules anyway!


I apologize for the lack of the cute bottle in my photos, I took a bunch of pictures holding it but I didn't love they way they turned out :(

Edited to add: Curtsy & Bow has a coupon code for $5 off your online order on their website. The code is CB9024, it expires 11/31/11!

The Yacht Club Collection is available on the Curtsy & Bow official website, each polish retails for $15.  I think the price is a bit steep, the shades are gorgeous but I feel like I might be able to find them from another brand for a lot cheaper. Overall, I adore Shell We Dance...just not sure I would pay $15 for it.


  1. This has nothing to doc with this post, and you probably already know, But just in case you didn't... Pop Tastic Color is using pictures they found on google or facebook, I'm not sure but some are your pics. Here's the link in case hadn't seen yet 


  2. LOVE this color! Will have to look into this brand. Thanks for letting me know about it. ; )

  3. Love the pics. $15 does seem a bit expensive for a peach cream polish.

  4. a few people have told me, thank you! So annoying when people steal photos and give no credit!

  5. Is this color similar to China Glaze Peachy Keen?

  6. This is such a cute colour! Reminds me of peachy keen by china glaze! That sucks about people stealing your photos! Hope you get it sorted and that they credit you for it xxx

  7. I'm not sure how they compare, I don't own Peachy Keen. Sorry :(

  8. I do so love this color! But.... not $15 worth of love... with a cream polish, I'm sure somebody else will come out with a dupe sooner or later...

  9. That is a pretty colour but I don't know that it is fifteen dollars pretty. I can get China Glaze Peachy Keen for five... :)

    We don't need no stinkin' seasonal colour rules! ;) :D

  10. oh wow i love this on you.  i want.

  11. sweet colour *.*


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