December 10, 2011

Tony Moly GT04 Neptune

Good morning, yay weekend! Today just a quick post, I just found this in my drafted's been in there since October 2nd, jeez! This is the last of the 5 Tony Moly polishes I got a while back on ebay, this one is GT04 Neptune. It's a gorgeous mix of green hex glitter and small green, silver and gold glitter in a clear base. I still love these Tony Moly glitters, I think they are so much more interesting than all the glitters that the big companies in the US have been putting out this year! I have 1 coat of Neptune over black for the photos below!

I bought this on ebay, it wasn't too expensive....I think I paid $8.99 and it was free shipping! Have a good weekend everyone!


Close Up in the Sun

Close Up in the Shade
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  1. I love this so much!! I need it!

  2. Gorgeous, love this darkness shades, with dark green looks so poisonous!

  3. Such a gorgeous glitter! And I agree! Much more interesting than other glitters company's have been releasing :)

  4. AHHH! Gorgeous! And I can say that not only because your nails are amazing....but because I'm wearing TM Neptune as well lol. My first time trying this brand (I have all the "galaxy" polishes now) and I am in LOVE. It was *almost* a one coat for me. 2 coats--perfect for my 1st holiday mani! I paired it with the NOPI 2011 holiday glitters--a perfect match!

    The bottles are gorgeous too ;)

  5. Love It! Looks stunning with a top coat, really shows off that sparkle :)

  6. I hate to be a total n00b but what is that topcoat you're holding?

  7. It's a Color Club top coat :)

  8. This is very beautiful! Love the combination of glitter and the dark base!!

  9. Oh wow, that's so pretty. I must look out for Tony Moly!

  10. Lovely glitter, the Tony Moly's are still on my wishlist <3.

  11. I also own this polish and I can't wait to wear it!!!! By the way... The smell is terrible >_<


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