February 18, 2012

Nail Rock Furry Cheetah

Morning! Today I have some cute nail wraps from Nail Rock to show you! These are a new to me brand that I was excited to try because I love stuff like this. I am not good at most nail art so this is as close as I get to it! The design I'm showing you today is called Furry Cheetah, a fun cheetah print wrap that looks like it has a little texture to it!

These are applied much the same as all the other kinds of wraps/decals/polish strips on the market. If you want to read full instructions they have them on the Nail Rock website here! Application wise these were not the easiest to work with, at least not on my first try. They were not as pliable as the other products like this that I've tried. I had some issues getting these smooth, I smoothed and smoothed and repositioned them and it just didn't seem to help much. Since these wraps are more like stickers they are a bit thicker than something like Sally Hansen which makes it a little easier to reposition it if you need to. The bad thing about the thickness of these wraps is that the edges don't look good after you file the excess off. It wasn't easy to actually file it off then when I finally got it off the edges looked all raggedy. I also had issues with the wraps not wanting to adhere very well to the nail on the edges, especially after filing off the excess. You can see it a little bit in the photos but it wasn't as noticeable in real life.

Just wanted to mention that I do not have a top coat on over these...I am holding a bottle of CND Super Shiney but I don't actually have it on :)

Wear wise I didn't have a great experience, it says on the packaging they can last for up to 10 days, I fully intended to wear test these but they were trashed after about 5 hours. I took a shower and that was the end of my furry cheetah nails :( It might be better if you used a top coat but since the directions didn't say to I didn't.

That said, I do love the results even if I only got to rock it for 5 hours. If you want something that will last you a few days I'd go with Sally Hansen Salon Effects or Incoco but it you want something fun for a night out or a special event I'd go with Nail Rock. I also have these in their Metallic Gold design so I'm hoping I have better luck with those!

Nail Rock wraps are available at a few retailers including Nordstroms, for $8 each. I've also seen them at CVS (in store!) and they were around the same price! You can also purchase them on NailRock.com but I think it works out to be cheaper from Nordstroms or CVS for those of us in the US!


  1. I have heard that you have to wait a few hours before you shower or else the come off. It's a shame because are so pretty!

  2. These look great on your nails - love the design. It's a shame they don't last long :(

  3. It's a shame they didn't last... those are adorable!

    I've found you have to be careful with topcoats on that type of nail sticker. I tried the Milani fast-dry topcoat over some Kiss Nail Dress stickers and they actually curled off my nails almost immediately. I was so annoyed, because I was going out for the weekend, which is something I rarely do!

    Seche Vite worked better with them, but the Sally Hansen quick-dry top coat in the red bottle worked best on them in my experience.

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  6. Honestly, I've never tried any of these..I'm a bit biased against this kind of things, dunno why..they truly don't inspire me, even if I adore the way they suit you and the others in general.
    Maybe because my nails haven't a very perfect shape so it's quite difficult for me to find a wrap perfectly fitting..I usually prefer traditional polish :D
    Who knows, maybe one day.....

  7. I just picked up the silver foil ones at CVS. I am excited to try them; I read that they aren't as east to apply as the Sally Hansen ones.  I really love them because they look the most like Minx.  I can't wait to see  your gold!

  8. OMG these wraps are the hardest thing ever to put on?!  I find they just don't go 100% smooth :(  I got so irritated with then I ended up removing them after 2 hours as they just werent neat enough! Waahh :(


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