January 13, 2012

BB Couture Junk In The Trunk & Feathered Vixen

TGIF! Happy Friday The 13th! Today I have a couple swatches that I've been meaning to post and just haven't gotten around to! BB Couture is a brand I really love but don't actually have a lot of...they make some of the most gorgeous glitters and shimmers that I own!

Junk In The Trunk is a bright cornflower blue with a strong silvery blue shimmer. Let's face it, I mostly got this one for the name but it's actually one of the most gorgeous blues I have in my stash! The formula was great, 2 coats for full opacity!

Feathered Vixen is a very dusty purple with a subtle shimmer. It reminds me a bit of Zoya Lotus that I posted earlier this week..just with different shimmer. Formula wise it was also great, 2 coats for full opacity!

BB Couture is available on their website bbnailpolish.com and overallbeauty.com. I don't see these on Overall Beauty anymore but when I looked at the BB Couture website last night they were still for sale there, for $8.95 a piece! 
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  1. They are gorgeous 

  2. Wow. I think I NEED Junk In the Trunk. It's gorgeous. For one, it's one of my favorite blue shades to wear, and the shimmer is just an added bonus.

  3. Lovely colours, especially Junk In The Trunk :-)

  4. I've got Busty Bombshell from that collection, I may have to snag Junk in the Trunk as well! It's so pretty!

  5. These are both so lovely!!! :D  Feathered Vixen reminds me of Revlon Royal Cloak!  ^-^

  6. BBCouture has a ton of pretty colors!!! I can't wait to order a few!!

  7. Love these colours and the glitter in them ♥

  8. I'm totally in love with that blue.

  9. Beautiful blue color & funny name...a combination which I seem to be a sucker for!  I wonder how it would look with Bibbitty Bobbitty Boo Blue over it?  Might look cool with all that background shimmer, but might be too light to show off all the glitter?  You'll have to try that & let us know :)

  10. Feather Vixin does have a bit of a similar hue as Zoya Lotus. This spring lighter purples this year are hitting me as if they took the dusty gray/lavenders and oomphed up the purple in them last year with a # of shades like Planks A Lot, and Below Deck. FV like Lotus and the similar lavender hue coming in the OPI Holland collection are hitting me as closer to those spring pastels, but still retaining a little of the dusty end. Hard I am sure to come up with a whole new concept for spring shades that will have wide appeal.

    I like both you have shown us here. The cornflower blue is a shade I always like - however I would like to see it done with this same shimmer/fleck (whatever is in it I am seeing), but dusty like FV is. I feel as if I have Junk In the Trunk somewhere in my stash - probably not, it's probably in a cream.

    Thanks for giving tips of where to look for retail on BB. It's a line I don't have but a couple bottles of in my collection.

  11. Beautiful colors!!! I would love to know what top coat you use?

  12. I use a few different ones, I talk about them in my FAQ. There is a link to that page at the top of my blog :)

  13. Absolutely LOVE Junk in the Trunk!

  14. Junk in the Trunk. Cornflower Blue was always my favorite blue growing up, I need this color if only for that reason lol


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