June 15, 2012

Glitter Gal Furnace Glow & Fiery Furnace Swatches

Hi guys, TGIF! Anyone have fun plans this weekend? I'm planning on doing some shopping for my trip to Vegas next month! I need to find cute yet comfy shoes that I can walk around in all day without my feet wanting to kill me afterwards...that should be fun! I also need to find clothing that is not jeans and a hoodie :( I swear that's like my uniform in life. I guarantee 99% of the time I'm wearing jeans, a band hoodie and flip flops....the other 1% of the time I'm wearing pajamas lol!

Today I have 2 Glitter Gal polishes to show you, both of these are from their Shade Shifter Collection. The Shade Shifter collection is made up of 2 parts...brilliant and soft. I'm a big fan of the whole collection, I love duochromes and multichromes! I decided to post these 2 polishes together because they are kind of like fraternal twins, I thought it might be helpful to see them side by side in 1 post!

To see swatches of both polishes click the read more button below!

Fiery Furnace is from the brilliant half of the Shade Shifters and is a red/orange/yellow shimmery multichrome. This one also flashed the tiniest bit of green but you can't see it in the photos :( The formula was nice on this, you could wear it on it's own if you wanted to! I like to put polishes like this over black to really bring out the color shift! I used 1 coat of Fiery Furnace over black for the photos below!


Furnace Glow is from the soft half of the Shade Shifters collection and is a red/orange/gold multichrome. This flashes the same as Fiery Furnace but it's the more smooth version (for lack of a better way of describing it) If you don't like a chunky shimmer like Fiery Furnace this is the one for you. It's not quite as opaque as Fiery Furnace so if you want to wear it on it's own you will probably need 3-4 coats! I also don't feel like the multichome is as strong as as the Brilliant version of this shade but I still love it! I used 1 coat of Furnace Glow over black for the photos below.


Glitter Gal is available a ton of places, my bottle came from Ninja Polish, but it's also available from several other etailers including Llarowe, Harlow & Co. and direct from Glitter Gal!

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. i love  fiery furnace but i'm not a fan of the solid furnace glow

  3. I do prefer 
    Fiery Furnace, glitters make it alive, I think! :)
    Great shades both, anyway!

  4. those are gorgeous. perfect for fall.

  5. TOMS are the most comfortable/casual/cute shoes ever! Perfect for tourist walking!

    PS beautiful swatches!

  6. droooooooooooooooling - so glad i've ordered these :) x

  7. Ou I was wondering about the difference between these two!! Awesome to see them side by side, love them both!! I think I need them for fall :)

  8. It kind of reminds me of whiskey colored nails. I love them alone and laying with glitter, nice post!!

  9. I am going to have to try layering my duo/multichrome colors over black. Such a brilliant idea. I love knowing your a jeans/hoodie/flip-flop girl. I am too! The second I walk in the door I switch into pajamas pants. Life is just better that way.

  10. If you are looking for cute n comfy shoes you should google Sassari Crocs. I dont think crocs is still making them...but some sites still have them... especially ebay. They are wedge heels but so squishy n comfy!!!

  11. They are both so pretty!!!  

  12. I am sooooo tired of chunky shimmers/glitters - so refreshing to see the smooth side from Glitter Gal. I am getting rid of almost all of my glitters other than the ones that go on with little grit left behind.

  13. These are both gorgeous and I want them both.

  14. I'm wondering how Fiery Furnace compares to MAC Bad Fairy??


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