May 27, 2012

Sunday Spam: Zoya

Hi guys, today I have a huge Zoya spam to show you...21 polishes in total I think! I'm always done swatching my Zoya collection so there should only be 1 more of these spam for Zoya yay!! Check out all the photos of each one after the jump!

Since there are so many of these for most of them I'll just let you know how many coats I used!

Cola, it was a bit sheer and patchy below is 3 coats!

Creamy a bright yellow, it's very similar to Pippa maybe a tad bit brighter. The formula was okay...a bit streaky. Below is 3 coats.

Elke, nice formula but it was a little watery. Below is 2 coats.

Gabrielle. This polish is very sheer, I don't really care for it on it's own. I have 1 coat over black on my ring finger and 3 coats on it's own for the other fingers.


Gigi, this was very sheer. Honestly, I'm wonder why I even own this haha. Below is 4 coats and it still wasn't opaque.

Ginessa the formula was okay on this it was sheer but beautiful. I actually preferred it sheer instead of fully opaque. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Happi, the formula was nice but a bit sheer. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Ivy, again this was a bit sheer. I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Juicy or should I say "Juicy" this color is very's supposed to be purple. It appears as though my bottle has faded badly. I've never personally had a polish do this but I've seen other bloggers talking about this happening to polishes. I emailed Zoya asking about it (thought maybe I had a mislabeled bottle) and their customer service was awesome. I was told they checked with the warehouse and I guess they are having pigment problems with this one...then they offered to send me a new bottle of Zoya, my choice! I picked Charisma since it looked the closest to what Juicy was supposed to be.   Gotta love great customer service, I do really like the color even though it isn't correct! Below is 3 coats of "Juicy"

Juno, love this purple but it's SO MUCH BETTER in the bottle...please see the 4th picture below to see why I say that. The formula was really nice, I used 2 coats.



Lana, the formula was really nice. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Lexi, yuck. 2 coats. It does have a nice duochrome in the shade but it doesn't make up for the overwhelming fug in the sun :(



Lola, one of my favorite Zoya polishes! I used 3 for the photos below. It does dry a little dull so it is shown below with top coat.

Meadow, the formula was really nice...I used 2 coats!

Melodie the formula was nice, it wasn't as sheer as I expected. I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Sienna, I had to steal this back from my Mom to swatch it haha! I used 3 coats for the photos below.

Soho Punch is a very very sheer glass fleck polish. I don't think you'd ever get it opaque on it's own, I used 1 coat over black for the photos below. It's so gorgeous this way, I'm surprised I don't see this polish talked about more! Both photos are in the shade.

Trixie, nice formula but a little streaky. I used 2 coats for the photos below.


Veruschka is hands down one of my favorite Zoya's EVER. It's the perfect matte emerald green, I love it because it looks awesome matte and even more awesome with top coat! I used 2 coats for the photos below! The first 2 are without top coat and the 3rd photo with with top coat!

Yasmeen another one of my favorite Zoya's...I love the pink shimmer! The formula is really nice, I used 2 coats.

Yummy, the formula is really nice on this polish I used 2 coats!

All Zoya polishes are available on for $8 a bottle!


  1. They really know how to make shimmers! I hat those "hidden" shimmers that look great in the bottle and totally disappear on the nails...
    Thanks for the awesome swatches! Now I know where to look when they have a promo!!

  2. "the overwhelming fug in the sun" That is so funny!

  3. I like orange! Xoxo

  4. love the spam! Great way to start my sunday :) 

  5. I think they sell them at ulta stores too. They don't come up on their website though.

  6. " doesn't make up for the overwhelming fug in the sun" - haha, you are my kind of girl <3 

    I love these! Cola looks nice and I usually don't go for the brown-y reds. I also added a few to my wishlist thanks to you! ;-) Zoya has always been pretty great with CS and such. Love them.

  7. Oh, thanks so much for this! It definitely helps to see such great swatches when trying to decide which ones to buy... I'll be ready come their next sale! :D Definitely going to get Yasmeen and Soho Punch!

  8. Stacy Plowman-PennockMay 28, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    Dang it, says there's no Melodie   :(

  9. I had a polish that used to be green and turn into a teal/turquoise kind

  10. So many beautiful polishes! And to think I don't own a single Zoya yet!

  11. really? I wonder if they discontinued it :(

  12. I found it on Amazon, if you're still looking. Also, Omg this post made my nail polish wishlist grow tremendously :D

  13. Meadow and so hopefully punch rocks!

  14. Yasmeen is so pretty!

  15. Hooray!!!  I LOVE your spam Saturday/Sunday posts!!!  They are some of my favorite kinds!!  Though especially love how you group them into brands or "indies" etc.  The uber randoms I've seen on some blogs can be a tad bit... random... ; )  Anyways ~ These.  I love!  

    And it looks like Melodie is D/C'ed, which is a bummer.  It's such a pretty nude!  Though it looks like Gigi is gone too, I'm guessing not as many people are going to be too bummed about that one! =D

    The WORST Discontinue though is Veruschka!!  =(  I have two of the VelvetMattes from winter/fall releases and planned to get them all overtime.  But at some point Zoya went and discontinued ALL of them!! O__o  Wahhhh!!!!

    **Oh, and to avoid confusion, the Summer ModMattes are still Totally available, and I have no insider info to think they will be discontinued (or to promise they won't I suppose...).  But, it's just the fall/winter MatteVelvets that are gone!!**  
    Anyways, I'm fairly traumatized... Granted, I'm sure I could grab most of them (if not all) on Amazon, etc - but it still makes me want to make a pouty face a little.  =)

    So, even though I'm a bit pouty face - moral of the comment:  This post rocks, as does all your weekend spams!!  I'm off to go send another hour or two poking through your indie spams (and yes, I realize there aren't actually that many posts, but I can EASILY stretch them into hour long activities, particularly when I'm supposed to be cleaning up the apartment and getting ready for the work week).  =)

  16. Wow I really like Lola! Gilda is my usual hot pink but I'm gonna have to get this one.

  17. Megan/ A Polish ProblemJune 28, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    I've wondered the same thing about Gigi.  It's one of only a hand-full of Zoyas that I just didn't like.  It was so pretty in the bottle, but such a PITA to use.

  18. They look amazing :) I so wish they were more available over here!

  19. Ulta only carries the new collections and a small amount of the core colors. Wish they had ALL of them, that would be amazing!

  20. I love the spam posts! Thanks for the swatches! :)

  21. Zoya spam! Yay. I'm really into Zoya lately. I  got regean, happi, kennedy and kimber =D

  22. and my list of polishes gets a little bit longer....thanks for that. :o)


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