October 22, 2011

Revlon Royal Cloak

Hi guys! Late post today, I slept in until 10am...it was so nice! Today I have for you guys Royal Cloak from Revlon. They just recently put this out, I saw it a couple times and passed on it. Then I saw swatches and whoa! Sometimes it's hard to tell how great a Revlon polish is because I can't get past the horribly ugly 80's bottle haha!

Royal Cloak is a dark kind of dusty purple with silver shimmer and flakes. I want to call the flakes glitter but they really don't sparkle or anything, they just give some depth to the polish. I really like this, for someone who owns a lot of purple I know I don't have anything like this and that's rare. The formula was okay, Revlon and I have a love/hate relationship. It was a bit thin and streaky on the first coat but the color is dark enough that the 2nd coat made it perfect!

I picked this up at Ulta. I have also seen the display for it at Walgreens and a couple other drugstores! Best Blogger Tips
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  1. Love this shade :)

  2. Beautiful! ♥

  3. Gorgeous! This reminds me a lot of Zoya Neeka. I'm sure they're not dupes, but they seem similar!

  4. These are really closer to flecks, right?  I love the color! And I'm probably in the minority but I'm really fond of the bottle shape.

  5. Gorgeous color. So much depth. I love it:)

  6. Really gorgeous! I agree about often passing on Revlons.... it seems like it is soo hard to tell how pretty the color is going to be in their bottles!

  7. I can't believe this is still in my untrieds! It looks lovely! :)

  8. i am so mad...i saw this too and passed on it!!! Its so pretty!! Now i cant find it anywhere!

  9. Not only would I love to have this polish, but I'd love to have a cloak that was lined in this color. :)

  10. This is really beautiful, need to try Revlon nail polishes :)

    Xo, Christine♥

  11. Very interesting color!

  12. beautiful color!!

  13. This is really pretty! I have it, but haven't worn it yet. I don't think I'll be waiting much longer.

  14. Qual a marca da sua camera fotográfica? As fotos ficam perfeitas!
    Se puder me responder ficarei feliz!


  15. I have a Cannon PowerShot SD1400is :)


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