October 27, 2011

GingerKittyDesigns Nail Polish Jewelry!

Hey guys! I wanted to show you some gorgeous jewelry I recently got from Tracey at Ginger Kitty Designs! I've shown Tracey's work a lot, I really love what she's doing! If you have never heard of her you are in for a treat!

Tracey makes jewelry out of nail polish! It's a great way to be able to wear the polishes you love more often, or an even better way to have a little bit of a rare very hard to find polish in a gorgeous necklace or ring. Everything Tracey does is completely customizable, down to what polishes you want, the setting you want them in etc... She has a whole list of polishes to choose from or you can even loan her your own polish to use if she doesn't have it. I've gotten a ton of pieces from Tracey and I always get a lot of compliments on them. If you want to see everything I've previously posted click here!

I've put the big pictures of the jewelry I'm showing you today under a cut, click the read more button below to see them!

First up is a ring in Tracey's flower setting, this is made with China Glaze DV8. DV8 is probably my favorite of the OMG Collection and I think it actually looks better in this ring than it ever did on my nails haha! For anyone wondering what that is on my nail it's Inglot 204 over Nails Inc Black Taxi.

The next piece is a super cute necklace in the shape of a heart using The Painted Nail OMG Gorgeous! I love this!!


This necklace is made with The Painted Nail H-Bomb and Beware of You...I looooove this combo, I loved it like crazy in this post, now I can wear it all the time! This is why I adore what Tracey does! I really love this setting also, it's a new one for Tracey. It looks very antique!

Last up is a necklace made with Ozotic 528. I've actually had this since around May, for some crazy reason I never posted it! Out of everything I have from Tracey I wear this the most, most people just stare at it...the way the colors flash is just whoa.




Tracey's amazing jewelry is available on her etsy shop, she makes a ton of great stuff. Even an Ozotic 506 ring named after me! You can check out her shop here!
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  1. this is so cool!!! never thought that you could create jewlery from nailpolish!!!

  2. ohh I bet that would be awesome! You could get that combo if you wanted, Tracey can customize whatever you'd like!

  3. I totally agree with you!

  4. these are gorgeous!  Tracey is the best at what she does and is so creative! <3 her!

  5. I love the flower ring - if that had Ozotic 528 in it, that would be perfect!

  6. Pretty! Nailpolish jewlery isn't something for me, but I can understand why some wear it!

  7. They are truly beautiful!

  8. They're soo pretty! I love Tracey, she's so creative! 

  9. Tracey is the best, creative and so sweet!

  10. I love Tracey she is a total sweetie! I love everything she does/has. I gotta tell ya I am in LOVE with the last piece of jewelry you showed there, I have 528. Its probably my fave of the bunch.

  11. Love love love! I reviewed a necklace from workshop760 on Etsy from nail polish....with flakies! I love love love being able to wear my flakies all the time....they're an addiction!

  12. MarciaF (beauty info zone)October 28, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Those are so unusual and so pretty. 

  13. I *love* and *adore* Tracey!!! Her work is just breathtaking. I have an amazing bracelet with Liquid Euphoria and is just.....WOW. I want to get a necklace w/ the Ozotic 528 as well (I looooove that polish, on of my faves). She is just lovely to work with and her work is spectacular and so unique. Which reminds me, now that I have a lightbox I need to properly photograph my bracelet. I have arthritis and she suggested the open cuff bracelet for me--and it's PERFECT. I could rave all day over her :)

    Your jewelry is just lovely--and that is the fun part, having your favorite colors, permanent!

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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