May 12, 2012

Saturday Spam: Zoya

Hi guys! It's another edition of spam woohoo!! Today I have a bunch of Zoya's to show you! After I made my spreadsheet I decided my next project would be swatching everything. I've decided to start with Zoya. I own a lot of Zoya and a lot of them I've never shown here, mostly likely there will be a few more Zoya spam posts in the future! I like having these kinds of posts for myself to look back on but I think Zoya posts like this are helpful for you guys too. It seems like every time Zoya is having a promo I see a lot of traffic from people looking for swatches!

Check out the bazillion photos by clicking the read more button below the collage!

 Alright, this is going to be short on words, hope you guys don't mind! All photos below are in the sun, in case you're wondering :)

Bekka is a right yellow with green undertones and gorgeous golden shimmer. Why do I never see this on blogs? It's freaking awesome, one of those ugly/pretty colors that I love! It was a little sheer, I needed 3 coats for full opacity.

Christinna is a pearly white. meh, I don't care for this one much...I didn't expect it to be so pearly from the swatches I found before I bought it. It was on the sheer side, I used 3 coats for the photos.

Dovima is a shimmery grey matte. I love love love the Zoya Matte Velvet polishes, I'm kind of shocked I'd never posted this polish before! The formula was great, I used 2 coats for the photos below. I did not use top coat for the photos.

Indigo is a dark shimmery navy blue. There are also little bits of holographic glitter but once this is on the nail it kind of gets eaten by the blue base. The formula was good, I used 2 coats!

Nina is a dark red toned brown. Again, one of my favorite Zoya's, they do awesome brown polishes! The formula is great, I used 2 coats.

Perrie is a bright, yet light lavender. This dried a little darker than I expected it to from looking at the bottle but it's pretty awesome! The formula was nice, I used 2 coats.

Pinta is a rich dark blurple. It's looking a bit blue in photos but it leans more purple in real life. A good dupe is Essie No More Film in case you're wondering haha. The formula is awesome, a 1 coat wonder!

Robyn is a bright blue! This polish was on my "need to buy" list forever, I finally picked it up when Zoya had their last it's so gorgeous, I can't believe I never got it sooner. The formula was nice, I used 2 coats. My only negative, it stained...I was able to get the staining off with Orly Cutique but next time I'll double up on base coat.

Sloane is a dark purple with bits of reddish looking shimmer. The formula was okay, I needed 2 coats but could have used 3 on some nails since there were some bald spots.

Suvi is a dark emerald green shimmer in a smoky greyish base. Not one of my personal favorites but I like it. It was on the sheer side, I used 3 coats.

Tallulah is a bright shimmery blue! This is another that was on my "to buy" list forever, so glad I finally got around to buying it! The formula was a bit thick but easy to apply, I used 2 coats.

Willow is a pinky peach shimmer. It's walking the frosty line but it's not frosty enough for me to not like it. The formula was a little thick but easy to apply, I used 2 coats!

Whew, done! Hope you guys like this post and find it helpful if you're ever looking for Zoya swatches for one of their promos!

Zoya can be purchased at for $8 a bottle!
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  1. I literally just did a little "oooooh" at Bekka! The colour looks a little similar to OPI Did It On 'Em, but the gorgeous shimmer makes it officially different enough that I can justify having both--hooray!

    I'm loving Nina as well--it's so rich and vampy! Dovima is interesting too. I like that it's softly matte but still has some texture and a little sunlight shine to it.

  2. Zoya spam is always good, i like :D

  3. stephanie gillespieMay 12, 2012 at 5:04 AM

    I'm so jealous, I can't get Zoya here (Northern Ireland) without paying around £10 a bottle which i do begrudge =/ xo

  4. I just purchased my first Zoya's this week --  love everything about it!!

  5. You are so right about Bekka! It needs to be showcased more. I'm adding it to my Zoya wishlist. 

  6. I love Perrie... And can Bekka be a dupe for Chanel Mimosa?

  7. I know what you mean. I'm from Germany and I pay  12,50 € for a bottle from Austria and I felt in love with the birchbox collection but they do not sent to Europe ;(

  8. BeautifulbrownroseMay 12, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Dovima a dupe for Stone Cold from China Glaze's Hunger Games line?

  9. I don't own Stone Cold, not sure how they compare...sorry!

  10. I don't own Mimosa but judging off photos I've seen of it Bekka is much more green toned

  11. How did I not know about Bekka??? Its so right down my alley!

  12. Love Zoya spam. Thanks for the Pinta dupe reminder... LOL. Need to wear my No More Film!

  13. These are gorgeous! Just added three of these to my wish list!

  14. that's exactly what I said to myself when I bought it during their earth day promo a few weeks ago lol! I can't believe I'd never seen it before

  15. Helena Lacky CornerMay 12, 2012 at 9:39 AM

    Bekka is now on my wishlist!

  16. Great pics! My fave is Robyn. I look forward to the next Zoya spam ;)

  17. Bekka looks like a margarita!  Amazing... I just ordered it online, it's sort of my dream color!

  18. This is pure awesome.  Love this kind of spam! :]

  19. I am speechless.... and for those that know me... that takes a lot to do that!

  20. Gorgeous swatches!!! Of course, my fav is Robyn:)  Must Buy!!!


  21. Love spam like this! Looking forward to more like it :)

  22. Do you know of a dupe for Zoya Robyn? I was thinking Sally Hansen's "Blue Me Away" but obviously I cannot compare the two because I don't own Robyn...Do you have any similar, easy to get a hold of polishes that may be a dupe? :) Thanks in advance! 

  23. You just reminded me that I made a mistake dismissing Bekka when I was making my last Zoya purchase!

  24. Dovima looks like a dupe to China Glaze's Stone Cold. Do you by any chance have both of them for a side by side?

  25. I don't own Stone Cold, sorry!

  26. This was great - I can't -wait- to see more! Do you own Ibiza? I'm curious to see how similar/different it is to Indigo. 

  27. thanks! Unfortunately I don't own Ibiza :(

  28. As I have said spam swatches. - really helps me make my mind up if I really need or not a particular color.


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