April 5, 2012

Color Club Cop An Attitude

Morning! Today I have one of the Color Club magnetic polishes to show you guys, it's called Cop An Attitude. From the promo images I saw of these this one was the only one I was interested in, it looked very orange. In real life it's much more of a copper/brown but it has a little bit of an orangey undertone.  It also has some nice shimmer in there that came out after holding the magnet over the polish.

The magnet on this was nice and strong, no complaints here. I don't really care for the design it puts on the nail since it's pretty much the same as the one Nails Inc does. The design is really only going to be an issues for folks like me that have hoarded magnetic polishes since they are finally easily available in the US haha. The formula on this was also pretty great, I only used 1 coat for the photos below! I can also tell you that it wears well....it's rare that I can actually let you guys know stuff like that since I change my polish so often. I'm still wearing this polish, I've had it on since Sunday, it's hardly showing any tip wear!

The Color Club Magnetic Force magnetic polishes are available now! I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond, it was $7.99. I've also heard that people have spotted these at Hot Topic (talk about random), I'm not sure how much they are retailing for there. You can also get these on various etailers, I saw them on Transdesign.com and VictoriasNailSupply.com for about $6 a piece! 

Also, I just wanted to mention that not all Bed, Bath & Beyond stores carry polish, only ones with an extended cosmetic section will have these. I *think* you can search on BB&B's website and see if a store near you has cosmetics!


  1. Pamela HammersleyApril 5, 2012 at 6:06 AM

    Wow! That reminds me of Tiger Eye! So pretty! Thanks for sharing this one with us! :D

  2. I really like the Color Club magnetic polishes, they seem to change more with the magnet, like glitter and shimmer or dark and light, moreso than the other magnetic polishes. I have some CG ones but I may have to get some of these! They look too pretty!

    And just an FYI on www.head2toebeauty.com they have them for $5.95/each and there is always a 5% off coupon on the main page (so whazzat, about 5.65ish). I always order through them if I can since it seems to be cheaper, and since it's cheaper the more polish you buy since shipping essentially stays the same I always buy crazy amouts haha. =)

  3. can anyone buy from Victorias? their site says it's for cosmetology students or professionals only :/ that makes me sad cause they have so many things on my wish list 

  4. Thanks for the info about head2toe, I personally do not buy from them after an awful experience with their customer service but I'm sure that info will be helpful for some!

  5. yep, you should be able to without a problem!

  6. This is one of my favourite colours from this line of magnetics!

  7. Oooh this is pretty! I can't wait to get some magnetic polishes :)

  8. I don't have any magnetic nail polish but it looks oké!

  9. I saw these on Scrangie and fell in love with the rasberry colored one. Someone over there said these are also available at Sally's...I plan to scope mine out for them!

  10. I snagged my first magnetic polish the other day, Cop an Attitude-by Finger Paints.  Looks pretty much exactly the same, one coat coverage. I am getting a bit more wear than I would like, but that might be what was on my nails when I slapped this on. I love how it looks, both versions!


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