April 17, 2012

ncLA Summer of 69 Collection Swatches!

Hi guys! Today I have some summer shades from a new-ish to me brand to show you guys called ncLA! I've heard about this brand for a while but this is the first time I've ever tried their polish. ncLA is well known for their nail wraps, they make some seriously amazing designs, if you've never seen them before feast your eyes on these beauties here I've been drooling over that design for a while haha! Back to polish I believe this is only the second collection of polish ncLA has put out, it's called the Summer of 69 Collection and it was inspired by the generation that re-defined music!

Check out more photos of each polish along with a review of each one after the jump!

Eight Days A Week is a dusty light blue that leans a little to the lavender side. I love blues like this so it was the one I was most excited about and I definitely love it on the nail just as much as I loved it in the bottle! My only complaint: the name, I've had the song stuck in my head for like a week because of this polish haha! The formula was SO nice on this one, color me impressed. It was thick but the kind of thick that is easy to apply. I only needed 1 coat for the photos below!

I also wanted to post the PR images for each of these shades because I am loving them...it's nice when a brand gives us a cool image of a polish instead of just a picture of the bottle!
image credit: ncLA

Hello, I Love You is a bright raspberry. I was expecting it to be more a bit more vampy on the nail but it went on a little sheer and dried to a cool satin matte finish. I'm guessing this has some neon pigment in the formula somewhere which is making it dry like that, I am a fan. The formula was really nice, I used 2 coats for the photos below!

Below is the PR image from ncLA!
image credit: ncLA

I'm With The Band is a shimmery coral. I actually didn't realize this was a shimmer until I started putting it on, the shimmer is pretty much the same color as the polish. The formula was thick on this one, I thought 1 coat would be perfect but it was a little patchy...I used 2 coats to even everything out!

Below is ncLA's PR image, I think it's my favorite of the 3!
image credit: ncLA
Overall I really like all three polishes, they are a bit pricey at $16 a bottle. I'm not sure if the colors are unique enough to justify the price tag but like I said, I do like them!

All 3 Summer of 69 polishes along with the nail wraps that go with the collection (you can see them here) are available starting April 1st at Kitson, Nordstrom, www.shopncla.com and other high-end retailers. They also have listings for stores and other websites that carry the brand on their website if you prefer to shop in person!

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  1. Wow these colours are really pretty, i want ! But they don't sell it in Holland AGAIN :(

  2. I really like 
    Eight Days A Week the best.  I will clearly need to find it since it is a Beatles song and I'm odd like that.  Great swatches!

  3. Wow, I love the first and last ones.  Might have to track down dupes...

  4. Love the promo pics for Eight Days a Week. So creative and fun. Love love love!

  5. I REALLY like 8 days a week and Hello I love you. Plus good formulas? Awesome. Cute names and good promo images always make me like a brand more too!! $16 is a tad pricey for my budget though.

  6. Loving your post!  Glad I can preview it on your page before I see this new brand appear at Nordy's.  I may be tempted for 8 days a week- I'm a sucker for blues!

  7. the last one looks like quite a DUPE for OPI's  "I Mainly Eat Lobster" to me...

  8. Helena Lacky CornerApril 17, 2012 at 11:34 AM

    Looks promising :)

  9. These are some great swatches and even though the colors may not be super unique, I do love love LOVE the PR images! And the nailwraps have some great designs

  10. I'm dying to try this brand. Their shades are stunning and your swatches are awesome (as always!).

  11. I like the PR images too. More brands should do that ;D

  12. I like all three, but not enough to shell out $16 a pop. Sheesh. They look fab on you, though! :)


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