December 31, 2011

Chick Nail Polish All A Twitter

Hi guys! Happy New Years Eve! Just a quick post today, something a little low key that I've been meaning to show you for weeks! There is an awesome brand new brand out called Chick Nail Polish, they are vegan, 3 free etc... I really love everything this company stands for, the names of the polishes are super cute, the bottles are too die for and they send their packages packed in cotton balls which we all can always use!

I have been wanting to post this beauty for over a month, the reason I haven't is because I have a gorgeous matte green called Gavie Green from this brand I wanted to post at the same time but it absolutely refuses to photograph correctly. Talk about frustrating, I don't like to post photos that are not what the color actually looks like :( I still can't get it to photo right but I wanted to at least show you this gorgeous light blue in the meantime!

All A Twitter is a creamy light blue, I didn't compare but I'd bet its a good match to the color of the twitter bird logo (hence the name lol). The formula was pretty awesome, a bit on the thick side but the good kind of thick. It went on nice and opaque and it leveled itself out nicely. It was almost a 1 coater for me which is unusual with a light shade like this! I ended up using 2 coats for the photos below, it dried super shiny on it's own! Also this looks AWESOME with flakies over it, it was the base polish under Shine Of The Times in my Essie Luxeffects post!

I know I mentioned it but seriously, look at that's so cute!

Chick Nail Polish is available on their website here, each polish retails for $9! It looks like they have a sale going on right now, 20% off with the code CHICK20. I don't know when that code ends, but they just posted it on their Facebook & Twitter a couple days ago!

Hope you all have a great New Years Eve, stay safe! See you in 2012 :D

December 30, 2011

Hits Jazz

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans for New Years this weekend? I'm planning on going over to a friends house for the festivities and whatnot haha. I'm mostly looking forward to another long 3 day weekend!

Today I have another gorgeous Hits flakie to show you guys, this one is called Jazz. It is a blue/green flakie in a clear base. It's a pretty good dupe of Finger Paints Flecked which I posted here the other day. Jazz is a bit more dense and the flakies seem a little bigger but color shift wise they are pretty much the same. Man, I am so obsessed with flakies lately...hopefully you guys don't mind lol! If you liked Flecked but don't live in the US or don't have access to a Sally Beauty Supply, Hits Jazz is probably easier for you to get....details on where to buy it are at the bottom of the post!

I used 1 coat of Hits Jazz over OPI Black Onyx

Hits Jazz is available on Llarowe, they are $8 each! Not only is shipping super cheap for the US but Llarowe also ships worldwide (with the exception of Italy)!

December 29, 2011

Glitter Gal 10 to Midnight

Good morning, happy Thursday! Last night I went to the yummy food trucks, I got a sandwich off a truck called Panfiniti then split fries with my Dad from a truck called Spud Runners! It was delicious, I love food trucks. I was talking about this the other day on twitter but I'll say it here too, I wish someone would make an italian food olive garden but on a truck. I love that kind of food but Im too lazy/tired after work to make it haha!

Today's post is a brand new holo from Glitter Gal called 10 to Midnight, it's got a gorgeous linear holo in a charcoal grey base. 10 to Midnight just recently came out and I snapped it up just about as fast as I could. I don't have a dark grey holo and have been waiting for someone to make one! Formula wise it's great, it applies easily over a regular base coat (I used Nubar Foundation) and doesn't bald or have issues being patchy. The holo in this one is nice and strong, better in real life than in photos! I used 2 coats of 10 to Midnight for the photos below!

Glitter Gal is available on a bunch of fantastic etailers in the US/Canada including LlaroweHarlow & Co. and Overall Beauty. You can also buy it from Glitter Gal directly, if you live in another country they have a list of suppliers on their site! The Glitter Gal holos are a bit expensive, around $14 for a 9ml bottle  (which is smaller than something like China Glaze or OPI).

December 28, 2011

Finger Paints Special Effects Collection Swatches!

Goooood Morning! Today's post is my first 2012 collection to show you guys! I can't believe it's almost 2012, I thought we'd for sure have flying cars and robot maids by the Jetsons. I totally had to stop writing this post for like 15 minutes so I could go watch clips of The Jetsons on youtube haha. Anyway, this is my first 2012 collection I've swatched and OMG what a way to start off, flakies galore!!  I'm kind of wondering why flakies are the hot thing all of a sudden, like were they on clearance at the glitter factory or something so everyone is going to put them out now? I hope it keeps up, I'm such a sucker for them...they make everything just a bit better plus all saw my flakie-gasm post right? Amazing! Maybe next magnetic stuff can go on clearance so the wallet friendly brands can make a bazillion of those, that would be great!

I have a ton of photos under the cut, complete with these over something other than black! yay!

December 27, 2011

2011 Favorites!

It's that time of year again, time for my favorites post!! I love this time of year because I love seeing what everyone else picks. It reminds me of polishes I have forgotten about! I can't believe how fast this year flew by! Before I get into all the photos I want to thank you all for reading and commenting on my posts. The blog is my outlet from the craziness of my life/job and it's still crazy to me that anyone cares about my ramblings. This year has been so amazing and a lot of it is due to this blog. Two of the biggest highlights of the entire year are because of the blog, one is being mentioned in InStyle Magazine and the other was going to Vegas and meeting a bunch of awesome bloggers. It makes me feel less weird that there are other people out there who understand my love for polish, and don't judge me for my hobby.

Alright now on to pictures :D. Last year my 2010 Favorites consisted of my favorite polishes that I had gotten and worn that year...not necessarily ones that were released that year. For 2011 I decided to do favorites of polishes that have come out in 2011. I also tried to narrow it down to 20 and that wasn't happening so instead you get my top 32 LOL! The individual photos are after you click the read more button under the collage!

I think that 2011 was a fantastic year for polish, there were a lot of great glitters, really interesting shimmers and of course multichromes/duochromes and holos. It looks like 2012 might be a year of magnetics and flakies judging but what we have heard about being released in the early part of the year...I am SO excited about that!

December 26, 2011

Hits Twist

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a fantastic Christmas! I have today off, woohoo! I love three day weekends, I wish I had them every weekend haha! Today I have a really gorgeous polish to show you guys, it's Hits Twist! Can I just say, there is some seriously awesome nail polish that comes out of Brazil, they rule with flakies, holos and multichromes! I was like :O when I opened a package from Llarowe and this was in there!

Hits Twist is a gorgeous flakie polish, the flakes of glitter shift from green to blue and are in a really pretty royal blue jelly base. I love this polish for a couple reasons, first being that it's one of those polishes that  looks like it's glowing, but mostly because it's opaque on it's own so you don't have to layer it if you don't want to. I actually did layer it on 3 of my nails but I bet you can't tell which nails those are! Formula wise it's thick but easy to work with, I needed 3 coats for it to be opaque on its own.

For those wondering, my index finger is 3 coats of Twist on it's own, the other 3 fingers are 1 coat of Twist over Revlon Royal!

Hits Twist retails for $8 and is available from llarowe! She carries a ton of amazing brands that would otherwise be hard for us to get! If you love flakies like I do make sure you check out the other Hits flakies along with the Ludurana flakies (they look SO awesome!)  I'm planning on going and buying a few as soon as I'm done typing this!

December 24, 2011


Hi guys, hope you're having a good weekend! I hadn't planned on posting this weekend but then I did this mani I was like OMG I need to post this now haha! I went and bought all 5 of the new Finger Paints flakies the other day at Sally Beauty and was swatching them today. As I was putting on Asylum I thought "I wonder what would happened if I layered all these flakies over each other" so, thats exactly what I did. Here we have all 5 Finger Paints flakies (Asylum, Twisted, Flecked, Motley and Flashy) layered over each other over black. It's pretty much amazing...I had to stop swatching for today because I want to keep this on. Most likely this will be my Christmas mani also! As much as I like how this looks in photos it's about 5 bazillion times better in person.

Close Up

December 23, 2011

Christmas Dots!

Good morning guys, happy Friday!! Everyone have big plans for the holiday weekend? I've got a nice 3 day weekend, I can't wait! For the first time in a long time I have no family plans for Christmas, my family sucks this year. I guess it's good, it's less stressful thats for sure!

Today I have my last of the 3 Christmas mani's Kirsten and I challenged ourselves to do! I thought that maybe mani #3 might not happen, I seriously think this was like my 15th attempt at it. I tried every kind of design I could I think of...gingerbread men, wreaths, snowflakes, candy canes etc.... they were all massive fails lol! I still don't love this, I'm not happy with the accent looked a lot better before I started adding colorful dots :( Anyway, here it is I hope you guys like it more than I do!

I used OPI Alpine Snow as my base, the dots are China Glaze Holly-Day, China Glaze Winter Berry, OPI Need Sunglasses, Finger Paints Winter Sky, Nicole by OPI All Kendall-ed Up and Nicole by OPI I'm A Belieber (the name...ugh!), OPI A Taupe The Space Needle and OPI Black Onyx!

Degen and his antlers hope you have a great Christmas (if that's what you celebrate)

December 22, 2011

Incoco 'Tis The Season

Good morning guys! Good news, if you read my post yesterday...I went to the food trucks last night and the line for the Grilled Cheese Truck was short! I had a yummylicious S'mores Melt (which I tweeted a delicious looking picture of if you follow me over there), I also got a Cheesy Mac Melt. It was SO GOOD! It was a good way to end a Wednesday!

Today I have some super cute Incoco holiday nail strips to show you called 'Tis The Season. I gave you a peek at these when I posted the Deck The Halls strips the other day. I was actually planning on trying some nail art like this but then these showed up at my door and I was happy I didn't have to try to do it on my own, I'm 100% sure it wouldn't have look nearly as nice as these do. I got SO many compliments wearing these, even the guy at the Grilled Cheese Truck liked them haha! Wear wise I had them on for 3 days with no chips or tipwear and they were super easy to apply!

The first picture is a little dark, sorry about was the only one that wasn't all glare-y. I included a couple that have a little bit of glare so you can see the sparkle! The glittery background on these was gorgeous! For anyone wondering, the bottle I'm holding is just a Color Club top coat :)

The Holiday Incoco strips are available on Incoco's Website, they retail for $10.99 each (for the holiday ones only, the others vary in price). You can also buy all 4 holiday designs together for $37.99!

December 21, 2011

Color Club Holiday 2011 Beyond The Mistletoe Collection Swatches!

Good morning guys! Happy Wednesday! I am so excited for tonight, the Grilled Cheese Truck is in town tonight...YUM! I'm hoping the line isn't like 3 hours long time it was last time they were here, if it is I don't think i'll wait this time haha!

Today I have a glitter-tastic collection to show you guys, it's the Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe Collection! I have been looking forward to these since I saw them in Color Club's booth at Cosmoprof back in July. They are even better than I remember, they are all gorgeous and absolutely packed with glitter! Pictures and reviews of each shade are after the cut!

December 20, 2011

Nails Inc. Porchester Square

Good morning! Today I have a gorgeous Nails Inc polish to show you guys, Porchester Square is a light greyed out taupe color. I've been wearing this as a nice break from all the crazy shimmers and glitters that I've been trying out lately. Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing crazy polish so I grab for shades like this, they calm me down! The first time I posted a Nails Inc polish I made a comment about how I was disappointed that Sephora (in store) seemed to only be carrying the cremes. Someone commented on that post saying that I should give the Nails Inc creme formula polishes and shot and that they were awesome, I kind of shrugged it off but oh my gosh. That person was SO RIGHT, this polish was fantastic! The formula was top notch, it was nearly opaque in one coat! It was one of those polishes that is a bit thick but in the right way where it goes on smoothly and covers really well. I'm really hoping Santa brings me some Sephora giftcards so I can pick up more of the Nails Inc creme polishes, if they are all like this I will be in love! I used  2 coats of Porchester Square for the photo below!

Also, check out how gorgeous the crystal cap is on this polish in the second picture, Nails Inc has this pretty packaging on a few different shades. I bought a bottle of another shade called Primrose Hill with the crystal cap, the crystals on that one are black and clear-ish (they have a purple iridescent look to them). How cute would these bottles be as a gift, I've bought a couple as stocking stuffer type Christmas gifts for some of my friends....I think they will love them!

Nails Inc is available on and in Sephora stores, the polishes like this with the Crystal Caps retail for $19.50, you can also buy it without the fancy packaging for $9.50!

December 19, 2011

Girly Bits Nail Polish Swatches!

Good morning everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend, mine was good! I can't believe that Christmas is so soon! I finally got around to finishing up my Christmas shopping this weekend, this year is the first time in a few years that I haven't just given people gift cards! Anyway, today I have some awesome polishes to show you guys. If you follow the blog Girly Bits you have definetely heard of these...or maybe you have seen them on other blogs! Pam from Girly Bits just recently launched her own line of polishes, I feel like she has been keeping us all updated on these forever so I was excited to get them and try them out! I really love what Pam is doing, these polishes are seriously gorgeous! I'll have a link to where you can buy them at the bottom of the post!

I have put the majority of this post under a cut, it's worth clicking read more...I promise!!

Shift Happens is multichromatic shimmer that flashes green, yellow, red and orange in a sheer red base. This instantly reminded me of Clarins 230 in the bottle, on the nail it also resembles it! I used 1 coat of Shift Happens over Cult Nails Blackout for the photos below. I got so many compliments on this mani, I really love it! I don't see this one listed on Pam's site to order, as far as I know it is part of an upcoming collection so I guess this is a little preview!  It is absolutely stunning and trust me, you need it when Pam releases it!

December 17, 2011

How To: Spice Up An Understated Mani!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a good weekend so far! I slept in now I'm finishing up Christmas shopping today. I have a fun, easy mani to show you today! I have been wearing a pretty but understated mani for the past couple days, white with flakies over. I decided I wanted to jazz it up a little bit, so I went searching around my nail stuff to see what I could find.

I came across a little jar of iridescent microbeads I got at Michael's a while back, I think they were like $3. I don't even know why I bought them...knowing me probably only because they were pretty. I put a coat of top coat on my ring finger and dipped my nail into the turned out SO pretty! It's still a nice understated mani but a little bit more exciting now! The rest of the fingers are CND Brilliant White with a coat of Essie Shine Of The Times over. This mani look awesome in person, it didn't photograph quite as nice. I did not put a top coat over the beads. I don't think they need it, they stick without I am going to get them all off I have no idea lol!

I apologize in advance for my cuticles in these pictures...the weather lately has been awful for my hands :(

These are the beads I used!

December 16, 2011

A little bit of Cult Nails spam!

Happy Friday! Today I have a few Cult Nails polishes to show you guys, I bought these during their Black Friday sale a little while back! Unfortunately 3 of these are no longer hopefully you don't mind me posting them :) Also, right now Cult Nails is on sale on their website here for $8.50 a bottle, not sure when that ends! For once I'm attempting to actually hold the Cult Nails bottles for these photos, I usually don't like holding round bottles like these because my fingers look weird...but I'm working on finding a way to hold them comfortably!

Feel Me Up is one of the shades that was only available during the Black Friday sale. It's a gorgeous sunny yellow, as soon as I saw this I needed it! Not sure why they passed up this color, it's great! It was a bit streaky but yellows are difficult so I expected that. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Blackout is another shade no longer available, it is a smoky dark grey. This is very dark, almost black but not quite, there was also a very subtle shimmer going on. It kind of reminds me of Zoya Cynthia but darker. It was a bit sheer going on at first but I only ended needing 2 coats!

Mind Control is a blackened base with duochromatic flecks of shimmer that flash pink, purple and gold. Good news, this one you can still get! It is part of the Cult Nails Super Powers Collection that just came out not too long ago. This one is gorgeous, I love that the shimmer is a bit irregular! I used 2 coats for the photos below.


Power Thief is a milky brown with pink, blue and silver shimmer. This one I loved in the bottle but really loved on. I know brown polish isn't for everyone but I love it and this one is special because of the pretty shimmer! This one is also still available and part of the Super Powers Collection! Formula wise it was a little thick but went on great, I used 2 coats for the photo below.

Tied Up is a cornflower blue creme/jelly, it's walking that line. This one unfortunately is no longer available :( They do have another great blue available, it's darker but gorgeous from the swatches I've seen. I used 2 coats of Tied Up for the photo below.

Mind Control and Time Traveler are both currently available on, they normally retail for $10 each.

December 15, 2011

Speciallitá Hits No Olimpo Collection Swatches!

Good morning ladies and gents(?) today I have an amazing collection to show you guys! This collection comes all the way from Brazil from a company called Speciallitá aka Hits...seems like everyone calls them Hits but their email to me said Speciallitá is the brand name. The No Olimpo collection consists of 13 amazing linear holos inspired by Greek Gods and Goddesses, this is like my dream collection. Click the read more button below for a bunch of photos and reviews of each shade!

December 14, 2011

Incoco Deck The Halls

Good morning! Today I have some super cute and festive nail strips from Incoco to show you, these are perfection for the holidays! When I got these in the mail I couldn't wait to wear them, they are so cute! Incoco has 4 great designs out for the holidays and I have 2 of them to show you! The first design is called Deck The Halls, it's Christmas-y ornaments or holiday ornaments...whatever you want to call them depending on what you celebrate! I LOVE these! They went on easily and looked great, they made me want to go find a tree to decorate lol! I wore these out shopping and while I was paying the cashier grabbed my hand and was staring at them for a good minute or so, they were a hit!

Here is a photo of Deck The Halls prior to putting them on the nail, they are adorable! You can see the detail a bit better this way!

I haven't worn these yet but I wanted to post a picture of them also in case you are planning to order from Incoco. The design below is called 'Tis The Season, it is super cute! I haven't worn it because I'm saving them for this weekend when I have fun holiday-ish plans!

The holiday Incoco strips are available on Incoco's Website, they retail for $10.99 each (for the holiday ones only, the others vary in price). You can also buy all 4 holiday designs together, they were on sale when I looked last night for $37.99!

December 13, 2011

Revlon Whimsical

Good morning everyone! Today I have a polish I've heard a lot of people talking about, Revlon Whimsical! It's a pretty dead on dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air...I didn't even like that Lippmann but as soon as I heard about this Revlon I ran to find it haha. Whimsical is light blue and pink hex glitter, and small blue glitter in a very sheer light blue jelly base. This is very very sheer, opaque coverage is going to take you a lot of coats...if it's even possible to get opaque. I layered 2 coats of Whimsical over Rescue Beauty Lounge Bikini Bottom for the photos below.

Formula wise, like I's sheer, better for layering unless you like wearing sheer polishes. The glitter is pretty sparse and I did find myself having to try and place it where I wanted it. Unfortunately I can't do an actual comparison to Glitter In The Air since I sent it off to a more loving home but looking back at my photos I'd say this is as close as you can get dupe wise. Price wise this was almost $15 cheaper than the Deborah Lippmann version!

I found this at Bed, Bath & Beyond...I have yet to see it at any drugstores (or anywhere else that sells Revlon). Only the BB&B stores with an "expanded cosmetics" section is going to carry this, those stores are few and far between unfortunately (at least around here). You can search on the Bed, Bath & Beyond website to see if any stores around you have it. Hopefully this will start showing up everywhere soon!

December 12, 2011

China Glaze Holiday 2011 Ulta Exclusives Swatches!

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I have for you 3 Ulta Exclusive China Glaze polishes for Holiday 2011. I don't remember China Glaze having Ulta Exclusives last year so I'm not sure if this is something new they are doing...or if I just missed them last year. Anyway, they are AWESOME, 2 of them are easily part of my favorites that China Glaze has put out all year. There are tons of pictures, and even a video after you click the read more button below!

December 10, 2011

Tony Moly GT04 Neptune

Good morning, yay weekend! Today just a quick post, I just found this in my drafted's been in there since October 2nd, jeez! This is the last of the 5 Tony Moly polishes I got a while back on ebay, this one is GT04 Neptune. It's a gorgeous mix of green hex glitter and small green, silver and gold glitter in a clear base. I still love these Tony Moly glitters, I think they are so much more interesting than all the glitters that the big companies in the US have been putting out this year! I have 1 coat of Neptune over black for the photos below!

I bought this on ebay, it wasn't too expensive....I think I paid $8.99 and it was free shipping! Have a good weekend everyone!


Close Up in the Sun

Close Up in the Shade

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