March 3, 2012

Barielle Joytini, Polished Princess & Hidden Hideaway

Good morning! Happy weekend, hopefully you guys are doing something fun this weekend. I was actually supposed to go see 3 of my favorite bands today (New Found Glory, Bayside & Yellowcard) but thanks to my stupid punctured ear drum it will not be happening. I'm trying to tell myself it's okay because I've seen all 3 bands a ton of times but it's not working haha.

Today I have 3 Barielle polishes to show you guys, these are core colors not any special collection or anything like that. Barielle just recently added 90...yes NINETY new shades to their website. I haven't seen any swatches of them but a lot of them have the word flake (as in glitter) in the description so I need to check them out! It makes me happy that Barielle is finally putting out new stuff, I feel like we haven't heard anything from them in so long and I love their polish! It makes me excited to see what they have in store for us next!

Click the Read More button below to see full swatches of each polish!

Hidden Hideaway is a dark shimmery purple. I love shades like this, they look like they are lit from within! This is such a great vampy color, it's pretty much as dark as you can get while still looking purple and not black.  I wish that photos could depict how gorgeous this is! The formula was really great, I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Joytini is a muted cantaloupe orange. It's walking the line between being a creme and a jelly, I think that's one of my favorite finishes. You don't have to do a bazillion coats to get the polish opaque but it still dries super shiny and a little squishy looking. I'm also loving this shade of orange, it's a nice change from all the eye searing oranges I've posted so far this year! The formula was good, a bit on the sheer side but I only needed 3 coats for full opacity!

Polished Princess is a yellow toned green with a strong metallic shimmer. I love these kinds of green polish, I like to call them froggy green haha. This is the kind of metallic nail polish I like, it's not a foil and it's also not so shimmery that it's a frost, it's just perfect! The formula was really nice, I was expecting to need 3 coats but I only ended up needing 2!


Barielle polishes are available from for $8 each, it seems like they have a ton of great promos. Signing up for their mailing list is a great idea if you want to know when their sales are going on. You can also now buy Barielle from!
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  1. I like purple! XoXo

  2. I love the purple!
    When you swatch do you do it all in one day?! That must take a lot of time and effort! haha Thanks :)

  3. Great swatches. I like Hidden Hideaway the best!

  4. I love the purple on you! It looks fanastic

  5. I am so glad you're back!  I was going through withdrawal when you didn't post for a couple of days, LOL. I'm glad you're feeling better! :)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. I love Joytini! What a marvelous shade!!! Perfect for spring and summer!

  8. It must be very time consuming to swatch ALL the polishes! But I'm glad you do it! I love all these colors!

  9. Joytini is fab, that's a unique orange! Where do you find your Barielle polishes?

  10. That info is at the bottom of the post.

  11. SunnydaysandstarrynightsMarch 3, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. joytini's my fave :)

  13. Hidden Hideaway is amazing!!! Gotta get that one!

  14. I actually own Hidden Away and Polished Princess and adore them. Joytini is definitely going on the list and I can't help but love the newest addtion (one of the 90 newbies) Kiss n' Tell. It's definitely on the "go buy" list.

  15. That purple is simply divine!

  16. These colours are fab! Sorry about your ear x

  17. I was shocked when I looked a few weeks ago at the color chart for Barielle's web site. I am on their mailing list and nothing at all came to me about all the new shades. I knew they had put out I think it was 5 new ones with Snapdragon and a few others in that top row before Xmas. But all the others just slipped in at some point since then. I had bought 4 out of the release before the one with Snapdragon in it and was super dissapointed in 2 of the shades. They were described as flecked/glitters and 2 of them like that were really boring when arrived. Plus, they did not come and did not come...I had to call the co and ask where they were - they do ship super slow. They could not tell me, had sent them Parcel Post as required by USPS vs. ground UPS & you cannot by tracking for parcel post which I think it nuts. They just wrote off the lost package and sent out a whole new close to $100 order to me. Fisker who bought Barielle a little over a yr ago now, needs to change to ship UPS ground or they are going to loose their shirts in product. But I agree, I do like their color products for the most part...just hard to figure out what you are getting because the graphic dots of color are so bad. So really appreciate your having posted some swatches. They always have their by one polish at $8 get next bottle for $4 so it's a good deal IF you get shades you like. They wear well for me. I also am addicted to their Nail Strenghting Cream and my all time fav cuticle treatment is by them, Intensive Renewal Oil. It's better than any other I have used and it works along with the Nail Strengthening Cream. Both however, I recently discovered can be bought at Sally's in the Barielle PRO line under different names for a lot cheaper unless you hit a really good sale at Barielle. Joytini by they way, came out last spring 2011 so it's not that new. But many folks do think there are 90 new polishes. Granted there are a ton of new ones...but they started rolling out some 5 piece collections last year after Fisker got their foot on the ground with company ownership.

  18. Forgot to add, if you like Polished Princess -  you have got to go looking for the new Revlon Colorstay (the line boasting it lasts up to 11 days in shade called Bonsi. It's a totally fab green that has yellow in it and a semi metallic finish - the color is better in my estimation than Polished Princess plus you need to try this new Revlon long lasting polishes. They do last longer - but take some time to dry between coats and need sometimes another coat to freshen up by day 5 as well as would be expected, a fresh top clear coat to brighten up the shine. Bonsi is been super popular. The 40% off sale just ended today at Rite Aid on these polishes so they are really cleaned out plus they don't carry all the shades in this new Revlon Colorstay. Walgreens and CVS seem to have all the shades. I have to take them off not for wear/chipping but for growth space showing too much at my nail base. Major hit with me!

  19. I love that purple!

  20. I'm loving all of these but they all seem very Halloween-y to me which is making me long for Fall already!


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