February 14, 2012

Incoco Heart to Heart

Happy Valentines Day! Originally my Valentines Day mani was just black polish, yup...I am like the grinch of this "holiday". Then I got these super cute nail appliques in the mail and I decided to wear them instead...they were too cute to not wear! For Valentines Day Incoco has 3 designs out, this one is called Heart to Heart, it looks like those candy hearts that are all over the place this time of year. I think those candy hearts are so cute, I buy them and eat them every year even though they usually taste like chalk. I gotta say, these have made a little less grinch like today...they are so perfect!

Incoco appliques are super easy to apply, there are directions that are SO much better than I could write on Incoco's website! Also, please excuse my super white almost see through skin in these photos. I swear I get more pale everyday....soon you'll just see polish and no finger because I'll have gotten completely see though...thanks Dad for the Irish blood that makes me Casperlicious.

Here are the appliques before I put them on. I love that they actually have cute things written in the hearts!

Incoco's Valentines designs can be purchased on their website, here. They are $10.50 each, they also have some of their pink & red appliques on sale right now! Even though this design is very very Valentines I think it's something that would be cute whenever!

Hope you all have a great Valentines Day today, the handsome guy below is my Valentine lol!

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  1. I know what you mean! I accidentally wore red nail polish today and when I realised I felt sick to my stomach that subconsciously supported V-day. *shudder*

  2. Wut a handsome guy you have for a valentine!! <3

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! :)
    The nail design looks cute.. ;)

  4. This mani is too cute! Luv it :D

  5. Hi!  I was tagged with the 11 questions tagged...and now I've tagged you!  I'm new to this so I decided to go for it.  You can take it or leave it.  But if you do play along, I'd love to read your responses!  Leave me a comment if you do post your tag.  I linked you in my post at http://mani-land.blogspot.com/2012/02/ive-been-tagged-11-questions.html.  BTW, those appliques are adorable!

  6. too cute! thanks for the link to the website, i will have to try these!

  7. That is one handsome guy, and as we would say here in Denmark: There is enough of him too LOL
    Happy Valentine's day - even I sub combed to that tradition on nails, here it's a fairly new thing mostly brought on by the stores LOL

  8. Aww super cute! and lickable

  9. Deeeeeegs! The Conversation <3's are almost as cute as he is! (I say bah humbug too!)

  10. I love those, and I am a valentines day hater!! I plan on doing a valentines mani once I get this dang glitter off!! I love glitter, just hate taking the stuff off!

  11. Weenie!!!! How adorable! I have a soft spot in my heart for dachshunds. I'm happy to see you have such an attractive Valentine to share the day with! <3
    Happy Valentine's my dear! The nails are super cute and perfect for the day.

  12. Oh my god, this looks so cute! Perfect for Valentine's Day! <3

  13. I love this. So cute!

    If it makes you feel any better about today, my pet hamster is my Valentine. :)

  14. Love your puppy haha so cute! Can't wait to try out some incoco's myself!

  15. Omg!! Super cute & look great!! So have to try these :D

  16. Aw those are cute! They'd make me less of a grinch also...if I had 'em!


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