October 31, 2011

Happy Holloween with festively named Duri polishes!

Good morning, Happy Halloween!! Kinda sucks that Halloween is on a Monday this year, it's so much more fun when it falls during the weekend! Anyone doing anything fun tonight to celebrate? We used to hand out candy at my house but there seems to be no kids in my neighborhood anymore, it's weird. When I was a kid there were probably a hundred of us walking around and trick or treating....now people are lucky to get 5 or 6 knocking on the door!

Today to celebrate Halloween I have some appropriately named Duri polishes to show you guys. Duri is a brand I love but don't own too many of, it's hard to find in actual stores around here. The only store I know of that carries the brand is like an hour and a half away. Maybe I'm weird but I much prefer buying stuff in person as opposed to online. Anyway, I love their polish...I'm always surprised that I don't see more swatches of their polishes on blogs! Click the read more button below the picture for a bunch of pictures and reviews of each shade!

Angels and Demons is a smoky grey black base packed with silver shimmer. I love shades like this, this is actually one of my favorite Duri shades. I'm surprised I haven't ever posted a swatch of it! The formula is fantastic, 2 coats for full opacity.


Bedeviled is an eye searing neon orange. This sucker is like day glo, I have no doubt this would glow under a black light! It's not looking as crazy neon in these pictures as it does in real life, neons are a beast to try to photograph. Formula wise it was on the sheer side, most neons are. It built up nicely and looked perfect at 3 coats.

Shade- why the heck does my skin look so blue?!? It's freakin me out!

Bewitched is a soft creamy orange. I love this shade! I'm always looking for oranges like this, they are much more wearable than ones like Bedeviled above. The formula on this was a bit streaky and patchy, I used 3 coats to even everything out.

Devil Wears Duri is a blue shimmer, it has a little bit of a blackened quality to it while still being a nice bright blue. I feel like I have a lot of blues like this but nothing quite this shade. Great formula on this one, I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Ghost is a milky white jelly. Can you believe I don't own any white jelly polishes?!? Honestly, they kind of scare me, I always worry that they will need like a bazillion coats to look decent. Luckily for me, Ghost was not like that at all. It was sheer but it built up really nicely. I used 4 thin coats to get it completely opaque. I am now a white jelly fan, it looks so squishy and awesome.

Wickedly Divine is a shimmery red! In the bottle the shimmer looked gold but the gold didn't translate on to the nail very much. You could see it sparkle through a tiny bit but it wasn't overpowering. The formula on this one was great too, I used 2 coats for the photos below!

Duri is available on their website, each polish retails for $5! Some beauty supply stores carry the brand also, like I mentioned in the beginning of the post they are few and far between, you might be able to email Duri and find out if anyone in your area carries the brand!

I leave you with Degen posing in his squirrel costume. He was going to be a football player, but then I found this and it's way cuter! I can't believe he actually kept the little hat thing on the whole time I was taking pictures...usually he barrel rolls like crazy to get hats off! For anyone wondering....the costume came from Target, they had a ton of cute ones this year!

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  1. Angels and Demons is beautiful! Your dog is looking so cute in his squirrel costume.. ♥

  2. Degan is absolutely adorable!  Happy Hallowe'en to all!

  3. Love all the shades, but Bewitched is so gorgeous!
    Happy Halloween :)

  4. Happy Halloween Jen! Im loving that white jelly polish as well! Might actually make me go buy a white jelly! Degen is looking super cute in his costume!!! :-) Im surprised he kept it on long enought for you to get these photos too! Maybe he was in the Halloween spirit as well!

  5. Squishy squishy squishy. Degen looks so cute, I'm so not used to seeing him when he's not side eying me. Happy Halloween, my love <3

  6. Ahhh look at how CUTE Degen is! Ahahaha! That first pic is all "I know I'm adorable. I'll let you take my photo." :P
    I can't believe you haven't tried Essie Marshmallow yet, haha! It's white and squishy like Ghost, I think it may look a tad less opaque but I usually use it for layering and leave it at 2 coats. I love the names on these!

  7. Yup, white jelly polishes are awesome!  My most searched polish is OPI's Funny Bunny.

    Your dog is too stinking cute in his squirrel costume!

  8. All the polishes look awesome, but Degen takes the cake for me!

  9. Aww Degan is sooo cute!!

  10. Love the Ghost. I have Essie Marshmallow but I still haven't tried it. :(  And Degen is awesome in his costume!! Thanks for sharing pics of him!!

  11. OMG Degen is too freaking cute!!! I really like al the soft cremes.

  12. Love hearing about brands that have escaped me. Some of these swatches I have dups for or semi dups. Wickedly Devine looks to be really close to OPI Meep-Meep-Meep and a few others from older days in OPI Ltd Eds.  Duri looks like a # of China Glaze shades I have. Bewitched looks a little like Essie Tart & Deco. Just some suggestions in case some folks really like some of these shades but find they have no access to this brand. I sure like that $5 price point!

  13. Loving bewitched and ghost - they are officially on my list :o)

  14. Oh lordie that costume is cute!

  15. Your dog pictures made me die. My dog would hate me forever if I put him in something like that! Degen is a cutie!

  16. Degen is so precious!!

  17. Love the polishes, I don't own any, may have to try them.  Love the puppy costume...but you know how I am about our furbabies!

  18. I am now lemming Ghost!  I want to layer it with my glitters... it looks so pretty!  Degan looks so cute in that squirrel costume!  Happy Halloween!  ^_^

  19. They all look really pretty and I love them even more because of their clever names.  PS Degan is my hero.

  20. now that's an orange! i had to put my sunglasses for that one! hahah jkn'! i like em all specially that white jelly one! 

  21. Bewitched looks like Essie Tart Deco! Tart Deco applies extremely well and has that peachy color you're looking for.

  22. I have Tarte Deco and it always looks so chalky on me and it applies like a nightmare, maybe I got a bad bottle or something


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