February 3, 2012

You Mix Cosmetics Magnetic Polish swatches!

Morning, TGIF! Today I have a couple magnetic polishes from You Mix Cosmetics to show you guys! You Mix has a huge assortment of different colors to choose from, a lot that I haven't seen from other brands! They also have some fun and different magnets! I got the opportunity to try out 2 of the shades and they are pretty great, I hope you guys like them also!

First up is Glittering Concrete, it's a grey/black. I really love this one, there are similar ones from other brands but of what I own this is the cheapest of the bunch! The formula was nice, I used 2 coats!

Power Pink is a medium pink/magenta. I don't have any magnetic polishes in my stash that are this exact combo! I really like the subtle glitter in this one, it's much more subtle than the glitter in the Icing magnetic polishes! I used 2 coats for this one also!

Below is what the magnet looks like, this is the diagonal stripe pattern. You Mix has a few other designs you can buy also! The magnet is on the end of a paddle like thing and it has a piece of paper glued to the side you hold above your nail so you can tell how the design will go. The magnet was nice and I didn't have any issues with it pulling the design out, I like it about a bazillion times better than the China Glaze striped magnet lol! This one does take a little bit of practice so you don't hit your nail with the magnet. I find that putting both of my elbows on my table so they are steady works best for me, it also makes it easy to see the distance between my nail and the magnet (since my nails are all up in my face) so I'm less likely to hit the magnet to the nail.

Overall, color me impressed. I will definitely be buying a few more of the You Mix Cosmetics magnetic polishes along with more of their magnets. They have a chevron design that I *need* since the China Glaze one was such a fail. You Mix Cosmetics magnetic polishes can be purchased here, the polishes are $8 each. The magnets are separate but are only $3, I think that's pretty good! They also sell stamping plates and a whole assortment of glitters (and flakies!) that you can franken with! Lots of cool stuff over there!


  1. These look SO much better than the CG ones!

  2. Jossie, PinkbeautyFebruary 3, 2012 at 7:41 AM


  3. They don't ship to Germany ;(

  4. My diagonal magnet from them is like yours where the diagonal lines actually come out the opposite way than the paper shows!  Lol  :o)

  5. This is Amber from You Mix, I just wanted to add that if you do not see your country listed to ship to on our site, we will be more than happy to add it! Just shoot us an email to the address on our About page. Thanks! :)

  6. The grey-black magnetic is gorgeous with the glitter!

  7. I tagged you for awards in my blog. Your blog is amazing :)

  8. These polishes look suspiciously like marked up magnetic polishes and magnets available straight off of ebay. =/ Search here to make your own decision though.



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