March 9, 2012

Icing Teal Me I'm Awesome

TGIF! Today I have a pretty glitter from Icing to show you! I picked this up a while back and forgot to post it! Teal Me I'm Awesome is full of small teal glitter, teal hex glitter and sparse purple glitter in a clear base. Icing makes some great glitters and this is definitely one of them, it's so pretty for layering! The only issue I had was the purple glitter was impossible to get on the nail, I really had to fish it out of the bottle to get the few pieces I got on my nails. I used 2 coats of Teal Me I'm Awesome over Milani Mint Candy for the photos below. The teal glitter kind of blends in with the base color but I love the combo!


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Icing polishes are available only at Icing, I believe it was $4.50!
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  1. I love this color!!! Now I'm off to go find it! LOL!

  2. Love this combo!  You always have the best color combinations.  I have a few glitters from Icing and I totally agree that they are awesome.

  3. Very pretty! I am really impressed by a lot of the Icing's polishes! 

  4. I really like the random pink glitter. I think it is so cute! The glitter blends in with the base really well!

  5. I love it! The pink glitter is super cute next to all the teal glitter :)

  6. Neat! I love their glitters! I keep asking my friend to get me more. LOL!

  7. Ohh Pretty! :o)

  8. I didn't see the random pink glitter in-bottle.  So cute!  I may need that color...

  9. thenailpolishrehabcandidateMarch 9, 2012 at 7:57 AM

    This is a gorgeous glitter!

  10. Love it. The name is adorable!

  11. Fab looking - love it over the teal cream base.

  12. I just this from Icing a few days ago but it's without the purple glitter and the label says Tell Me I'm Awesome, not Teal.  Anyway, it's pretty and I'm glad to see swatches of it! :)

  13. Nice! Luckily there's an Icing store near my house.
    Will definitely pick this one up :)

  14. I love this color but don't like when they make glitters that are difficult to get out of the bottle. Aside from that one fact though I do believe it makes a wonderful topcoat even if you only got a little bit of the purple. I've not run into any icing as of yet but I'm going to be looking out for these for sure.

  15. Icing has some gems in their line. The formula and brush may be horrible but the polishes are sometimes way more unique / different than what most of the mainstream polish brands put out.

    I love this glitter.

  16. Such a pretty polish! Icing is so awesome for glitters, I've gotten a few there because the price and selection is so good! Claire's also has some great polishes too, like one stop glitter shops! Especially since you can usually find both stores in one mall!

  17. I'd never gone into the Icing 'til I headed in to check out the magnetic polishes and holy crap! They've got some great stuff in there. 


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