June 1, 2012

Barry M Swatches!

TGIF! Can you guys believe it's already June...this year is flying by like whoa! I miss when I was a kid and time seemed like it took forever to pass, now I feel like I can't catch my breath! Today I have swatches of 4 new Barry M polishes to show you guys! I have a couple other Barry M polishes that I got a long time ago in swaps and I've always wished I could get my hands on more. I never bought them online before because you could only order direct from Barry M and it can get pricey and take forever for shipping. Recently, Harlow & Co started carrying Barry M so not only are they easier to get but it's also a lot quicker shipping wise (for me anyway!)

To see swatches & reviews of each shade click the read more button below!

Black Multi Glitter is fine holographic glitter in a black base. I thought I was going to love this one but once I got it on I feel like it fell a bit flat. The formula was nice, a 2 coater for me. If you are careful you might be able to get away with 1 coat! My issue with this was that the glitter sunk into the black base a little more than I liked. It also dried a little dull but that's easily fixed by a coat or 2 of top coat.

Just wanted to mention, I have no idea why it looks like my index and middle finger have very sparse glitter...those nails were just as glittery as the other 2. I think it's the angle I was taking photos at  :(

Cappucino is a gorgeous taupe creme. I love shades like this, they are so flattering on and they are just easy to wear. I always forget why I love polishes like this until I put one on and am like ohhhhh yesss, I see the awesome again haha! The formula was really great, I used 2 coats for the photos below.

Denim is an awesome shimmery blue. Very fitting name if I do say so myself...Barry M nailed the color and shimmer. Out of these 4 polishes this is my absolute favorite. Not only is the color awesome but the formula was so nice! It was on the thick side but it applied like butter! I used 1 coat for the photos below!

Nude is a sheer beige/neutral jelly. Honestly, I don't care for this one :/ It's a lot like the polishes from OPI's NYC Ballet Collection but I preferred those. The formula was good, very sheer but easy to apply and not streaky. If you like sheers this is definitely for you, I know for a lot of you out there this is probably cheaper and/or easier to find than brands like Essie and OPI. I used 3 coats of Nude for the photos below.

Barry M is available online at http://www.harlowandco.org/ for $7 a bottle. You can also buy direct from Barry M at BarryM.com! If you live in the UK you can also apparently find these at Boots and Superdrug...since I don't live there I can't confirm that but that's what the Barry M website says!


  1. black multi glitter is a win!!

  2. Oooh, I like cappuchino. And yes, Barry M is available in most Boots and Superdrug stores in the UK :). Definitely much easier (and cheaper) to pick up over here than brands like Essie and OPI, though I will forever be jealous of some of your US drugstore/cheaper polishes. They're so hard to get over here and cost an arm and a leg!

  3. The mailman brought me 5 Barry M's today, Denim was one of them, I love it!
    And I just got a new "home" for my polishes each of the 7 drawers can hold 180, so I NEED to shop, isn't that the greatest excuse you ever heard ;)

  4. Capuccino looks like a dupe of Nina Ultra Pro's "Never Glum Plum", maybe Barry M's is a little bit... more pink, or something O.o

  5. Barry and his M never lie, Jen, you can indeed get them at Boots and Superdrug :)

  6. ValiantlyVarnishedJune 1, 2012 at 1:14 PM

    I'm so glad these are now available for purchase in the States! Between shipping and the difference in currency value it has kept me from ordering them. They have GREAT colors. Can't wait to start stocking up.

  7. The nude color is perfect for nail art where you want the base to look like a natural nail but kinda hide the smile line. Wish it was a one coater tho. I guess I'll keep looking..

  8. Is Denim like Essie Smooth Sailing?

  9. Barry M is probably the best/easiest nail polish to get over here and not expensive :) Their new magnetic shade are pretty cool: as they've got some different magnets for them. I added a layer of Fairy Dust to Black glitter and that helped it 'pop' a bit.

  10. You should try www.asos.com if they will ship polishes ( cos I know they don't ship the to where I live - NZ, but they might ship to the US) I know they have Barry M on there. And it is free worldwide shipping! In any case they have nice clothes too.


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