January 5, 2012

Hits Salsa & Fox Trot

Morning! Today I have some more awesome flakies from Hits to show you! I really love pretty much everything I've tried from Hits, I'm so happy that the brand is more accessible to everyone now!

Fox Trot is orange/gold/green flakies in a purple jelly base. The flakies in this one remind me of the flakies in Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (the good version), Essie Shine of The Times, Nubar 2010 etc... I think the purple base is what really makes this special! It's gorgeous! This is opaque on it's own, you could layer it if you wanted too but the base is a bit opaque so it might not be best for that. I used 3 coats of Fox Trot for the photos below.

p.s. the whole time I've been writing this post I've been singing the chorus of Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo by the Bloodhound Gang haha! That song is so awful but it always makes me laugh.

Can you imagine if our nails were this big...that would be crazy! I bet our nail polish bottles would be HUGE

Salsa is orangey gold flakies in a rosy pink jelly base. The flakies in this one weren't as exciting as the others I've tried from Hits but the way this looked was so soft and gorgeous. I feel like I could probably wear this one if I for some reason needed a work safe color and it wouldn't be too over the top. The pink in this had a tendency to look very different depending on the shadiness of the area I was in so I put in a couple pictures so you can see the difference! Most of the time it looked like the first picture but every now and then it got a bit more vibrant like how the second picture looks! I used 3 coats of Salsa for the photos below!

Hits Flakies are available at shop.llarowe.com they are $8 each, she ships everywhere except for Italy so they are accessible for pretty much everyone!! yay!
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  1. I prefer Fox Trot better than Salsa, the flakies makes more contrast i think.
    But the two colours are awesome.

  2. I like them both! Lololol about the huge nails and nail polish bottles!! Jajjajaaj!!!

  3. Oh I love Salsa. Grorgeous pink!

  4. Flakie love!!!  I really like the first color :)

  5. So it looks like we're switching from shatter to flakies, eh? Fine with me!

  6. These Hits polishes are amazing. 

    These look good and I like how you can used them alone without a base coat. I have Lambada and it requires a basecoat to truly bring out the color.

  7. Oh my, both look really lovely!

  8. Very cool! Hits is a good brand and I like how they have been coming up with original and modern collections, unlike other brazilian brands. Yesterday I got 3 of their multichromes and I cant wait to use them!!  Hugs!!

  9. WOAH!  Freaking awesome!  If I'd had socks on, they'd have been blown off.  wow!

  10. Hahahahah!!!  I laughed while reading this!  First off was the comment "Hidden Treasure (the good one)" and then the comment about having huge nails made me laugh.  XD!!!

    BTW these are stunners!! :D

  11. Wow I really love both of thee, so gorgeous!

  12. Helga FinnsdóttirJanuary 5, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. They are so beautiful! I cant believe I dont have one of those!! 

  14. They are both pretty, especially since the base is tinted enough to be opaque!

  15. so gorgeous!

  16. Both are stunning! I am really loving flakies :)

  17. Fox Trot sort of looks like Orly Fowl Play from the Birds of A Feather collection, except FT seems more flakie packed!

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. I like them both, but fox trot is def my pick of the two! It's so awesome that were getting so many flakies coming out:-)


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