June 22, 2012

Degen's June 2012 Barkbox

TGIF! Today I have a non-polish post, I need a little break from polish after the last few days :) Degen got his Barkbox for June in the mail a few days ago so I thought I would share it with you! I've posted a couple times about Barkbox but in case you have no idea what the heck this is let me tell you! Barkbox is a monthly sample box of goodies for dogs! We have a whole bunch of these for Beauty so it's fun that there are ones for dogs also!

You can go on Barkbox.com and fill out a survey to get started. There are 3 options available depending on the size of your dog...there are also different kinds of subscriptions you can get that range in price from $17-$25 per month. If you are like me and like to spoil your dogs this is a nice treat every month! The June box is Degen's third box and so far I've been very impressed with everything he's gotten...I consider it money well spent! If you want to get July's box for your dog make sure you sign up by the 10th, that's the cut off to make sure you receive that month's box!

Here is what Degen's box looked liked with everything in it! There is also a card that lists everything in the box and gives an overview of the theme of the box. This box is a summer theme!

To see bigger photos and what I think of each product in the box click the Read More button below!

This is the Soggy Paws dog towel by a company called Farfetched. I actually already own one of these, I have a big blue and brown one that I use to dry Degen off when he gets a bath. They are great! The big pink pockets you can see below are nice because you can put your hands in them...it makes it easier to dry off your dog! I'm loving that I have another one of these towels since I already love the one I have! The website for this is farfetchedinc.com

Tumbleweed & Eddie's Double Nut Super Boost treats were next in the box. These are grain free and packed with vitamin rich and antioxidant superfoods. Degen likes these...even our cat Oreo was interested in them when I opened the bag haha! The website for this company is tumbleweedandeddies.com 

The Gimme Gummy from Safemade was next, it seems interesting. You can put treats in there to drive your dog nuts. It's freezer, oven and dishwasher safe and you can even bake in it. This is probably something that won't get use in our house...Degen is always indifferent to things like this. You know those Kong things they sell at Petsmart? We've tried to give Degen those stuffed with cookies and he could careless haha! We'll give this a shot though, who knows...maybe he'll like it! This website for this company is safemadepet.com 

Next up is what I think is Degen's favorite thing in the box this month. It's a frozen smoothie for dogs from a company called Mr. Barksmith. The flavor Degen got was minty fruit! This froze pretty quickly, it only needed a couple hours in the freezer before it was good to go. I took it out and put it in a dish and Degen inhaled it! I think this is something I think I might re-purchase, they are a bit expensive online after shipping and the closest store is far from me so who knows. Maybe if I'm ever in the area where the store that carries this is I'll stop in and get some! The website for this brand is mrbarksmiths.com

The last item is Degen's June Barkbox was a freeze dried dinner from Stella & Chewy's. The flavor Degen got was Stella's Super Beef. This is a pretty cool product, I think! I re-hydrated this and mixed it in with some of the kibble that Degen normally eats. At first he was like ummm no about this but after a few sniffs he gobbled it down. I love that this is an easy way to feed Degen a raw diet but it's far out of my price range so it's not something I would re-buy...perhaps if I win the lotto one day! The Stella & Chewy website can be found at stellaandchewys.com

It kind of looks like a cookie!

This post was brought to you by Degen, who is only answering to "Conehead The Barkbarian" at the moment. Poor guy has allergies during this time of the year so he has to be coneheaded (yes, that's a word now) when no one is home so he won't lick his feet. On a happy note, I do believe he likes the cone. He gets to stab the cat (and me) with it!

This picture makes me smile, I hope it makes you smile too!

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  1. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this post - I have dogs myself and it's so clear how much you love your little guy! I wish there was something like this here in Australia that I could sign up for. LOL at Conan the Barkbarian!

  2. I love these posts, and I don't even have a dog! Haha
    Such a cute picture too <3 

  3. One of my dogs isn't interested in toys like the gummy either (or she can't figure them out!) but when I found out you can freeze some of them, and it got so hot a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try that, just to give her some comfort in the heat. She snuggled up to the chilled toy, so it will definitely be getting more use, at least in the summer months, even if it has nothing to do with play!

  4. Im so jealous :) , U got a really nice box my doggy would like it for sure sooooo many treats. Is like giving them a kind of birthday present or reward.

  5. i love that his tongue is sticking out as if to say, "screw you mummy!!!" He does look cute in his cone!

  6. Peace, Love &amp; PolishJune 22, 2012 at 6:23 AM

    Okay so I'm gonna go off on a rant here:
    I remember you posting this a little bit ago and I was going to order it, but I forgot! So I'm definitely going to order it now because I love my dog! And my dog has allergies too, just like your Degen - but thankfully he doesn't have to wear a cone, he'd be so depressed. Thank you for sharing :)

  7. I love these posts! Degen is so cute!! I want to get the Barkbox for my dog at home

  8. Have you ever tried FrostyPaws for Degen? They are is,ilar to the smoothies and our dogs love them. Plus they are inexpensive and you can usually get them at the grocery store. By the way...great pic of Degen! =)

  9. Oh he is too cute!

  10. OMG That last pic of D made my face melt just a little bit!! This box is such a neat idea! I wonder of there is one for kitties too :D!

  11. Yay for Bark Box! That picture is too cute! 

  12. Degen is such a cutie! Even as a conehead :-)

  13. What a great post! It's like a doggy treat for humans! ;) Your puppy Degen is adorable. Poor thing, has to wear the conehead thingy. Hopefully the treats and new toys will make him feel better. He sure is precious; I can tell you really love your fur baby! Thanks so much for this post! ;) 

  14. maesbeauty.wordpress.comJune 22, 2012 at 10:41 AM

    how stinkin cute! I didnt even know this existed.

  15. Thanks soooo much for the conehead pic. It is a bittersweet reminder of sweet Teddy, who also could lick himself raw at times. I know he enjoyed using his cone as a weapon to express his disgust with it. Also, he barged his way through barely open doors every chance he got!

  16. Aww, Degen is so adorable!  I have never heard of Bark Box.  Everything looks great in your box.  My dog loves those Kong toys, so she would've loved that Gimme Gummy toy.  Thinking of getting one for my dogs now! :D

  17. My goldendoodle Dugan received the exact same box.  I gave him the gimme gummy with a treat inside and after 5 minutes, he chewed the bottom off and the ear off!!  I'm so thankful he didn't choke or swallow them!!  I wouldn't give this one to your dog.. I'm kinda disappointed in this :(

  18. Awww Degen - he's so cute and I love the nickname. I love these posts so much I ordered Barkbox for my doggies who are with my parents while I'm away for school. My pups like those gummy toys with peanut butter in them. The vet says it's good for the pups if you don't get the kind with a ton of sugar, and it keeps them busy while working at getting all the PB.

  19. cris there is.  it's too pricey for me right now, but in case you wanted to know it's 

  20. My Siberian Husky got his first BarkBox this month!! He (and I) LOVED it! I can't believe your dog doesn't care about treats inside a Kong, he must not want to work for it! Haha my dog goes CRAZY trying to get the treats out of this bear! And lmao at Degen stabbing the cat with the cone!

  21. Awwww!! Look at Degen all coneheaded! Haha! So cute! My baby girl Moo (Marley) needs to be coneheaded, too I think, she keeps licking a spot under her tail and I'm afraid she's gonna irritate it worse. But she's so afraid of everything, she'd totally spaz out!

  22. I started my subscription thanks to your last two reviews and got my first box this month! My 5-ish month old rescue pup just LOVED everything in the box, even though I had to take away the Tumbleweed and Eddie cookies because I have a nut allergy (but I ordered her some other ones from the site so it's all good). We got the box on Tuesday and she's still playing with the Gimme Gummy thing today, and we haven't even put any food in it. If Degen doesn't want his, we have a willing recipient over here, ha ha! Anyway, thanks for the recommendation and keep the reviews coming!! Love the last picture of Degen. hope his allergies get better!

  23. CONE OF SHAME! We need to get my dog a cone of shame. She has horrible allergies too.

  24. So cute lil Degen is! Dogs get allergies just like us so I was wondering if he's on antihistamines? My dog is prescribed by the vet the same ones I can take so it doesn't cost 10 times more getting a tiny amount from vets. Thought this might help Degen!

  25. my grandma has a chihuahua-dachshund mix named Mandy-Lynn and she's brindled just like Degan. if she wasn't in Ohio, I'd ask if he wants a little girlfriend who looks much like him! :) thanks for the fun post!


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