December 31, 2011

Chick Nail Polish All A Twitter

Hi guys! Happy New Years Eve! Just a quick post today, something a little low key that I've been meaning to show you for weeks! There is an awesome brand new brand out called Chick Nail Polish, they are vegan, 3 free etc... I really love everything this company stands for, the names of the polishes are super cute, the bottles are too die for and they send their packages packed in cotton balls which we all can always use!

I have been wanting to post this beauty for over a month, the reason I haven't is because I have a gorgeous matte green called Gavie Green from this brand I wanted to post at the same time but it absolutely refuses to photograph correctly. Talk about frustrating, I don't like to post photos that are not what the color actually looks like :( I still can't get it to photo right but I wanted to at least show you this gorgeous light blue in the meantime!

All A Twitter is a creamy light blue, I didn't compare but I'd bet its a good match to the color of the twitter bird logo (hence the name lol). The formula was pretty awesome, a bit on the thick side but the good kind of thick. It went on nice and opaque and it leveled itself out nicely. It was almost a 1 coater for me which is unusual with a light shade like this! I ended up using 2 coats for the photos below, it dried super shiny on it's own! Also this looks AWESOME with flakies over it, it was the base polish under Shine Of The Times in my Essie Luxeffects post!

I know I mentioned it but seriously, look at that's so cute!

Chick Nail Polish is available on their website here, each polish retails for $9! It looks like they have a sale going on right now, 20% off with the code CHICK20. I don't know when that code ends, but they just posted it on their Facebook & Twitter a couple days ago!

Hope you all have a great New Years Eve, stay safe! See you in 2012 :D


  1. This is really nice.  The bottle is cute and the color is pretty.  I hadn't heard of this brand before.

  2. I just ordered this polish; I can't wait to try it! So pretty! And I love that stinkin' bird on the bottle!

  3. That colour is beautiful! Now if only it wasn't $11 to ship to Canada. Omg.

  4. Such a lovely blue!!  I hope you get the correct color for that other one.  I hate when that happens.

  5. I'm a real baby blue addict. Truly, can't resist it. You name it, I have it. Dit I read "almost" one coater? That is awesome, most baby blues (or pastels for that matter) are real PITA's formula wise. And international shipping is more than reasonable only $11. Thanx for sharing!!! Shop-shop-shop ;-)

  6. Really cute, just checked out their it true what they metion about not mixing their polish with other top coats that arent 3 free?

  7. I'm really not sure how accurate that is, I use Seche Vite (which is not big 3 free) over brands that are big 3 free all the time without a problem!

  8. This polish is great!! :D
    Have an amazing and safe new year! ^-^

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  10. Happy New Year, Jen! :) I am really excited to try out Chick Nail Polish. Not only am I always looking for new vegan-friendly polish brands, but they are based in Chicago and I know there's at least one salon and one beauty store that has the polishes available.

  11. Adorable! I'm totally excited to check out a new rand! Thanks!!!!


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