March 15, 2012

Jessica Spring 2012 Heavy Petal Collection Swatches!

Good morning guys! It's almost Friday, woohoo! Last night I went and had a yummy burger from a food truck called the OC Burger Monster for was SO good. I gotta say, it was really weird going to get dinner at the food trucks when it's all sunny and beautiful felt like lunch time and I'd have to go back to work when I was done eating. I hate when the time springs ahead, my body is still confused haha.

Anyway, today I have the Heavy Petal Collection from Jessica Cosmetics to show you guys! This collection consists of 3 pinks and 3 purples. It definitely makes me think of Spring! Make sure you check out my full swatches & review by clicking the read more button after the collage below!

Born 2 Pansy is a light lilac with a duochromey blue shimmer. I really love this, I feel like we've seen this in pink a few times (including once in this collection) but I love it in purple! The formula wasn't my favorite ever, it was a bit thick and a little patchy going on. I used 2 coats for full opacity. Next time I wear this I'll probably layer it over another soft lilac polish.

Dazed Dahlia is a berry colored creme. Not the most exciting color ever but it's a good staple for any stash and these kinds of berry shades always look good on the toes. The formula was SO nice on this one, it was a one coater for me!

Geranium Gypsy is a silvery purple frost. Not a fan of this though I don't dislike it as much as I dislike most frosts so I guess that's good. The formula was actually pretty good considering that frosts are usually nightmares. It was a little bit thick but it was easy to apply, the brush strokes weren't as noticeable in real life as as they in the photos. I used 2 coats of Geranium Gypsy for the photos below.

 Hotter Than Hibiscus is a silver pink frost. Everything I just said about about Geramium Gypsy is the same for this :)

Rolling Rose is a light baby pink with a duochrome-y blue shimmer. We have seen this before but guess what, I still love it. It feels so weird to love a light pink but the simmer in the polishes like this make them special and they are so flattering on! The formula was okay, a bit on the thick side but it was easy to apply. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Since this is pretty much the same as Nicole by OPI's Kim-pletely In Love I thought I'd do a little comparison for you. If you have one I don't think you need the other, the only real difference is that the Jessica polish is a bit more opaque.

Witchy Wisteria is a dark grape purple with a red orange shimmer. Something we have seen several times for spring. The formula was nice, I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Another comparison for you guys, I thought at firs that the Jessica polish would be a dead on dupe of OPI's Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI? but it's a tiny bit darker...not much but I could tell in person. I also threw Sephora by OPI's Hell To The No in here, a lot of people had asked to see it compared with Zoya's Tru and OPI's Dutch Ya... so here you go lol! Out of all these purples with red/orange/copper shimmer Hell To The No is still my favorite, it's not a dupe to any of the shimmery purples we've seen for Spring though. I used 2 coats of each polish for the photo below.

I need some companies to come out with 2 more purples in this kind of color family...doing this comparison made me want to do an ombre manicure lol!

Overall I don't dislike this collection but I don't love it either. I feel like we've seen most of these before and honestly...I don't like frosts so I don't love Geranium Gypsy and Hotter Than Hibiscus. Born 2 Pansy is my easy favorite and the one I'd pick from this collection.

The Heavy Petal Collection from Jessica is available now on, each polish retails for $7.50!

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  1. Pamela HammersleyMarch 15, 2012 at 5:36 AM

    Sweet! These swatches make me want them so bad! Great manicures each one! Thanks for the pics, these are gorgeous! 

  2. Like the frosts here. I tend to use them in gradients or just apply them with a sponge - frosty looking. These are great colors all around tho. Thnx for sharing.

  3. I hope companies are not thinking of bringing frosts back!! I love the 2 shimmers! Thanks for the swatches!

  4. My favourite is Geranium Gypsy.  I love purple and I love frosts and this one is magical!

  5. I see a few colors I might have to pick up.  I'm not a fan of frosts since that's all my grandma used to wear, LOL!

  6. I'm loving this site!  A friend just turned me on to it and I can't stop looking at it and reading. 

  7. ooo i'm not a fan of the frosts either...
    tthey look so streaky.
    rolling rose is nice though
    nice swatches :D

  8. I think Born 2 Pansy is my favorite as well. I don't like the frosts at all and the others are just kind of meh to me. Heh. Too many repetitive colors.

  9. I would love to try Born 2 Pansy, Rolling Rose, and Witchy Wisteria. SO gorgeous, and so pigmented looking. Ah! I love swatches!!

  10. I love Witchy Wisteria as I did love Tru´s Zoya and the one from the Holland Collection by Opi. And Dazed Dahlia looks as a pretty good pigmented creme, and love the color. The frost look so bad, I hate all those brush strokes, if they look as that on your beautiful nails I can´t imagine how worst they would look in ordinary people LOL

  11. I LOVE that you are reviewing more Jessica polishes.  Your swatches are beautiful, as always!  I like Born 2 Pansy & Rolling Rose best, love the different color shimmers, an interesting twist on a traditional "boring" color.  Not a huge fan of frosts, either...if they could only look on the nail they way they look in the bottle, I think I'd like them better :)

    I have a soft spot for Jessica because back in the '80's my mom & grandma used to get the Jessica method manicures.  They don't have many salons that do the Jessica method anymore, at least not in the OC, except for the Jessica salons in LA.  One thing about Jessica, is that they are sort of like Essie, where they have a LOT of basic colors for the "society ladies" which tends to be sheers, pinks, reds, etc.  But it seems like the last couple of years they have gotten more adventurous with colors that us "nail chicks" like.  I hope they keep it up!

  12. Witchy Wisteria is lovely, but JUST like Zoya Tru IMO... 

  13. Jen, I have no idea how you made the 2 frosts look so good.  They looked like hot messes on me.  LOL.

  14. I'm not really blown away by this collection, but Born 2 Pansy and Rolling Rose are pretty colors. Same with Witchy Wisteria, but I already have my eye on the OPI version. 

  15. Thanks for the comparison! I love the purple :D

  16. If you like Geranium Gypsy but don't like the brushstrokes, Beauty Without Cruelty 'Heather Mist' is a very similar shade but not a frost :) xx


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