November 11, 2011

Finger Paints Holiday 2011 Merry & Bright Collection Swatches

Happy Friday!! Who else loves today's date? 11/11/11, I can't wait until it's 11:11 on 11/11/11 haha! Today I have the Merry & Bright Collection from Finger Paints to show you guys! I love holiday collections, I think holiday and fall are my favorite nail polish "seasons" it seems like all the really great stuff comes out then. The Merry & Bright Collection brings us 3 gorgeous shimmer and 3 glitters! Click the read more button below for pictures and reviews of each shade!

Comet's Collar is a yellow toned shimmery green. This was my absolute favorite from the promo images,  I don't love it as much as I thought I would but it's definitely my favorite of the collection. Formula wise it was a bit sheer, I needed 3 coats for full opacity.

 Drummer Boy is small medium blue glitter in a clear base. I do really like this but it's not as exciting as I thought it might be. I had problems with the formula, it was really thick. Maybe I got a bad bottle or something? I tried to wear this on it's own but it just wasn't happening with the formula. I ended up putting 1 coat over Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear It For The Boy and I loooooooove this combo! I'm kinda glad I had to layer it!

Frosty Night is small silver glitter in a clear base. Again, a bit let down with this....I feel like I've seen this several times. I had the same formula problems with this one. I used 1 coat of Frosty Night over Deborah Lippmann Dancing In The Sheets for the photos below.

Santa Kisses is small red glitter in a clear base. At least, I think the base is looks like it might have turned my white base polish into a light pink...not sure if that is the glitter bleeding or what. Formula wise, same issues with it being thick however I prefer it layered like this so no biggie. I used 1 coat of Santa Kisses over Duri Ghost for the photos below.

Winter Sky is a gorgeous blue with a subtle silver shimmer. I really love this one, it was almost my favorite. I really like the shimmer is subtle but not don't need direct sunlight to see it. My issue with this it stains...badly. Not only did it stain my nails but it gave me mega smurf fingers, which is the reason it's not my favorite. I need a polish exactly like this that doesn't stain so badly! If you get this double up on the base coat, it might help a bit. I used 2 coats of Winter Sky for the photos below.

Yule Be Merry is a pink toned red with a shimmer that has a bit of a blue flash to it. I didn't think much of this in the bottle but I really love it on. I don't think it's too terrible unique but it's gorgeous either way. I love how this shimmer has a bit of a blue tone to it depending on the lighting. The formula on this one was good, I thought it would be sheer but I ended up only needing 2 coats.

Overall I don't love this collection, I think my hopes were very high because last year Finger Paints put out an amazing Holiday collection. The glitters don't feel very special but if you don't have anything like them they are worth picking up, if you want to wear them on their own I would suggest thinning them out a little bit, they need it. I really like the shimmers, remember to double base coat if you wear Winter Sky! My picks from this collection are Comet's Collar and Winter Sky!

The Merry & Bright Collection is available now at Sally Beauty Supply stores and on

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  1. I just bought CC 2 days ago.  Looking forward to trying it out.  It's a new brand for me.

  2. Jen, I love what you did with the layering here, I think that the glitters probably work best that way! You make them look pretty with your nails but, I have to say, I'm just not feeling this collection at all. Which makes me sad, because I usually go crazy for Finger Paints holiday stuff!

  3. i just bought the blue one! Its so pretty! it sucks it stains though!!! :(

  4. I hear Winter Sky calling my name! Yule By Merry doesn't look very Christmas-y, but oh well.

  5. Meg @ Kitschy SuburbiaNovember 11, 2011 at 7:15 AM

    These are pretty but ENOUGH with the glitter already!!  I'm getting glitter overload like I got crackle overload.  LOL  I picked up the green and the turquoise from this collection and I don't see grabbing any of the others.  Happy Friday!!!

  6. Amber @ Rainbows&SparklesNovember 11, 2011 at 7:42 AM

    Winter Sky stained me terribly too! I love Comet's Collar, it's my new favorite green. I wasn't wowed by the glitters either. :(

  7. I just did winter sky last night and had the same problem with it staining my fingers I feared my nails being stained but I did one coat of formula 2 plus my base coat so hopefully it's not too bad!

  8. ohhh Comet's Collar is so pretty!!! Everything else is kind of meh....

  9. I'm so not impressed with this collection :(

  10. Oooooo Santa Kisses is lovely!

  11. WOW I LOVE your combos with the Lippmann polishes and the glitters.  The pale blue under Drummer Boy is awesome!  I am not impressed by this collection but I love your swatches;)

  12. I just saw these polishes at Sally's today and picked up Yule Be Merry.  But now I'm wishing I picked up Comet's Collar as well.  Guess I'll have to go back ;0).  Thanks for sharing these swatches, they're great!

  13. It totally drives me crazy when a polish stains my nails.  Such a bummer too, because that is a really nice blue.

  14. From reading here and other blogs, I've found I'm not entirely enthused about most collections this winter, this one included. The only exception was China Glaze's. I would have been tempted for Winter Sky, but staining is such a detractor.

  15. What is the best way to remove staining from your nails?

  16. Too bad Winter Sky stains, it is so pretty.

  17. adorei todos! mas os glittes ganharam meu coração HAHA
    lindos swatches ^^
    beijos =*

  18. I wish I had a good answer for you, the thing that works best for me is a soak called Bubble White from Sally Beauty Supply


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