November 26, 2011

Cult Nails Awakening & Hypnotize Me

Good morning! Today I have a couple more Cult Nails polishes to show you guys! Both of these were part of their Fall Hypnotic Collection. Also, in case you didn't already know Cult Nails is having an awesome sale this weekend (until November 28th!), all the polishes are $7.75 instead of $10....if you have been thinking about trying the brand now is a good time to purchase a couple!

Awakening is a dusty teal jelly...most of the reviews I've seen of this call it a creme but mine really seems like more a jelly. It was sheer and squishy...maybe I just got a weird bottle or it's just walking that creme/jelly line? Who knows, either way I love it! I used 2 coats for the photos below, if I was wearing this on it's own I'd probably do another coat.

Hypnotize Me is blue and green glitter in a very sheer geenish jelly base. I have seen this one on it's own and I wasn't a fan so I knew it would be a layering polish for me. This is absolutely gorgeous, pictures do it no justice. Formula wise it was very thick, I'd imagine that it would be hard to wear this on it's own because of that. It also dried a bit dull and had a tendency to eat top coat so you might need a couple coats! I used 1 coat of Hypnotize Me over Awakening for the photos below.

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  1. Wow that combo really is pretty!  Wish I ordered them!

  2. Looks great! I think I must test that combination someday soon.

  3. What a beautiful combination! I love it.

  4. Hypnotize is very pretty. Added to my wishlist!

  5. A really interesting color!!
    The combo is perfect!

  6. Mmm I have to say that I agree with you, Awakening has a jelly finish IMO. Nice combo with Hypnotize me! :)

  7. These are really pretty ordering tomorrow a few more .lol .. and i know this is a weird question but why do you hold a TC bottle instead of the bottle that you're swatching? nothing wrong but im a lil curious . lol

  8. I don't like holding round bottles (Cult Nails, Models Own, etc...) in swatch photos. I can't find a comfortable way to hold them and still show the polish nicely so I hold a square top coat bottle instead.

  9. MarciaF (beauty info zone)November 26, 2011 at 5:05 PM

    I just got my first Cult Nails - the set with Unicorn Puke - and I'm so excited about these!

  10. Love the glitter <3

  11. I like these colors...a lot. I'm enjoying your blog....I love nail polish but never knew there was so much out there beyond the drugstore and Ulta. I have to do you get your polish looking so neat and uniform around the cuticle?

  12. I have a weakness for teals, but 3 coats? I think I wouldn't use it as a creme then. As a jelly it's quit unique, and probably perfect for sandwich layerings, with some multishaped glitter. I think I'm gonna get it anyway, thanks for the review. If it werent for you pointing out Awakening to be a jelly I probably would have missed it. Or at least missed out on this weekends sale LOL ;-)

  13. LOL That's what I wore for Turkey Day :) Only I used "Unicorn Puke" (ok ok my bottle says Clairvoyant. Still) on my ring fingers. Deborah Lippmann's Hard Rock topcoat worked perfectly. And you're right--Hypnotize me is SO...hypnotic IRL. Ditto for number of coats on Awakening. I still see a little VNL. My first time buying Cult Nails polish--so very pleased!!

    Your nails look awesome ;)

  14. omg at first i was like oh nice then movin down to the other pic OMG how pretty


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