March 16, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect Ultra Violet

TGIF! Anyone have fun plans this weekend, we're supposed to have crappy weather here all weekend so that means I will be snuggling with Degen and watching movies! Today I have another one of Layla's awesome hologram effect polishes to show you! This one is called Ultra Violet and it's a light purple with a super strong linear holo effect. The holo is even stronger in person than my photos are making it look! This is like China Glaze LOL but on crack...crazy awesome holographic crack!

For my base coat I used CND Toughen Up. I've been trying these Layla's out with different base coats so I can let you guys know what does and does not work with these. CND Toughen Up is NOT a good base for these holos. It's not horrible, I certainly got the polish on my nails but it did take more effort than it did over Nfu Oh's Aqua Base. It had a tendency to drag and have bald spots, I ended up needing 3 coats of Ultra Violet on most of my nails and 4 coats on others. I definitely will not be grabbing for Toughen Up again when I wear this polish again!

All photos are in direct sunlight, and shown with no top coat.

Layla Hologram Effect polishes are available from for $15.50 each, I got mine there and am super impressed by them. Both times I bought these my orders shipped in a couple of hours and got to me from all the way across the US really fast! You can also get them online from Harlow & Co, they are $16 there! These Layla polishes will also be available at Ulta, last I heard they would be there in May but who knows...maybe they will get them sooner!
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  1. These are so beautiful but I hate the idea of having to use a special base coat for holos. :/ There are so many out there that you don't need one for. But I may just go with it and get these and the Aqua Base anyway. Lol.

  2. It's gorgeous! I bought Mercury Twilight and i found the application a little difficult. I follow your advise and got Nfu Oh Aqua base, but the weather is horrible, so I haven't tried it yet. I also bought Nfu oh 51, 61, 65 & 65 , $12,50 each from nail polish canada (free shipping!). I love that the bottles have 17ml instead of the 10ml of Layla! 
    Did you put top coat after the pictures? I didn't use any and it chipped the same day :(

  3. This is gorgeous!

  4. Pamela HammersleyMarch 16, 2012 at 5:55 AM

    I bought this one too! I am going to try Instant Artificials with mine, I hope it works well! Love your pics as always! Thanks for sharing them and I was very impressed with Aveyou's shipping my order within 45 minutes of ordering! I thought for sure it wouldn't go out until the next day because I ordered around 4 pm. Very impressed with them, and this polish!

  5. Yes..please let me know what base to use...I bought three of them after seeing the mermaid blue post. I tried them with the file you are supposed to use and was so disappointed!!!  They started peeling off 30 minutes later!!!  They are really pretty and I would like to know how to wear them!!!  :O)

  6. I really need this polish - it's gorgeous! Thanks for the heads up with Ulta - hopefully I can wait that long to order it ..

  7. Gorgeous!!! I have Flash Black but I'm holding out for Ulta to get the rest of the ones that I want =) So great to see holos readily available again!

  8. these are available right now at LAWTON'S in canada! i saw the display today and it was fully stocked. didn't buy any because i wanted to do some research on them first so thank you for these posts <3

  9. Amazing. I adore purples - add holo to it and it's heaven!

  10. I don't ever think I will get sick of holo polishes. They always make me smile.

  11. I think I may have just died. I doubt this would be available in the UK so it looks like an eBay job. I need this in my life!!! Looks incredible on you!

  12. Ah but they are available in the uk! 

  13. Layla Hologram Polishes are avail#able in the UK from here:-

    Happy shopping!!


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